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Olympic skater Johnny Weir tells The Advocate: “The gay-or-not-gay question has died down”

JOHNNY WEIR MAIN X390 (GETTY IMAGES) | ADVOCATE.COM PETA people, but with all the problems in the world from the disaster in Haiti to our dysfunctional government to the struggling economy, I really don’t give a rat’s ass about whether someone wears fur.

But that’s just me.

Anyway, Johnny Weir has been getting a whole lot of flack because his skating costume included real-life fox fur. So, he’s switching to faux fur. Can we now get on with our lives, please?

Johnny talked to The Advocate about the fur controversy and about being gay, or not, or whatever!

Here are some exceprts:

The Advocate: Johnny, tell us about the latest drama in your life.
Johnny Weir: At U.S. Nationals, I had new costume with a tuft of white fox fur. I thought it was beautiful, and I thought it portrayed perfectly the fallen angel idea I had for my long program. A few days later,I started hearing rumblings that Friends of Animals released a letter that they were pissed, and that they were challenging me not to wear fur anymore. Of course I said that I didn’t accept that challenge. They were using me to get their name out there — it’s Olympics season, and it was a perfect time to latch on to someone. Then they started sending faxes to people in my circle, my costume designer, my agent. I don’t know if they were all from Friends of Animals — there were a lot of explicit [faxes and e-mails] sent. Someone found out my found number, probably from a friend of a friend of a friend, and started harassing me as well.

What were the messages?
Things like “We hope you die, we’re going to piss on your grave, we’d like you to be killed the same way as the fox for your costume.” Lots of things about my death. So I wanted to release an open statement. I didn’t want everyone in the world thinking I went hunting daily for foxes. I’ll change the costume, but it doesn’t change my opinion about wearing fur.

You’ve allowed a camera crew into your life for some time now, and we’ve seen you from many angles. Has the endless attention on your sexuality and your decision not to directly discuss it died down at all?
The gay-or-not-gay question has died down — people got over it. I still feel the same way about it. It doesn’t matter to me if someone is gay, and it doesn’t matter to me as a person what sexuality I put out there. I don’t want them to look of me as white or gay or Whoopi Goldberg or whatever. I want them to see Johnny Weir. Anyway, all the gossip has been all about the fur issue at this point.



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  1. He should come out skating in Drag then see what those idiots have to say…He needs to be who wants to be and they need to accept and keep their traps shut and back off.. He’s there to skate not define his sexuality!! Get over people!!!!!!!

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