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Celebrity Instagram: Fallahee wraps; Jack & Karen reunite; NPH & family; Berkus & hubby; Colton Haynes

It was 90 degrees today in LA but I'm missing my Midwest February. Wrapped season 2 of @howtogetawaywithmurder and feeling jazzy. Thanks to all of you for your support during the season, I hope you enjoy the remaining 6 episodes.

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An official photo that @MeganOMullally & I took at the #JamesBurrowsSpecial airing on February 21st, 2016 on @NBC.

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Pre-school Valentine's Day prep with @dbelicious and the Wonder Twins. #ABCs #penmanshipstruggles

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Excited to share the news that @jeremiahbrent and I are returning to TV and we need a client to bring with us and it might be YOU! If you’ve got a money pit that needs rescuing, we want to hear all about it. Find out more, link in profile. #nateberkus #jeremiahbrent #home #design #interiors #makeover

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1st official pool day at my house! Finally hot in LA

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Hit the Floor: Zero goes public with his love for Jude by kissing him on the court after game


Hit the Floor is going all the way with its romance between NBA superstar Zero and his former agent Jude who is now a team executive.

Zero (Adam Senn) passionately kisses Jude (Brent Antonello) after the opening game of the season in front of the team owner, his teammates and the rest of the world.

Zero had declared his love for Jude in the previous episode not long after the two had reunited by having a steamy encounter inside of a closet at a team party.

The two became involved physically last season but Jude put the brakes on the affair because he wanted a real relationship and not a secret affair.

‘He wants to be with Gideon (Zero’s real name), the guy that he knows. Not the Zero, the model with all the girls and stuff like that. It’s bugging Jude a lot,’ Antonello says in a video recapping the episode.

What pushes Zero into public action is finding out that Jude has slept with an agent named Lucas (Jonathan Bennett) who only wants to have sex with the Jude, not date him.

So instead of Lucas meeting Jude courtside after the game as planned, Zero is there instead and that’s when the kiss happens.

In an interview with Gay Star News last month, Senn said both actors are completely committed to the storyline.

‘He’s not only a working colleague but has become a personal friend,’ he said of Antonello. ‘As with any role, no matter the sex, you have to find a relationship with the two characters. Him and I spent a good amount of time together working on the characters and their dynamic and hanging out and being friends in general.

‘Regardless of any actor I’m playing opposite, if there is a love dynamic, you better believe there is a spark and there’s emotion behind it.’

Hit The Floor

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Steve Grand speaks out in new video: ‘F**k yes I’m using my looks to my advantage.’

Steve Grand posted this video last night and says: ‘Everyone, remain calm. This video is petty but we will get through this ;)
I’ve uploaded 10 videos since December 21st and this is the first time I am lowering myself to this level (in that time at least) so bear with me.’

He then goes on to talk about his body.

‘I never asked not to be objectified – you can’t believe everything you read. Last summer I did express some amount of frustration with some of the gay blogs who continued to post almost exclusively the same shirtless pictures – mostly old modeling pictures of me. … As a human being I was a little frustrated. Keep in mind this was same thing I’d been experiencing over these last two years of this whole journey and I never really said anything about it before. But this time I had a human moment … yes it was unprofessional, yes it was lame that I spoke out.’

‘I just wanted to make this (video) to clear this up. ‘

‘This whole idea that you can’t be an artist and someone who sometimes likes to show off their body. You can think whatever you want about me and my music but that’s just awfully rich coming from mostly gay men – gay men who so often worship artists like Beyonce, Madonna and Britney (Spears). Our community seems to love to embrace beautiful, sexually empowered, liberated artists and songwriters who flaunt their bodies when they’re female yet roll their eyes up at gay men who do pretty much the same thing.’

‘And one more thing: Fuck yes I’m using my looks to my advantage. It’s a competitive world out there. Are you not using everything that you have to better yourself and to make yourself as competitive as possible in this world? If you’re not doing that, you’re not being very smart and you’re going to be left behind so use what you have.’


Lunch Break Video: Tom Daley makes crepes!

Well, he calls them pancakes. To me, pancakes comes in a stack and you put butter and syrup on them. But whatever Tom and his pals are making here – crepes or pancakes – it sure looks delicious and the best part is, they look like they are having a lot of fun.

I also want to say how much I love Tom’s energy on his weekly videos – he’s just brimming with a positive attitude and is living life to the fullest.

We could all use more of that!


See this terrific Ted Talk: Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin’s hilarious celebration of lifelong female friendship

Legendary duo Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin have been friends for decades.

They starred in Nine to Five way back in 1980 and now they are in the second season of their Netflix series Grace and Frankie.

In this raw, tender and wide-ranging conversation hosted by Pat Mitchell in December, the three discuss longevity, feminism, the differences between male and female friendship, what it means to live well and women’s role in future of our planet.

