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Video: Jared Leto visits to Ellen and says he feels “intense gratitude” for response to “Dallas Buyers Club”

Jared Leto is on a roll.

He has won 24 awards so far for his tremendous performance as a transgender woman in The Dallas Buyers Club and is likely to win a 25th on Sunday at the Golden Globe Awards.

He stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres show to talk Globes and says he wakes up every morning feeling “intensely grateful” for what’s happened with his first film role in six years.

So where has he been?

He’s been touring with his band 30 Seconds to Mars which recently made it into the Guinness World Book of Records for longest concert tour!


Emma Thompson talks to The Advocate about her bisexual character in “Saving Mr. Banks”

I think Emma Thompson’s performance in Saving Mr. Banks is my favorite of all of her movies – and that’s saying something since I thought she was absolutely brilliant in Howard’s End, Remains of the Day, In the Name of the Father, Sense and Sensibility and Love, Actually.

She has had a nice chat with The Advocate and I’m excerpting the portion where she talks about the bisexuality of her character in Banks.

Although it isn’t addressed in Saving Mr. Banks, Travers, who never married, is considered by many to have been bisexual, and she lived with close friend and rumored lover Madge Burnand while writing Mary Poppins. Did that inform your performance?
Sure. She was what I would call a real searcher. I don’t know whether they were lovers or not, but she did live with Madge for a long, long time, and she certainly had very complex, passionate relationships with both women and men. She was an explorer of her own condition, and very possibly her own sexuality.

Since Saving Mr. Banks is a Disney film, I assume her sexuality wasn’t addressed in earlier drafts.
You can’t fit everything about a person’s life into two hours. Like when we made Carrington, which did address homosexuality, we didn’t include stuff about Dora Carrington’s relationships with women because it would’ve looked like she’d literally gone bed-hopping her entire life. Besides, Saving Mr. Banks is about a woman’s creative, artistic life. It’s a relief, quite frankly, because when is a movie about a woman not about her love life?

But even when there’s no love interest involved, is it still important for you to consider a character’s sexual orientation?
At this particular moment in time, the last thing on Mrs. Travers’s mind is her erotic life, but she did divide the life of women into three main parts: nymph, mother, and crone. When she went to Los Angeles to meet with Walt Disney, she was definitely in the crone period, which she felt was the best patch because you were free to do what you liked and still had energy to do it. She was actually older than I played her — we all had long conversations about it, because I could’ve easily played her more elderly with prosthetics and padding — but I was interested in making sure the audience realized that this woman did have an erotic life, and that it could still be a part of her life, but she had chosen to live alone. It didn’t occur to her to find someone to pay for her house or her bills. She was completely independent, and it was her independence that, in the end, forced her to give up her character, Mary Poppins, for adaptation.

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Lunch Break Video: All about Karen Walker!

As Will & Grace got into its later seasons, the character of Karen Walker was no longer a human being – she was a hilarious cartoon and I loved every minute of it.

Two-time Emmy winner Megan Mullally just takes the self-absorbed diva role and runs with it each time out. She is never better than when opposite Sean Hayes as Jack.

They are a classic comedy duo and will reunite on an upcoming episode of Hayes’ current series Sean Saves the World.

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Brian Boitano on coming out: ‘I don’t feel that I can represent the country (at Olympics) without revealing this incredible side of myself’

Brian Boitano probably never would have come out publicly as a gay man had President Barack Obama not appointed him to be a part of the US delegation to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, next month.

“This is an important moment, and to represent my country in Russia, it’s a platform that is so important for me,” the 1988 figure skating gold medalist tells the Associated Press.

Boitano’s selection is part of a pro-gay statement Obama is making to Russia which passed a controversial anti-gay propaganda law last year.

‘Our nation is at the forefront of trying to create a more tolerant public,’ Boitano said. ‘The president is kind of saying to Russia that as a strong country, we believe in this and if you don’t follow along, we will leave you behind in this thought process.’

Boitano says the reaction from the skating community since his official coming out has been very positive.

‘That feedback for me is really important, especially coming from my peers,’ he said. ‘They know how private a person I am and that this was a big move for me.’


