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Michael Sam’s father found out just last week his star football player son is gay – he’s not happy about it

I don’t know if Michael Sam is very close to his father, Michael Sam Sr., but I’m going to guess not so much.

The NFL prospect and current media sensation came out to his University of Missouri teammates last fall but it was just last week that he came out to his father.

It came via a three word text: “Dad I’m gay.”

The elder Sam was having a meal at Denny’s at the time and celebrating his birthday.

The party stopped cold, according to The New York Times.

“I couldn’t eat no more, so I went to Applebee’s to have drinks,” Sam Sr. said. “I don’t want my grandkids raised in that kind of environment.”

“I’m old school,” he added. “I’m a man-and-a-woman type of guy.”

But Sam Sr. says he loves his son and he said he hopes he makes it to the NFL.

“As a black man, we have so many hurdles to cross,” he said. “This is just one he has to cross.”


Video: Jon Stewart’s right-on take on Michael Sam and an NFL afraid of so-called distractions

The fact that Michael Sam is the best defensive player in the best college league in the country really puts the NFL in a corner come the draft in April.

He’s simply too good.

Jon Stewart points out that any reluctance is more about homophobia than distractions because, let’s face it, the league has had plenty of distractions in the past.

“No pro team wants the type of controversy having a gay player is going to cause … if he had just been convicted of DUI vehicular manslaughter, or obstruction of justice in connection with a murder, or have been accused of sexual assault, or screamed the n-word at a concert, or killed a bunch of dogs,” as other NFL players have all done, then Sam would be a great fit on an NFL team. But being gay is just too much. Riiiight.”

Stewart also takes the opportunity to take a dig at Tim Tebow: “We could have the first openly gay professional football player. There hasn’t been a civil rights victory so significant since the NFL welcomed it’s openly really bad player.”

The Daily Show
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“Good Morning America” news anchor Josh Elliott wondered if he was gay after his dad came out

Josh Elliott, news anchor for ABC’s Good Morning America, got personal while guest hosting on The View this week.

Elliott told viewers about how his father’s coming out as gay when the journalist was 13 immediately made him wonder about his own sexuality.

‘My first feeling when my father told me was loyalty – thinking “I guess I have to be gay too. Maybe I’m gay,”‘ Elliott said. ‘It’s a lot to work through as an 8th grade boy.’

Since his father died just two years after coming out to his son, Elliott will be forever grateful for his honesty.

‘For two years I got to see him complete and out and proud,’ he said.

After the broadcast, Elliott received a supportive tweet from View co-host Jenny McCarthy. He replied by thanking her ‘for the chance to share a bit of the man to whom I owe everything.’

Elliott had first spoke publicly about his father being gay in 2012 at a GLAAD awards dinner. He has been outspoken about LGBTI equality and is close friends with former GMA weather anchor Sam Champion.

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Days of Our Lives: New Will bonds with grandma Marlena as trouble brews with Gabi and Sonny


New Will and his grandma Marlena have their first heart-to-heart in forever and the good news is, Deidre Hall brings out the best in Guy Wilson in this scene just like she did with his predecessor Chandler Massey.

The connection between these two characters feels more real than anything else on this show quite frankly.

Meanwhile, Sonny is incredulous that Gabi thinks Nick might have changed.

He gets best line honors, once again, when he says to Gabi: “What? You let that son of a bitch hold Ari? If Will would have walked in he would’ve been murdered all over again.”

Of course Gabi is being an idiot as we can see Nick, in his dealings with Kate, is his smug and smarmy self feeling as though he holds all the cards.

What proof does he have anyway that they dumped him in the river? If Mr. Greetings saw it he would’ve sung like a bird by now.

Fortunately, Sami has simply had it with Nick’s games.

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Neil Patrick who? Hugh Jackman to host Tonys!

Hey, I still think Neil Patrick Harris is the awards show host with the most even after the Emmys.

But since he’s busy preparing for his Broadway role in Hedwig and Angry Inch, I’m glad Hugh Jackman has been asked to return as host of The Tony Awards in June.

Hugh, a Tony winner for The Boy from Oz, has hosted the salute to Broadway’s best three times in the past and was also a very good host of the Academy Awards.

In addition to The Boy From Oz, Jackman starred on stage in Hugh Jackman – Back on Broadway and opposite Daniel Craig in the play A Steady Rain.

