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Don Lemon suggests ‘ignorant’ Donald Trump go back to elementary school to learn US history

Following Donald Trump’s shocking press conference where he doubled down on his claims that “there’s blame on both sides” at the Charlottesville white supremacist rally over the weekend, CNN host Don Lemon, teleconferenced in during a segment hosted by Wolf Blitzer, appearing resigned.

“I’m saddened, Wolf,” Lemon said. “This is a sad moment for the country, and I think it was an awful moment for the person who’s supposed to represent the highest office of the land.”

Many claim Trump’s comments, which place blame on both the white supremacists at the rally and the leftist counter=protesters targeted in the weekend’s violent attacks, are tantamount to an expression of approval for the neo-Nazis at the “Unite the Right” rally. Lemon is among those who believe Trump showed his true allegiances.

“Today you saw the real Donald Trump, proving all of his critics right in that moment,” he continued. “His true colors are coming out.”

“The president is ignorant of history,” Lemon continued. “He does not know context. He should be ashamed of himself. He should go back to school and get an elementary education on how this country started and about protest groups and how this country works and who he represents and who he should represent.”

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Morning Round-Up: Daniel Craig to be Bond again; Anthony Scaramucci pro gay? Plus Josh Flagg and Perez Hilton

Daniel Craig confirms he’ll be back as James Bond Entertainment Weekly

Former Trump Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci: ‘I’m a Very Active Gay Rights Supporter’ Towleroad

LGBT groups celebrate as anti-trans bathroom bill is killed off in Texas Pink News

‘Million Dollar Listing L.A.’ Star Josh Flagg Dishes on Wedding Details and Star-Studded Guest List ETOnline

Perez Hilton breaks down in tears after being fired: “I’m sorry to my kids!” Queerty

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Wednesday Morning Man: Josh Barro!

The Advocate has just published a list of the 50 Most Influential LGBTs in Media. Of course such names as Anderson Cooper, Rachel Maddow, Robert Roberts and Shepard Smith lead the list but I had not been familiar with Josh Barro who I’ve selected as today’s Morning Man. The Harvard grad is senior editor of Business Insider and is currently the host and moderator of KCRW’s Left, Right & Center. He also appears regularly on Bloomberg Television and MSNBC and has appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher on HBO and on All In with Chris Hayes on MSNBC.

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Lesley Ann Warren was big hit at LA LGBT Center’s screening of ‘Clue’ at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Some people came dressed as Mrs. Peacock and Mrs. White but the real Miss Scarlett—Lesley Ann Warren—was actually in attendance.

These fictional murder suspects were among the more than 2,000 people who filled the Fairbanks Lawn, an open grassy field inside the iconic Hollywood Forever Cemetery, on Friday, August 11, for the Los Angeles LGBT Center’s fun-filled outdoor screening of the 1985 cult classic Clue.

Before the screening of the murder comedy began, the crowd was treated to an appearance by Warren who shared some of her memories from the making of the movie which co-starred Tim Curry, Martin Mull, Eileen Brennan, Madeline Kahn, and Christopher Lloyd.

“When the film first came out people didn’t know what to make of it. But since then there’s been a wave of adoration for these characters. It’s amazing. I can go to a restaurant anywhere in the country and some young person will walk up to me and start reciting lines from the movie.”

See photos from the event and my recp of the evening over at the Center’s Vanguard blog!

Dolly Parton announces first children’s album!

My first album was released 50 years ago and it's been an amazing 50 years since then. I am very excited that now I'm coming out with my first children's album! I'm so proud to say that all of the proceeds from this CD will go to the Imagination Library!

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Read the entire suggested apology that Kathy Griffin isn’t even tempted to send to Donald Trump

Holy sh*tballs! Please read entire letter. Not a joke. It's from a current member of the Board of Directors at CBS. NOT saying this is CBS's view, in fact they may not be aware that their board member has these leanings. It's NUTS

A post shared by Kathy Griffin (@kathygriffin) on

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Jimmy Kimmel: Trump “is completely unhinged” – see what Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers have to say

Just in a bit of shock and actually feeling sick over Donald Trump’s press conference today. Just feel such frustration over all of it and really don’t have the words to express myself very well. I think anyone who is not a racist understands. Jimmy Kimmel opened his ABC late night show today talking about Trump’s astonishing news conference at which “he opened his mouth and all matter of stupid came out. I wouldn’t be lying if i said I would feel more comfortable if Cersei Lannister was running this country.”

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CNN’s Anderson Cooper: Donald Trump went ‘out of his way to whitewash’ a white power rally

Anderson Cooper earlier tonight delivered a withering rebuke of Donald Trump’s widely criticized remarks blaming “both sides” for the deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia — saying the president “revealed so clearly who and what he really is” and “seemed to go out of his way to whitewash the nature of what was, after all, an explicitly white power rally.”

Cooper opened up his show by saying: “We normally start off the broadcast saying ‘good evening,’ but tonight there doesn’t seem to be much that is good about this evening, because a few hours ago the President of the United States revealed so clearly who and what he really is. Today the President of the United States ripped open wounds that have barely begun healing in Charlottesville on a subject, race, that has tormented this country from the very beginning and nearly torn it apart more than once.”

