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Neil Patrick Harris schools an ignorant James Woods

FILE UNDER: Controversy


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3 Remarks

  1. This is why I like you Neal Patrick Harris, tell it like it should be said.

  2. I think Neil Patrick Harris is the one that is in the wrong. Like it or not, we all exist in a binary society based on a biological truth that ALL animals are born either male or female. There is no scientific basis for a working thesis of a non-conforming gender class. To my knowledge, raising children in a state of gender fluidity in which children are not held to either gender classification is radically new. I think James’ commentary is slightly skewed by his crass and seemingly judgmental overtones, however, I believe there is legitimacy in his concern. How will a non-conforming child live and grow into a happy and productive adult in a 99.9999% binary society? We know through psychological studies and analysis that oppressing sexuality is dangerous, however, it is still much too soon in the scheme of this new sexual fluidity period in society to outright dismiss concerns as ignorant or homophobic just because homosexuals find it oppressive or gives them closet phobia. I believe there is merit to question raising children in this non-binary manner.

  3. I know this guy have been showing his bigotry since a while ago, but now it seems like he’s losing his marbles. Therefore there is no point to question what cases he knows about children allowed to dress or use makeup (or even allowed to identify entirely as the social gender they perceive themselves) who grew up resented with their parents as to kill them. The other way around though, we have so many cases of traumatized LGBTs people (or even straight people with sexually repressive parents), some even in denial that whether end up hurting themselves or others and/or became hateful people because of the same rejection, ignorance and misunderstand that this guy expresses.

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