Wednesday Morning Man: James Frecheville!

What is it about these Aussie actors?

It’s like they are required to be absolutely gorgeous.

Today’s Morning Man, James Frecheville, certainly is a fine looking specimen from Down Under.

He’s just 22 and came to fame when he landed the coveted lead role of Joshua ‘J’ Cody in the 2010 film Animal Kingdom beating out 500 contenders.

James got several award nominations in Australia for his performance and has since starred in the films Adore and The First Time.

His next film is Animal Rescue which stars Tom Hardy and will mark the final screen appearance of James Gandolfini.

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Lots of buzz about Matt Bomer’s new buzz

What’s so great about running your own site is you don’t have an editor who can say to you: “You’ve already posted a photo of Matt Bomer today … wait until tomorrow to post that second one!”

When I posted the pic of a shirtless Matt from an episode of White Collar, I did not realize he’d show up today at the TV Critics Association press tour with a sexy new buzz cut!

Matt was part of HBO’s panel for The Normal Heart and appeared with co-stars Mark Rufallo, Julia Roberts, Jim Parsons, Taylor Kitsch and director Ryan Murphy.

More on that later.

So what do you think of Matt’s buzz?

Brings out those blue eyes even more!


British pop star Lee Ryan reveals on “Celebrity Big Brother” show that ‘Yeah I’ve been with a man’

I confess, have never heard of Lee Ryan until today.

But the cutie pie British pop star, a member of the band Blue, made some news on Celebrity Big Brother.

“‘Yeah I’ve been with a man. Everyone’s done experimentational s***. I’ll tell you later,” he told some female housemates.

He then added: “Of course, man. I’m a well-traveled person. I’ve never admitted it anywhere. No-one’s bothered to ask.”

He was speaking to housemates Jasmine Waltz, Luisa Zissman, and Ollie Locke, who are all bisexual, about same-sex relationships.

Ryan’s Blue bandmate Duncan James came out as bisexual in 2009, revealing he has had several flings with men. In several 2013 interviews, he is now identifying as gay.
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Snapped! Matt Bomer shirtless on “White Collar”

There are certain things you just never get tired of in life.

Watching I love Lucy reruns, eating ice cream and looking at shirtless photos of Matt Bomer!

This is a still from a recent episode of Matt’s hit TV series White Collar.


Just Jared has plenty more if you want to check ‘em all out.


Video: Billie Jean King talks about Sochi Olympics

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

My hero Billie Jean King was on The Today Show this morning talking about her role as an official US delegate at next month’s Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Of course Russia has that anti-gay propaganda law that makes President Obama’s selection of BJK and two other gay athletes a nice statement.

She tells Matt Lauer: “When we step off the plane we are part of America. We are what an America looks like. So I think President Obama has done an amazing job on promoting diversity and inclusion. He has been the all-time president for doing that. And he’s showing the Russians, ‘Listen everybody belongs in the United States of America.’”


Robbie Rogers proud of German soccer star Thomas Hitzlsperger for coming out as gay

LA Galaxy player Robbie Rogers has been a fan of German soccer superstar Thomas Hitzlsperger since he was a teen.

Rogers, 26, had no idea he and Hitzlsperger had something in common besides soccer: both are gay. Rogers came out publicly nearly a year ago while Hitzlsperger, who retired from the sport six months ago, did so this week.

‘I could never have imagined that Thomas was gay too, but it would have made a world of difference to me if I had known, just as young gay athletes around the world will be inspired now by Thomas’s courageous decision to come forward and share the truth about his life,’ Rogers writes in a column today for The Guardian.

‘I don’t know Thomas Hitzlsperger, or if his experience has been anything like mine. I found that if you grow up hiding the secret of your sexuality, even when you’re an adult and your career is no longer on the line, it’s not an easy thing to go public with something so personal – something you know would make it impossible to play the game you love. That’s what kept me in the closet until I retired last February and came out.’

‘It always feels funny when people congratulate me for coming out, because they’re congratulating me for simply telling the truth. But at a moment like this, my first thought is to congratulate Thomas. To thank him for taking the risk, for himself and for all the people who will be helped and inspired by his brave act. We can only hope that by joining the conversation, he can help move it forward.’