Cooper said Trump revealed “whether he can ever be a president for all people or just for white ones, a president for people of all beliefs or just the alt-right. Today President Trump showed the world exactly how little he knows or cares about U.S. history. He showed the world about how much a mother’s loss matters to him when weighed against whether or not she praised him. He showed the world how far he’ll go to avoid admitting he’s ever made a mistake.”

Cooper’s takedown came after Trump’s combative press conference Tuesday in which he defended his initial response to the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville that left one counter-protestor dead. Equating white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and KKK members with the so-called alt-left, Trump said, “You had a group on one side that was bad, and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. Nobody wants to say that. But I’ll say it right now. You had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit and they were very, very violent.”

Cooper slammed Trump for downplaying the actions of hate groups: “‘Both sides had some bad apples’ is what the president is saying. ‘Both sides were violent.’ But today the president seemed to go out of his way to whitewash the nature of what was, after all, an explicitly white power rally.”

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DWTS champ Nyle DiMarco: “Impeach Trump!

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Watch Billy Eichner and John Cho kiss!

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On 30th birthday, celeb hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons launches make-up program for trans women

Last night I hung out with all kinds of beautiful people.

You know, just another day at the office. Ha!

I covered the kickoff event for Andrew Fitzsimons’ new passion project: the Trans Cosmetic Donation Program.

Kourtney Kardashian’s personal hairstylist (he’s also worked for Adele, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, among others) is teaming with the Los Angeles LGBT Center to give brands, stylists, influencers and celebrities the opportunity to donate unused personal hygiene and cosmetic products to transgender and gender non-conforming people.

Just love the whole concept of this and love that the Center’s Transgender Economic Empowerment Project will receive the products and manage the distribution of them to its clients and to clients of various organizations that also serve the trans community.

You can read all about it in a story I’ve just posted on the Center’s blog Vanguard.

Billy Eichner spills on spending the day with Metallica and on his pursuit of a happy ending

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Zachary Quinto wishes for ‘expansiveness to the narrow-minded, floods of love to those with hate in their hearts’

expansiveness to the narrow-minded. floods of love to those with hate in their hearts. peace to those who march in fear. may the brightest light shine into their darkness.

A post shared by Zachary Quinto (@zacharyquinto) on

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Morning Round-Up: Daley & Black with the Clintons; Trump’s new low; Aaron Carter; Alan Cumming; Seth Meyers

Gay School Board Member Blasts Removal of Gay Students’ Quotes About Being Out and Proud from Yearbook Towleroad

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black mingle with Hillary and BIll Clinton on their honeymoon Pink News

Trump Lashes Out at CNN Reporter, Who Snaps Back: ‘Haven’t You Spread a Lot of Fake News Yourself, Sir?’ Towleroad

Two Days After White Supremacist Violence, Trump Finally Condemns Hate Groups HuffPost

Aaron Carter says brother Nick hasn’t reached out since he came out Gay Star News

Alan Cumming is opening a fabulous new nightclub in NYC and everyone’s invited Queerty

Monday Morning Man: Lawrence Saint-Victor!

Lawrence Saint-Victor is so good looking it oughta be against the law!

I could not keep my eyes off of him on the red carpet at the Daytime Emmy Awards a few years ago.

The 35-year-old hunk has played the role of Carter Walton on The Bold and the Beautiful since 2013 and has even written some episodes of the show.

He was previously in the cast of the CBS soap opera Guiding Light from April 2006 until the soap’s ending in September 2009.

Lawrence has also done guest spots on Ugly Betty, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and For Better or Worse, among others.

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See Andy Cohen’s chat with Jimmy Fallon during his appearance on “The Tonight Show”

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WATCH: Broadway baby Nick Adams hits the water!

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Celeb Instagram: Men & Their Dogs Edition!

Friday dinner time

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Dad son day

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Vacation is ON!

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#puppytime Tag someone you know who appreciates the finer things in life…aka #PUPPYBELLY#puppy #dog #thoseears #germanshepherd #confused #saycheese #denver @kira.c.gsd

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Not only do I walk dogs – we also read the classics. #educator #tomthedogwalker #daisythedog

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Me-o and Theo #adoptdontshop #pupsessed @pawworks

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Monday Morning Man: Bertold Zahoran!!

This delicious Hungarian model is Bertold Zahoran and I thought he’d be a tasty way to kick off our week.

He’s been featured in photo spreads in Vogue Hommes, V Man and I-D Magazine this year and has been in runway show for Dolce and Gabanna, Versace, Giorgi Armani, and Givency, among others.

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See Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black’s Wedding Video – revenue to be donated to It Gets Better and more

World champion diver Tom Daley and Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black are currently on their honeymoon. Daley posted their official wedding video earlier today. He writes: ‘Our honeymoon feels like the perfect time to finally share our magical day. We know our wedding was only possible thanks to the brave work of countless people for generations before us, so in that tradition, we will donate any revenue from this video to the “LGBT+ Switchboard” and “It Gets Better” in hopes of making things even better for future generations.’ Well said Tom!!!

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