This year’s show will be broadcast live on CBS from the Radio City Music Hall on June 8.

The show will be in good very hands.


Ellen’s daytime show gets its highest ratings – ever

A big congratulations to Ellen DeGeneres who is finding herself more popular than ever.

7 years after publicly coming out as a lesbian.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show was watched by more viewers last week than at any time in its 11-year history.

The show average nearly 4.6 million viewers for the week of 3 February – its highest number to date. The ratings were up an impressive 6% from a week earlier.

The people who are watching the show include some very desirable demographics to advertisers: It ranks first with women ages 18-49, women and men ages 25-54.

The ratings surge comes ahead of Ellen hosting the Academy Awards on March 2.

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Michael Sam on cover of Sports Illustrated

You have to wonder if there are some closeted NFL pros out there feeling a bit regretful that they have not come out.

Michael Sam, still just an NFL-prospect, has made the cover of Sports Illustrated for having the courage to come out as gay ahead of the NFL draft in April.

He has widespread praise from everyone from First Lady Michelle Obama to numerous Hollywood stars gay and straight.

There have been some haters for sure but the support has been huge.

Congratulations to Michael!

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Shirley Temple dies at 85 but lives on forever

Shirley Temple Black, the most popular child star in Hollywood history, died late Monday night.

She was 85.

Temple Black, in the video below, talks about her three careers: actress, wife and mother, and 30 years as a diplomat for the US government.

What an extraordinary life.

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Monica Raymund of “Chicago Fire” is “so proud to be Bi and excited about this movement during Olympics”"

Monica Raymund, one of the stars of NBC’s drama Chicago Fire, tweeted about a Norwegian artist’s protest against Russia’s anti-LGBT policies the other day.

Then there a follow-up tweet: So proud to be Bi and excited about this movement during Olympics.

When asked by a followers if this was her public coming out the actress tweeted:
‘Nope I didn’t just come out – you just late to the party. But I have drinks for all y’all. #BiAndProud#10YearsOut&Proud Cheers, Family!’

The 27-year-old actress has been married to writer Neil Patrick Stewart since 2011.

Prior to her role of paramedic Gabriela Dawson on Chicago Fire, she played Maria “Ria” Torres on Lie to Me and Dana Lodge on The Good Wife.

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Tuesday Morning Man: Greg Rutherford!

Until he took all his clothes off for the cover of Attitude Magazine, I was not familiar with British track star Greg Rutherford.

He’s on my radar now – what a red-hot stunner!

Greg, 27, specializes in the long jump and also competes as a sprinter. He is the 2012 Olympic Champion, 2010 Commonwealth Games silver medalist and 2006 European Championship silver medalist in the long jump.

The Naked Issue was his second appearance on the cover of Attitude, a British gay publication.

Says Greg: ‘“I’ve always been quite a vocal supporter of gay rights and have many friends in the gay community.’

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Retired NFL player Donte’ Stallworth destroys notion that openly gay player would be a distraction

This guy is my new hero.

The coming out of NFL prospect Michael Sam has been a huge story the past two days but amid all of the congratulations are the naysayers within the league looking for an excuse not to draft this highly-touted college star.

The say it will be a distraction, will result in too much media scrutiny eye, or so says former NFL coach Herm Edwards in an interview with ESPN.

Former New England Patriot Donte’ Stallworth, in a series of tweets earlier today, absolutely shuts those tired excuses down:

If any NFL team can’t “handle the media coverage” of drafting Sam, then your team is already a loser on the field… let me tell you why… There are a multitude of issues that can arise in the long duration of an NFL season… some on the field, some off the field.

You won’t have any idea what that on the field/off the field situation is until it’s already upon you and the entire organization…Which means that with drafting Michael Sam, you get a jump start on controlling the “media coverage” right from the onset.

If an organization is inept to the magnitude of not being able to control things with prior knowledge, how will you handle the unexpected?

Case Study 1: The Miami Dolphins and the bullying scandal… players talked more about THAT than they did football… for weeks!

During that time I questioned (tweeted) why the Dolphins players were talking more about the scandal than their next opponent….Since the bullying story broke, the Dolphins finished the season 4-4…w/playoff hopes still alive, got spanked by division opp Jets, 20-7

Case Study 2: The New England Patriots and Aaron Hernandez AND Tim Tebow situations…Beyond the state of shock I endured after the revelations of Hernandez, I knew that if ANY organization could handle this, it was the Pats.