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Lunch Break Video: Enjoying the beautiful sounds of Joan Baez on the singer’s 73rd birthday’s a good day when it’s Joan Baez’s birthday because I have a good excuse to post some of her songs on the blog.

She’s a singer whose voice is a gift from God and I could listen to it all day.

The woman who performed at Woodstock, Live Aid and the Newport Folk Festival and received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the 49th Grammy awards in 2007 turns 73 today.

Okay, so let’s just imagine that someone said to me: “You can only listen to one song for the rest of your life. Pick one.”

I would pick Miss Baez’s version of Diamonds and Rust.

It is so pretty and meaningful with lyrics written by Joan that are reportedly about her relationship with Bob Dylan in the 60s. The song recounts an out-of-the-blue phone call from an old lover, which sends her a decade back in time, to a “crummy” hotel in Greenwich Village; she recalls giving him a pair of cuff-links, and summarizes that memories bring “diamonds and rust.”

In recent years, Diamonds and Rust has even more meaning because it is the only song that a late friend of mine, who died in 2009, enjoyed singing together. He loved heavy metal (I do not) so he had the Judas Priest version in his head while I had Miss Baez’s. I loved singing that song with my friend Walt and cherish the memories of doing so more now than ever.

Here are performances of Diamonds and Rust, Forever Young and Let it Be.

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Morning Man Encore: Rupert Friend!

I’m running a little behind with my posts today so I’m sneaking in a repeat Morning Man – he’s so handsome I don’t think you’ll mind!

I first featured Rupert Friend on December 11, 2012 thanks to the suggestion of my pal Lorna. She’s British so it’s no surprise that she would suggest a Brit!

Anyway, it’s just been reported today that Rupert is in talks to replace that late Paul Walker as the star of Agent 47, an action movie that serves as a reboot of the 2007 Timothy Olyphant film Hitman.

Rupert is currently playing Peter Quinn on the Emmy-winning TV series Homeland.

The handsome 32-year-old is also known for his roles as Mr. Wickham in the 2005 film Pride and Prejudice, Lieutenant Kurt Kotler in the 2008 film The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, and Prince Albert in the 2009 film The Young Victoria.

He was about to set off sailing around the world when he heard he’d been accepted into the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

Friend had a memorable film debut in 2004 as a young friend and lover of Johnny Depp’s John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester, in The Libertine. The next year, he had his first starring role opposite Joan Plowright in Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont.

He dated his Pride and Prejudice leading lady Keira Knightly for five years before they split in 2010.

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“Glee” star Chris Colfer and Ellen DeGeneres both win at the People’s Choice Awards

The People’s Choice Awards were handed out earlier tonight and Chris Colfer won the award for Favorite TV Comedy Actor.

It was the gayest category of the night since his competition included three other openly gay TV stars: Jesse Tyler Ferguson of Modern Family, Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory and Neil Patrick Harris of How I Met Your Mother. The fifth nominee was Darren Criss who is straight but who plays a gay charcter on Glee.

Ellen DeGeneres, to no one’s surprise, won the award for Favorite TV Talk Show Host. She bested Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan, Dr. Phil McGraw, Rachael Ray and Steve Harvey.

It was the record 14th People’s Choice win for Ellen who first won in 1995 when she was starring in her ABC sitcom.

Also of LGBT interest, the Netflix hit Orange is the New Black won for Favorite Streaming Series over competition that included Arrested Development, Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis, House of Cards and Losing It with John Stamos.

Go to to see full list of nominees and winners.


Video: Elegant Roger Federer has first practice at Melbourne Park as he preps for Australian Open

I’m going to indulge in a few more tennis posts in the coming weeks because it’s almost Australian Open time and, well, I love tennis! Did any of you know that for awhile at least, I did a tennis blog for the LA Daily News called Deuce?

It was a blast but had to abandon it because I got too busy. So I’ve just peppered my blogs ever since with tennis here. Lots of gay men love tennis, all you have to do is go to a tournament and you will see us everywhere!

You will likely see us at Roger Federer matches in droves because we love his quiet elegance.

