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Nolan and Patrick fell out then kissed and made up last night on ABC’s “Revenge”

As a connoisseur of such things, I have to say that last night’s kiss between Nolan and Patrick on ABC’s Revenge was one of the better male make-out scenes we’ve had on network television.

It has a nice build up with Nolan trying to smooth things over with Patrick after going behind his back and saying: “If you want to give me a another chance, come find me.”

Later, Patrick finds Nolan. By the pool. Lips lock. A shirt flies off.

The looks, the caressing. This isn’t Jack on Dawson’s Creek or Will and Sonny on Days of Our Lives.

They are kissing each other like they mean it!

Hat Tip: Towleroad

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7 Remarks

  1. “They are kissing each other like they mean in.”

    Seriously, Greg? Their lips are not even touching. (Replay it to see for yourself.) They kiss each other on the side of the lips, that’s not a real make out kiss. It’s more like two straight guys who are uncomfortable to kiss another man. As a connoisseur of such things, you should know that!

  2. Yeah, seriously. I liked it, thought it was sexy. We clearly see it differently. Now calm down and go kiss someone like you mean it :)

  3. What bothers me most is that in this day and age, straight guys like these actors are still uncomfortable kissing another man on the lips. I’ve kissed a few women in my life when I was in the closet and I enjoyed it. It’s just a kiss. Geez!

    Ps. Love you, Greg. :)

  4. Leo, couples don’t kiss on screen like they kiss in real life because it has to be photographed just right. I’m not going to argue that they kissed on the side of their lips because maybe they did. I would argue that they would have kissed exactly the same with if they were kissing women.

    I have to agree with Greg. This was a very hot scene that didn’t downplay the fact that they were both men. We’ve come a long way since hugs with Ted Denard and shocking kisses on Melrose Place that can’t even show the kisses.

  5. @Tommy: If you had seen the gay kiss on the cable channel for shows like Game of Thrones or True Blood, you will see a very big difference. Anyway, I’d love to see them “really kiss” next time without the dark light or other camera tricks.

  6. October 30th, 2013 at 12:21 pm
    Anthony Williams says:

    I hope that they are not turning Patrick into a negative gay character. I just don’t trust Patrick, since he supposedly punctured the gas line of Conrad’s Lamborghini, but I do admit they make a lovely couple.

  7. @Leo: I’m all for seeing two gay characters really kiss without dark lights or camera tricks. But I don’t think (and this is entirely personal opinion, obviously) that the two straight actors were uncomfortable kissing each other. I think it was more due to direction. Nolan isn’t Will Smith, taking a gay role then refusing to kiss a guy. From interviews I’ve read, he enjoys playing a bisexual.

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