This all happened right before training camp where players are supposed to come in w/clear minds in preparation for a long, rigorous season.Not only were there questions about Aaron, but also about the health of Gronkowski and how those two combined affected the team as a whole.

Aaron is still awaiting trial & Gronk played in only 7 games this season…but yet the Pats seemed to avoid those “distractions” altogether. Despite many season ending injuries to key pieces, the Pats finished 12-4 and lost to the Broncos in the AFC title with… ZERO distractions

Not to mention the whole Tebow signing and (alleged subsequent) distraction wasn’t even a blip on most radars… Why? Because Mr. Kraft and Bill Belichick would not allow ANY of that to be a “distraction” to ANYONE in the entire organization…

In my 10 years as an NFL player, I’ve played for 6 different teams & have been in every kind of locker room. Vet, young, mature, immature…he leaders of an NFL organization AND the locker room better be able to handle adversity that is certain to emerge during a long NFL season

In my experience, if your organization can’t “handle media coverage”, they will suck on the field anyway… but hey, there’s always 2015…



Neil Patrick Harris on the process of preparing to play a trans punk rocker in “Hedwig and Angry Inch”

When Neil Patrick Harris begins previews on Broadway in the musical Hedwig and Angry Inch on March 29, he wants to be believable as a transsexual punk rock girl from East Berlin.

It is taking some hard work.

‘I’ve deemed it very important to make sure that I don’t seem uncomfortable in Hedwig’s skin and it’s a skin that’s very unknown to me,’ Harris said over the weekend after being feted at Harvard University’s Hasty Pudding Man of the Year.

‘There’s a period of time when it is incredibly awkward and I can’t let that be conveyed when people are paying good money to see me as someone that doesn’t have that (awkwardness),’ he said. ‘It’s been a markedly uncomfortable last couple of months.’

The actor said he has been spending hours ‘stomping around in custom heels and fishnets and a bra full of tomatoes and a wig … and kind of loving it … a hot mess of a wig given to me by drag queen Willam from RuPaul’s Drag Race.’

Harris is wrapping up 10 seasons on the CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother and transitioning right back to Broadway where he previously starred in Cabaret, Assassins and Proof.

He admits that this is his biggest challenge on stage to date as he choreographs how to hold a hip and how to keep angles.

‘Girls have a lot more angles than guys,’ he said. ‘Guys have it pretty easy – they just get to stand still and straight and square and girls have to cock a shoulder, cock a hip, show some ass. Everything’s rounded a little softer.’

‘As a guy, that’s a tricky thing to wrap my head around.’

But his rehearsal for Hedwig made the antics he had to endure at Harvard fairly easy as he was forced to dress up in a wig, lingerie and red high-heels to accept his award.

‘I felt … comfortable in the wig and heels,’ he said after. ‘I think normally the Man of the Year is supposed to be a little more uncomfortable than I was.’


General Hospital: Catching up with already addicting Lucas Jones gay storyline featuring terrific Ryan Carnes!

I’ve been so Days of Our Lives centric that I did not realize General Hospital’s gay storyline involving Lucas Jones (Ryan Carnes) had been taking off in recent weeks.

I think producers must be buoyed by improved ratings and can see that Days is thriving with a gay storyline. How far we’ve come from when One Life to Live jettisoned all their gay characters abruptly a few years back and still ended up being canceled.

Anyway, let’s hope Days is inspired by General because what I have seen so far with Lucas is far better than what has been going on in Salem with Will and Sonny lately. It just feels edgier and more realistic.

I caught up on all the scenes I could find and I think they are all here. I plan to keep up now and post them for you as soon as they become available.

Ryan, best known previously for Desperate Housewives and the first Eating Out movie, is no longer blond and he gets to show some real acting chops. He. Is. Terrific.

His scenes with his adoptive mom and his bio dad are powerful and he’s so sexy in his scenes with Parry Shen (Brad). Brad is finding himself torn between newcomer Lucas and Felix, a man he’s had feelings for for a long time. Felix is played by the terrific Marc Samuel who I know through doing interviews for his starring role in Hot Guys With Guns.

I’m very excited to see where this triangle goes and major kudos to Ryan Carnes for bringing his A-game to General Hospital and giving me a very good reason to watch!

