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Golf pro Tadd Fujikawa: “I believe that realizing your worth is something that can bring so much light into your life”

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SELF WORTH. SELF LOVE. Over the past couple of years, I've really grown a lot, spirituality and mentally. I've been really working hard on separating my self worth from my successes, failures, and current situations. That has been such a huge step for me. I believe that realizing your worth is something that can bring so much light into your life. However there are still times that I feel something is missing. Like there is still more love, joy, and contentment for me to experience on this journey. I asked myself why I feel this way? I realized that through better dissociating the positive and negative things from my own worth, I haven't allowed myself to enjoy my victories. I can now see that recognizing your victories is just as important as not letting it interfere with how you view yourself; knowing that you are more than enough apart from your accomplishments. Viewing my failures as something I can learn from is something that has helped my growth. But learning how to be proud of, appreciating, and celebrating my accomplishments (of past and present) is something that I still need to improve upon. Knowing that I have lots to refine in myself, sometimes it's difficult to fully accept and love myself in the process of it all. But it also gives me hope going forward that there is room for progress. I believe sharing your thoughts can/will help others going through something similar. So what is something that has helped you to love yourself better? Share your thoughts in the comments (if you want). #smile #professional #golfer #athlete #asian #life #love #selfie #cute #lovewins #home #beautiful #hawaii #oahu #toronto #canada #travel #adventure #inspiration #gay #instagay #gayguy #gayboy #inclusion #lgbtq #advocate #instagram #influencer #picoftheday

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