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My chat with “Hit the Floor” star Adam Senn about the future of Zero and Jude and what lies ahead

So weekend before last, I went to the premiere party at Paramount Studios for season three of VH1′s pro basketball drama Hitting the Floor.

The main reason I went was to chat with Adam Senn who plays a bisexual basketball star named Zero or Brent Antonello who plays a gay sports agent named Jude.

So imagine my disappointment when I found out that neither were in attendance.

Had to console myself by chatting with guest star Billy Baldwin and writer-creator James LaRosa, feasting on delicious food and settling into a comfy seat in the Paramount Theater to watch the first two episodes of the season with cast members and other guests.

Not so bad!

Then last Thursday, I got to chat with Senn on the phone about the upcoming season and he couldn’t have been nicer.

When Zero and his agent Jude last saw each other, Jude was demanding that they have a real relationship and not just a sexual one.

As the third season premieres tonight, viewers will get to catch up with the surprising pair.

‘I can’t of course reveal too much so close to air date but it’s an amazing storyline for sure,’ Senn told me.’Where we left off was Zero revealing his real name with Jude but we have yet to find out if Zero wants to meet Jude’s requirement. That’s going to be the excitement for the season – we will find out if he does.’

While the Jude character has come to terms with the fact that he is in fact gay, Zero appears to be a bisexual who has so far only been willing to have relationships, publicly at least, with women.

The chemistry between the two characters is undeniable whether they are engaged in a passionate love scene, a fight, a tender moment or humorous bickering.

Senn credits that to his rapport with Antonello and a commitment both actors have to the same-sex storyline.

‘He’s not only a working colleague but has become a personal friend. As with any role, no matter the sex, you have to find a relationship with the two characters. Him and I spent a good amount of time together working on the characters and their dynamic and hanging out and being friends in general.

‘Regardless of any actor I’m playing opposite, if there is a love dynamic, you better believe there is a spark and there’s emotion behind it,’ he adds. ‘I’m happy to know that was conveyed to the public. I didn’t know until after and saw all the YouTube videos – a million views. We are just trying to play the two characters to the best of our ability and truly commit.

‘That was my only qualm with that storyline is that it had to be 110 percent commitment or nothing at all, that’s what Brent and I decided on, we decided if we are going to do it we have to fully invest or no one would believe us. These two characters deserve reality.m These two guys share something and we will dig deeper and find out.’

But Zero is complicated and whatever happens with he and Jude, viewers will begin to see what lies beneath the cocky persona.

‘We will see a lot more layers of zero and get an insight into his history,’ Senn promises. ‘I feel he has a bit of sociopathic tendencies and it’s more than likely from past experiences. And so I’d like to see him come to terms with his past and be able to live in the present as himself.’

‘He is complicated. It’s complicated for me to remember who Zero is with each character – he’s a little different with each character in the show.’

Since Zero had relationships with women, the relationship with Jude took viewers by surprise last season.

Senn says reaction to it has been almost universally positive.

‘To be candid, it’s been 98% positive and amazing. You know you are doing your job when someone loves your character and someone hates your character. At least they have feelings. With all the love, there are the few I get hate mail – guys or girls. Girls devastated and guys who are probably homophobic. It’s been a real eye-opening experience for me. I get a little tiny bit of insight into what it must be like to come out.’

He’s well aware that he has gained a lot of gay fans because of the show and the storyline.

‘I’m just as flattered if it’s a guy who gives me a compliment or it’s a girl,’ Senn says. ‘I lived in Chelsea (in New York City) and I got great service – West Hollywood is doing me all right too.’

Senn had been best known as a model prior to the success of Hit the Floor and is happy to be mainly focuses on acting these days.

‘I’ve definitely turned away the modeling stuff a little bit, put that on the back burner. I got into that to pay for my acting school and one took off before the other. I would love to play Zero for another 6-7 seasons – as long as they let me.’

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  1. Last Feb, the show announced that Jonathan Bennett joined the cast for this season. About a week ago, Bennett tweeted out that his character would be a trouble maker for Jude and Zero.

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