He might be my favorite male player of all time edging out Stefan Edberg who has just signed on as his coach!

Anyway, Roger is in Melbourne preparing to try and win the Australian Open for the fifth time. Ranked number 5 now, he has struggled mightily since winning Wimbledon in 2012 and reclaiming the number one ranking.

He could have retired then and there and literally gone out on top. But at 32, Roger still loves to play the game and as you can see in this video, he looks awfully good playing it.


Days of Our Lives: See new cast member Guy Wilson in his first scenes as Will Horton!

Well, here it is folks: the new Will Horton!

Guy Wilson made his first appearance in the role on today’s episode of Days of Our Lives. It was the perfect way to work the new guy in – nothing too dramatic but opportunity to interact with Sonny, Gabi and with EJ.

It’s going to take some getting used to! I found myself watching and wondering how Chandler Massey would have said this line or that line.

It will take awhile to adjust but I’m rooting for Guy and for the Will and Sonny storyline!

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Alexander Skarsgard, naked, somewhere very cold

This photo popped up on Instagram last night and I feel it is my duty to share it with you.

I do not know the context, I do not know why Alexander Skarsgard is sitting on a toilet, naked, at what the caption states is the South Pole.

I just thought you might want to check it out.


Snapped! Ricky Martin and sons at LAX!

Newly single Ricky Martin posted this photo of himself and twin sons, Matteo and Valentino, at LAX yesterday.

All I have to say is all three are having just a terrific hair day!

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Wednesday Morning Man: Thomas Hitzlsperger!

So thrilled to present Thomas Hitzlsperger as today’s Morning Man because the retired German soccer star has just come out as gay.

Thomas is 31 and is the biggest name to ever come out in his sport. He retired from the sport just four months ago.

“I am expressing my sexuality because I want to promote the discussion of homosexuality among professional athletes,” he told the German newspaper Die Zeit earlier today.

His sexuality had been a subject he previously had “simply ignored.”

“Only in the last few years did it dawn on me that I would rather live with a man,” he said.

Thomas represented Germany at the 2006 World Cup, and also played for clubs in England, Italy and Germany, finishing his career last year at Everton in the Premier League. He made 52 appearances for Germany’s national team from 2004-10.

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Late Night Videos: All About Lily Tomlin!

It was such a feel-good story yesterday when we learned that Lily Tomlin had gotten married on New Year’s Eve to Jane Wagner after 42 years together.

I thought it would be nice to end the day with some of Lily’s comedy including two of her most classic characters: Edith Ann and Ernestine.

The second video, from Lily’s Laugh-In days, starts with a young Goldie Hawn but quickly gets to Ernestine who decides to place a call to Frank Sinatra.


Martina Navratilova says Serena Williams will pass her in major singles crowns: “Sky’s the limit”

The Australian Open, one of the four major championships in tennis, begins next week and Serena Williams is a heavy favorite to win the women’s crown.

If she wins her sixth Australian crown, she will be tied with Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert on the all-time with 18 majors overall (the others are Wimbledon, the French Open and the US Open).

Martina is confident the 32-year-old Serena will surpass she and Chrissie.

“If she can stay healthy there is no doubt she can go into the 20s, the sky is the limit,” Navratilova told reporters in Adelaide where she will played in the World Tennis Challenge exhibition.

“I know how hard it is once you get to 30, all those little niggling injuries get worse and it’s much easier to have an off day,” Martina added. “But still, she is in her 30s … she is eager and winning is very contagious – once you get really used to it, you don’t want to let go of it.”
I admit it, I never expected Serena to get close to Martina and Chrissie on the all-time list because of her injuries and periods when she seemed to lack motivation.

But the past two seasons, she has been stellar. She’s won the Olympics and for two years running has won the US Open and the WTA Championships. She also won the French Open last year and Wimbledon in 2012.

“At age 30, she had played about half the tournaments than I had played at 30, so she is fresh in tennis terms,” Martina said. “She seems to be playing her best tennis right now.”

Australia’s Margaret Court holds the overall record of 24 grand slam singles titles, while Germany’s Steffi Graf won 22 titles in the Open era.