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Greg on Flickr: chats with Scott Evans and Brett Claywell about their upcoming kiss on “One Life to Live”

It’s so nice when boys kiss on television. Next week, the characters of Kyle and Fish on ABC’s One Life to Live are set to lock lips and I. Can’t. Wait. has just posted a really good Q&A with Scott Evans (Fish) and Brett Claywell (Kyle) about their storyline which has been building up for months.

I’ve pulled out a few highlights for you – go to to read the whole thing.

It’s ironic that Scott, who is out in real life, is playing the character in the closet and Brett, who is straight in real life, is playing the out-and-proud gay character –
SE: I think it’s ironic but some of the dialogue and scenes I’m playing out have happened to real-life people I know, so it’s easy in a way. I’ve seen the struggle up close and personal.
BC: I think the fact that Scott is an out gay man makes the dynamic between us more effective because it’s almost like I’m putting myself in Scott’s shoes, so it allows us to understand each other better.

The characters will share a kiss on August 6. What was it like taping a same-sex smooch?
SE: I don’t think it’s what people are expecting. The kiss comes from a different place. People will just have to wait and see how it plays out.

Were you guys nervous filming the kiss at all? Did you guys have to go out and get drunk the night before?
SE: From the beginning, Brett and I have been friends. He’s extremely easy to work with. Of course, there are nerves, but that happens every day when you come into work. I think we went in with the intent that we’re both professionals –
BC: Throughout this entire process I had to confront a lot of my beliefs in my life, in my acting and my career. I came to realize the job of an actor is to tell the truth of a character truthfully. Whatever emotion you’re supposed to have, whether it’s love, hate, or jealousy, you must honor those emotions. That day wasn’t hard for me because Kyle truly loves Fish. While I’m in that character, that’s what I portray — love for Fish, which is where this upcoming kiss originates. The kiss comes from love not passion.

Scott, do you think you being open about your sexuality inspired the writers to make Fish gay?
SE: I have no idea. Maybe it did. I was hired last year to play [the recurring character of Fish]. At the time, I didn’t think the character had [a long shelf life]. I’m surprised I’m still here, to be honest. I think One Life wanted to tell a gay story and looked at their canvas to see which characters they could tell it with. I don’t know. Maybe me being gay did influence their position, but to me it doesn’t affect me either way.

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One Remark

  1. “It’s ironic that Scott, who is out in real life, is playing the character in the closet and Brett, who is straight in real life, is playing the out-and-proud gay character”

    My understanding of the plot was: since SE is an openly gay already in his true life, a role of a closeted gay given to him with sex experience to a woman and got baby to make him feel or to realize if ever he will turn that way for example and that’s the life would be; and the same for BC since he is straight and if he turns to be a gay that’s the life show to him.

    That’s all I can say, but both actors play very well the roles. Also, they are both handsome. There is one thing I’d really like for SE, his calm and amiable face at all time.


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