“I don’t even know what I would do without my women friends,” Fonda says at one point. “I exist because I have my women friends.”

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Let’s wish a happy 74th birthday to the great Carole King and enjoy some of her songs

Oh I love me some Carole King.

It all began when I was a kid and my big sister had the single It’s Too Late and would play it over and over then flip it over and play the B side which was I Feel the Earth Move.

I was hooked.

Year’s later I bought Tapestry – first on cassette then on CD – and in different periods of my life played it on a loop.

Miss King, one of the great songwriters in pop history, turns 74 today.

Let’s enjoy some of her performances of her classic songs that are just timeless:

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Tuesday Morning Man: Simon Reeve!

Today’s Morning Man comes to you courtesy of one of his fellow Brits – my pal Lorna – who alerted me to the charms of British TV presenter and author Simon Reeve.

Simon is 43, based in London and makes travel documentaries in little-known areas of the world. He has presented the BBC television series Tropic of Cancer, Equator and Tropic of Capricorn.

He has also written books on international terrorism, modern history and his adventures including The New Jackals (1998), One Day in September (2000) and Tropic of Capricorn (2007).

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Celebrity Instagram: Boy George, Sam Smith in LA!

A man in a van in LA! Its a brown affair today! @davethomasstyle #celebapprentice

A photo posted by Boy George (@boygeorgeofficial) on

Another fucking surreal day with @jimmynapes x

A photo posted by Sam Smith (@samsmithworld) on

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Check out Steve Grand’s Super Bowl outfit

Forgot to post this yesterday for some reason but it’s never too late to enjoy the social media antics of Steve Grand.

He posted these photos of Sunday and wrote: ‘When you’re gay and it’s the super bowl, but you like football for other reasons…
… And no one invites you to their ‪#‎SuperBowl‬ party


Jane Lynch comedy “Angel From Hell” canceled

After just five episodes, CBS has pulled the new Jane Lynch comedy Angel From Hell off it’s schedule – effective immediately.

The network had ordered 13 episodes of Lynch’s first series role since the end of her six year run as Sue Sylvester on Glee.

Lynch played the caustic guardian angel of a young woman played by Maggie Lawson. The show had only been garnering modest ratings and will be replaced by episodes of 2 Broke Girls.

Lynch, of course, has another regular TV gig as host of NBC’s Hollywood Game Night for which she has won two Emmys for Outstanding Host.

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Rachel Maddow describes her fellow MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts a as “golden god”

Rachel Maddow has given a really terrific interview to Playboy.

Rachel is well aware that she lacks the glamour of such female newswomen as ABC’s Diane Sawyer and Fox’s Megyn Kelly.

‘All those blondes on Fox,’ she tells Playboy in its first non-nude issue.

‘I mean, if I worked at a place where they did not allow you to wear sleeves, could you imagine? Or where all desks had Lucite bottoms so you could show your shins. Jesus, I feel very lucky that at MSNBC they’re like, “You’re fine in the $19 blazer.”’

Maddow, 42, did have long blonde hair in high school. But once she cut it short and let it go dark, it has remained and she has stood apart from most of the other female anchors on major news shows.

‘It is weird to be in an industry where everybody is so good-looking,’ she says. ‘I do not think of myself as a physically attractive person. I think of myself as a goober. I dress like an eight-year-old with a credit card, and I eat like that too—burritos or pizza or s’mores. That’s it. But these ostentatiously attractive people! Thomas Roberts on MSNBC is a golden god.’

True that!

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Lunch Break Video: Elton John and James Corden have a fabulous session of Carpool Karaoke

This is most delicious and this is an extended version for the web.

James Corden asks Elton John to help him navigate Los Angeles on a rainy day while the two sing some of his songs, including Your Song, I’m Still Standing, a Lion King classic, Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me an d a really fun Crocodile Rock, among others.

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It’s heating up – but remains complicated – for Jude and Zero on VH1′s “Hit the Floor”

Last month, I posted an interview with Adam Senn who plays NBA star Zero on VH1′s Hit the Floor.

Well, the show airs a new episode tonight and I wanted to get you caught up with what is happening with Zero and his former agent Jude (Brent Antonello) who is now a top executive for the fictional Los Angeles Devils.

Jude wants Zero to come out publicly and be his boyfriend – no more hiding.

Zero does not want to do this but he has a lot to think about because, he admits for the first time, he does love Jude.

And who could blame him!

Hit The Floor

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Monday Morning Man: Alden Ehrenreich!

All I can say is a star has been born.

Saw Hail, Caesar! on Saturday night and enjoyed the heck out of it. What a cast! Scarlett Johansson, Tilda Swinton and Frances McDormand on the female side and such handsome leading men as George Clooney, Channing Tatum, Josh Brolin and Ralph Fiennes.

