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My chat with Perez Hilton about being a dad

I had a chat with Perez Hilton recently about how his life has changed since becoming a dad in February.

I wondered, first of all, if he was getting any sleep.

‘I’m lucky, my baby sleeps a long time already,’ he says. ‘I believe in the universe and I believe the universe gave me the baby I was meant to have.’

‘As a single parent and as a first-time parent, I guess I needed to have an easy baby. I’ve been blessed with an easy baby and I want to have more. Maybe the next one won’t be as easy but now I know what it’s like, what to expect, what to do.’

So how is it juggling fatherhood with doing his popular blog.

‘I’m not juggling, I’m not trying to balance,’ he says. ‘My baby’s the priority. He comes first and then everything else tries to fit into my life and schedule. I’m with him all the time. I work from home and I couldn’t be happier. I give him his bath, I read his book, I give him all his bottles. I’m a fricking good dad!’

Mario Armando Lavandiera III was born February 16 via surrogate mother who was inseminated with a donor egg. He was exactly one month premature and weighed a healthy 5 pounds, 9 ounces.

‘My favorite part is just watching him become more of a person and not just a little creature that sleeps and eats all the time,’ Perez says.

He made a name for himself for snarky doodled remarks about celebrities written on photos and for outing gay celebrities. But Perez has since announced himself reformed telling me last year that he is ‘trying to be more compassionate and understanding and focusing on the positive.’

Whatever the tone, he still works hard at maintaining a media empire that now includes five different blogs and frequent television appearances.

‘I’m a busy lady,’ he jokes. ‘I’m like Beyonce.’

But he’s a lot more flexible with his schedule now.

‘Babies are awesome for so many different reasons but one of the many is it really takes you out of your comfort zones,’ he says. ‘Before I was definitely a creature of habit and do this and that every day. Now it’s “I’ve got to change this, I’ve got to move that.” I love it. It’s really forced me to be more embracing of change. That’s what life is, change every single day.’

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  1. Oh dear God, he has a child? The poor kid doesn’t stand a chance.

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