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Celeb Tweets: Michael Sam Edition [Updated]

  1. FLOTUS ‏@FLOTUS You’re an inspiration to all of us, @MikeSamFootball. We couldn’t be prouder of your courage both on and off the field. -mo

Chelsea Clinton ‏@ChelseaClinton 13h I hope @MikeSamFootball inspires kids across the country to follow their dreams, whatever they may be

Robbie Rogers ‏@robbierogers Very happy for Michael Sam. His courage will inspire millions to live their truth.

Susan Sarandon ‏@SusanSarandon So much respect for @MikeSamFootball. Handsome, talented & brave.
Bette Midler ‏@BetteMidler Michael Sam must be one of the bravest players living. It takes real courage to for come out of the shadows into the light. Welcome.
Alyssa Milano ‏@Alyssa_Milano @MikeSamFootball Bravo! You are a brave soul. You may not realize it yet but your honesty has changed sports forever. Bless you.
Neil Patrick Harris ‏@ActuallyNPH Gay football players rule. #represent

Jesse Tyler Ferguson ‏@jessetyler I’m so inspired by @MikeSamFootball. Breaking new ground on a national platform is so brave. I celebrate his honesty & his pride.
  1. DeionSanders ‏@DeionSanders I applaud Missouri DE @MichaelSamfootball for his bravery & honesty about who he is. I pray he gets a opportunity 2 play the game he loves!
Kevin Zegers ‏@KevinZegers Mad respect to #michaelsam . Anyone who questions the bravery this took is a fool.
    1. Jason Collins ‏@jasoncollins34 For the past 2 days I have met with @MikeSamFootball here in LA. He is a great young man who has shown tremendous courage and leadership

      Lance Bass ‏@LanceBass 2hMikeSamFootball You’re the epitome of a leader! Thanks for showing others how to be a real man.
    1. Brendon Ayanbadejo ‏@brendon310 After getting to know Michael Sam over the course of the last few weeks, I am very impressed with what I learned.

Steve Grand So proud of Michael Sam for being brave and coming out! He could become the NFL’s first openly gay player after this year’s draft!

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Quote of the Day: Thomas Roberts on Michael Sam

Thomas Roberts discussed the coming out of college star Michael Sam on MSNBC’s Morning Joe today and how his going public might impact him being drafted by the NFL:

“If the (NFL) can overlook alleged murderers, wife beaters, and people who don’t pay child support, I don’t think letting in a nice clean-cut gay guy is going to hurt anybody.”

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A behind the scenes look at college football star Michael Sam’s extraordinary coming out party

It has been amazing to watch the reaction to the coming out of college football star Michael Sam who is poised to become the first openly gay player in the NFL.

Of course he’s not officially drafted – yet – but he is so highly-touted that it would be a major embarrassment and indictment of the NFL is no team snatches him up. It’s one thing for the NBA teams to pass on Jason Collins after he came out since he was at the end of his career, but this would be a clear-cut case of discrimination.

Anyway, Outsports’ Cyd Ziegler wrote an exclusive behind-the-scenes story on Michael’s coming out from a PR perspective. How it was in the works for awhile and how it was decided who he would talk to (NY Times and ESPN were settled upon).

The section I thought was the most cool was the party held just two nights ago at the home of PR guru Howard Bragman who is handling Michael’s coming out story.

Here is an excerpt from Cyd’s story on that party:

Saturday night, Bragman held a coming out party for Sam at his home in Los Angeles. It was a powerful collection of guests. Dave Kopay, the gay former NFL running back who blazed a trail when he came out publicly in 1975, was in high spirits. Former NFL players Chris Kluwe, Brendon Ayanbedajo and Wade Davis, plus former Major Leaguer Billy Bean — the former San Diego Padre who came out over a decade ago — had come to lend their support. Outsports’ Jim Buzinski and I were also in attendance.

It was a rare collection of gay people and straight supporters from the sports world that had been assembled for some Chinese food and good wine on Saturday night. Kopay shared stories about Pro Bowler Jerry Smith. Kluwe waxed poetic about our broken governmental system. Davis wore his signature bright sneakers that were a hot topic of conversation.

“The man of the hour,” as Bragman called him, was Sam. His coming out party was the calm before the storm: About a dozen folks gathered in Bragman’s kitchen sharing stories and laughing. It was moving to watch Kopay — the first former NFL player to ever come out publicly — talk with Sam, who in all likelihood will be the first NFL player to be out while active almost 40 years after Kopay’s own historic revelation.