But as my movie buddy and I were walking out of the Cinerama Dome, we just wanted to talk about the very cute Alden Ehrenreich who may be the least-famous in the bunch but pretty much steals our hearts.

He plays a young actor who does westerns but is suddenly enlisted to do a romantic lead. His scenes with Fiennes as that movie’s director or a hoot.

Alden is just 26 and up until now has been best known for his role in the film Beautiful Creatures. He also had the lead role in last year’s Running Wild and smaller roles in the films Blue Jasmine and Stoker.

, which hits theaters this weekend, we are all going to be talking about how much we are in love with the movie’s least-famous cast member: Alden Ehrenreich. You may know him from Beautiful Creatures (or, you know, not) but we promise, you will know him soon. Because, over the course of the Coens’ 1950s Hollywood comedy, Ehrenreich managed to walk away with our hearts. And he will with yours, too.

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Sorry Whitney Houston, sorry Cher, but Lady Gaga delivered the best Super Bowl National Anthem ever!

Oh my, this is something – really something.

It’s clear why Lady Gaga has become the go-to performer for big events like The Sound if Music medley at last year’s Academy Awards and the David Bowie tribute at this year’s Grammys.

She delivered a stupendous version of our National Anthem before the start of Super Bowl 50 that pretty much sets the new standard. I doubt anyone will ever be able to match it – ever.

Her look was perfect from her hair to her outfit to her fingernails to her shoes to her make-up and then she opened her mouth. OMG. Not only did she sound fantastic, but she performed the song in a way that she was feeling it and that made us feel it.

Well done Lady Gaga – very well done.

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Sunday Night Video: Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller stop by SNL’s Weekend Update as Derek Zoolander & Hansel

This was a pretty great idea because it makes me – and I’m sure plenty of other people – a lot more eager to see Zoolander 2 when it hits theaters.

Ben Stiller, as Zoolander, mistakes Ted Cruz for Tom Cruise and says: ‘He’s really let himself go. this is a real Mission Impossible – for stylists.’

Owen Wilson’s Hansel then says: ‘Makes me want to keep my Eyes Wide Shut.’

Then, of course, Zoolander takes it one too far and says: ‘He should take his Top Gun and try to do some Risky Business with a Cocktail.’

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“Modern Family” star Jesse Tyler Ferguson surprises a brunching in LA Bette Midler with a treat

When I heard that one of my all time favorites was brunching at my restaurant in LA I had to take the opportunity to send her out a little something! Break a leg with "Hello Dolly!" @bettemidler! And thank you to the staff at @terrinerestaurant for making this happen!!!

A photo posted by Jesse Tyler Ferguson (@jessetyler) on

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Morning Men Classics: NFL hunks for the ages

It’s Super Bowl Sunday so why not enjoy some of our hunkiest NFL players from days gone by.

These are some of the guys I’ve had crushes on over the years starting with Doug Flutie who I thought was (and is) a most handsome man.

1. Doug Flutie 2. Steve Young and Joe Montana 3. Jason Sehorn 4. Troy Aikman 5. Mark Sanchez 6. Howie Long 7. Howie Long (Again! Those Legs!) 8. Joe Theisman 9.Brett Favre 10. Jason Taylor.

Enjoy the game today and let me know who your NFL crushes are!

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Showtune Sunday: From Eartha to Yvonne to Stritchie and Bassey, the ultimate diva sing-off of “I’m Still Here”

Many of our biggest female stars have belted out I’m Still Here which is from the Stephen Sondheim show Follies.

Probably the most widely seen version is Shirley MacLaine’s in the 1990 film Postcards from the Edge. It’s a big number because it tells us so much about MacLaine’s character and her relationship with her daughter (played by Meryl Streep) and Shirley absolutely nails it.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t love Elaine Stritch’s knockout performance or Elaine Page’s from the most recent revival. Here are those and some others including Polly Bergen, Eartha Kitt, Ann Miller and Shirley Bassey and they are dynamite!

And then there is Yvonne DeCarlo who might be best known for playing Lily on The Munsters but clearly has so much more to offer.

Let me know your favorite and feel free to suggest any versions I may have missed.

Shirley MacLaine "I'm Still Here" by graduate

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Saturday Video: Cher & Bowie’s epic 70s medley

Somehow, I’ve never seen this!

It’s from 1975 when Cher had her own variety show on CBS which lasted about a year and a half before she re-teamed with Sonny.

David Bowie guested and joined the hostess for a fun medley of songs. They were young and hot!

BONUS VIDEOS: Bowie also performed his number one hit Fame on this episode of The Cher Show and Can You Hear Me with Cher. Enjoy!