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Out actor Doug Spearman of “Noah’s Arc” fame writes about what Black History Month means to him Spearman is one of the stars of the Noah’s Arc series and feature film. He’s a talented and very articulate guy who also happens to be a friend of mine.

He has written a wonderful column sharing his feelings about Black History Month that I encourage you to read. Here is an excerpt:

What Black History Month invited me to do, encouraged me to do, and still makes me strive to do is reach way beyond the late-twentieth century comfort zone I was raised in and do something. SOMETHING. Something that matters. Something that makes a difference. Something that helps. The people I learned to honor, revere, and respect were all doers. They changed the world for the better. And every February I think about my frosty teacher and her clipped Yankee voice and I thank her for warming my mind and spirit to possibility. To what I could and would do with my life. To making some humble contribution to Black History.

It’s why as an actor, I chose to be an out, gay Black actor. Doing that, I took a risk; I made a decision that for years people in the entertainment industry considered career suicide. To be black and an actor is hard enough, but to call yourself gay on top of that? Screwed from the gate. But I also realized that nothing changes if nothing changes. Actors, really kids who sit in their rooms and watch TV like I did and dream of doing those things that I saw like I did, wouldn’t do them, might not even attempt them, if someone didn’t at least try to be all that they honestly were. So, I came out. And I’ve managed to have a bit of a career, too. It might be bigger if I’d chosen to be closeted, but then again, it might not.

Here is a LINK to the entire text of Doug’s column.



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  1. That was fantastic and props to Doug for doing it his way, too bad so many actors, singers, etc can’t and won’t, thanks so much for posting it!

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