Nearly void from the conversation was any hint of concern. It was refreshing for Barkett and Weiss to see the support. They had been second-guessed by a lot of people who still believe it’s nearly impossible to be gay in the NFL.

Photo caption: From left to right: Wade Davis, Dave Kopay, Michael Sam, Chris Kluwe, Billy Bean, Brendon Anyanbadejo. (Photo by Cyd Zeigler)

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Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry return to “American Idol” as mentors for a boot camp

While some American Idol winners like Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are huge stars, some of the biggest stars have actually not won the competition when they were on the show.

Jennifer Hudson and Clay Aiken for starters.

Then there are two of the biggest stars to ever come out of the show: season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert and season 5 fourth-place finisher Chris Daughtry whose seasons were won by Kris Allen and Taylor Hicks, respectively.

So who better to return to the show this season as mentors than Adam and Chris?

The will appear on the show as part of Idol mentor Randy Jackson’s “Idol Boot Camp.” Their episodes will air beginning Feb. 18 for a special three-night run.


Monday Morning Man: Alex Pietrangelo!

Alexander Pietrangelo is currently in Sochi representing Canada in ice hockey.

His day job is playing for and being alternate captain of the St. Louis Blues of the National Hockey League.

Alexander is just 24 but has been in the NHL since 2008. He was a hot prospect as International Scouting Services described him as a “tremendous specimen in terms of size and skills.”

I like the sound of that!

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“EastSiders” earns six Indie Series Award nomination – including a nod for Van Hansis!

I liked the web series EastSiders so much that even after seeing every single episode online, I still went to an event last year where we got to watch the entire series as a two-hour movie on the big screen.

It is a terrific show and, I hope, finds its way to more episodes.

Anyway, We Love Soaps unveiled the nominations for its 5th Annual Indie Series Awards and EastSiders got six nods including one for Best Ensemble – Drama.

Van Hansis, who we loved so much as Luke Snyder on As the World Turns, once again plays a gay character in Eastsiders and is so good that he is nominated for Best Lead Actor – Drama.

Hope he wins!

In the supporting categories, scene stealer Constance Wu is nominated for Best Supporting Actress – Drama and the delicious Matthew McKelligon (a Greg In Hollywood Morning Man alum) is nominated for Best Supporting Actor – Drama.

The creative force behind the show and its other lead Kit Williamson most certainly deserved a Best Lead Actor nod but will have to settle for Best Director – Drama.

The show’s sixth nod is in the Best Guest Star – Drama category and it is for Traci Lords who was hilarious as the lushy mother of Williamson’s character.

Some of the other nominations are for shows I have not watched but now plans to catch up with – especially Hustling which got nine nods (more than any other show) including one for on of my favorite actors, the sexy Gerald McCullouch for Best Supporting Actor – Drama.

The 5th Annual ISAs will take place on April 2 at the historic El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, hosted by Carolyn Hennesy, who received a nomination in the “Best Guest Star – Comedy” category for her work on Single Siblings.



Football star Michael Sam on fears of gays in locker room: “I think it’s a stereotype … it’s very offensive”

Michael Sam, the first NCAA division one football star to ever come out as gay, knows all about the concerns some NFL players have expressed about being in the locker room with a gay teammate.

“I think it’s a stereotype that gay people are predators,” he tells ESPN. “It’s very offensive.

The University of Missouri grad, considered a top NFL draft pick, says he’s only concerned about playing football.

“(My being gay) shouldn’t matter if I work hard, if I make plays. That’s all that should matter. … Can he help us win games. I can. … I’m happy with who I am – I know how to play the game.”

Michael came out to his teammates last August and they rallied around him.

“Their reaction was awesome and they supported me from day one.”

When asked if coming out publicly was a difficult step, he spoke of an older brother being shot to death, a sister dying in infancy, and two other brothers being in an out of jail since 8th grade.

“Telling the world I’m gay is nothing compared to that,” he said. “I knew I didn’t want to follow that path (of my brothers). I knew I wanted to have some success so my family would be proud of me.”

He also knows the significance of taking this very public step.

“I understand how big this is,” he said, “no one has done it.”

Sam decided to go public now because NFL scouts became aware of him being gay and “I was afraid it would leak out without me being able to tell my own truth.”