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Outfest 2012: Gerald McCullouch on “BearCity 2: the Proposal” which screens on Friday at the Ford

When I saw the first BearCity film at Outfest in 2010, I thought of it as a very hairy Sex and the City as it followed the funny, romantic, and occasionally dramatic adventures of a group of bears and cubs in New York City leading up to a big bear weekend.

We saw an unlikely romance develop between Roger (Gerald McCullouch) and Tyler (Joe Conti) in that first film. The sequel, BearCity 2: The Proposal, has the boys, bears and cubs heading to Provincetown for a Bear Week bachelor party as Roger and Tyler prepare to tie the knot.

It will premiere at Outfest in the coveted Friday night slot at the Ford Ampitheatre.

“I’m really proud of the film,” McCullouch said in an email interview with Greg In Hollywood. “We just previewed for a week in Provincetown during it’s infamous BearWeek and the audiences went crazy. Louder laughter than I’ve heard at a film in a while, and quite a few sniffles as the story progresses.”

Written and directed by Doug Langway, the film features returning cast members include McCullouch, Conti, Stephen Guarino, Brian Keane, Gregory Gunter, Alex Di Dio, and James Martinez, among others. New to the cast are Kathy Najimy, Jason Stuart, Richard Riehle, Aaron Tone and Frank DeCaro.

McCullouch describes himself as being ‘so freakin’ excited’ to have the film debut at Outfest and to be screening outdoor at the Ford. He says the sequel takes place two years after the first film ends.

“Now that gay marriage is legal in NYC, I propose to my young love, Tyler, and we take our furry gang to Provincetown for a wedding weekend during it’s iconic BearWeek,” he says. “All the guys are back and each give amazingly resonant performances and bring a heartwarming and laugh out loud funny story to life. One that I’m sure the fans of the first film will enjoy. I think this second film is in a completely different stratosphere than the first film. But maybe that’s just the producer in me yapping. I came on board to the second film not only as actor but as co-executive producer. So maybe I’m being biased. But I don’t think so.”

Production on the sequel was made easier because of the returning cast as well as returning crew (make-up, producers, gaffers, sound, etc). There was also more pre-production before cast and crew showed up for shooting last September.

“With this second film our budget was much bigger and as we filmed in both Provincetown and New York City – the production as a whole was much bigger than the first,” McCullouch said. “And I think that is reflected in the high production value of the film.”

McCullouch, best known for playing the recurring role of Bobby Dawson on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation for 10 years, initially passed on the role of Roger when it was first offered to him.

“I didn’t think I was really cast-able in the role,” he said. “The confident sexuality was a new terrain for me as far as roles I had been given the opportunity to play in the past, so I had huge concerns. And let’s face it, when you look at me – I ain’t what you’d pin point as a “bear”. But over the process of making these films I’ve learned that the bear community includes the entire animal kingdom: Grizzly Bears and Polar Bears and Panda Bears and Black Bears and Muscle Bears. As well as otters and wolves and silver foxes and gym rats. And on and on. And as Michael Musto said after the premier of the first film, “we’re all part of BearCity.”

The first BearCity film was so well-received by audiences, it is now one of the few gay films to have a sequel.

“I think we found a story and a world as well as a group of guys that haven’t been portrayed before,” McCullouch said. “I think the timing was right and the story and performances supported that timing. I’m not sure any of us expected the film to do as well as it’s done. Or to have the world wide audience and fan base that it does. It’s been a remarkable journey and am so glad I’ve been a part of it. I think we’ll do our viewers proud with the second film.”

Here is a LINK for tickets and more information.



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3 Remarks

  1. Can’t wait to see this.

  2. I finally watch BearCity and thought it was hillarous and funny. The characters Tyler and Roger seem like they would never get together. They wanted each other. You could see it in their eyes when both of them look at each other. I was happy to see that in the end that they found each other.
    Can’t wait to see BearCity2

  3. i like this eposidebearcity roger&tyler i liked it.i am very happy,and see the end,he is a beautiful episode.

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