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My chat with “Days of Our Lives” star Guy Wilson – he’s rooting for Chandler Massey to win another Emmy

Had my second red carpet interview with Guy Wilson, who plays Will Horton on Days of Our Lives, in less than a month.

But there was still so much to talk about since our last chat!

First of all, the actor who Guy replaced as Will (Chandler Massey) has been nominated for an Emmy for the fourth straight year and will be going for three straight wins next month.

Then there are the impending departures from Days of Allison Sweeney who plays Will’s mom Sami and of James Scott who plays her ex-husband and current fiance EJ DeMira.

“I’ve known about this for a little bit but the show did a good job of keeping it under wraps,’ he said of Scott’s departure which will happen at the end of the summer. The actor has completed his work on the show which films more than three months ahead of airing.

Sweeney had announced her departure several months ago and she will be on the show at least through the end of 2014.

“As an actor I’m sort of sad on a selfish basis because I feel like when I do scenes with Allison Sweeney and James Scott, they bring out the best in me because they are such seasoned, powerful actors. I just love working with them and Iove the storylines that have evolved with them. I will also miss the people themselves – they are wonderful human beings.’

‘That being said, the performer in me is curious about how the void will be filled in terms of the evolving storylines with Will and Sonny and how the DiMeras will evolve going forward.”

Since Guy did not begin appearing as Will until January, he was not eligible for an Emmy nomination but his predecessor Chandler Massey was and snagged his fourth nod.

“We have met, we met back in 2011 and remained friendly acquaintances and then we sort of crossed paths at a party for a mutual friend back in October or November of last years. Charming guy, the sweetest guy. I hope very much to cross paths with him at the Emmys. I’ll be there.”

Is he rooting for the former Will?

“Of course! It’s the Days family. At the end of the day, it comes down to story and Chandler did a wonderful job helping guide this story – the Will and Sonny story forward and I’m indebted to that.”

However, he is “very bummed” that his co-star Freddie Smith (Sonny) did not receive a second consecutive nomination.

“The actors who were nominated I believe all deserved to be nominated so I don’t feel like anyone got robbed in that sense – there’s no one there who doesn’t deserve to be there because they all work so hard. But Freddie has a very soft spot in my heart on-screen and off-screen.”

As far as current developments – the custody battle over Ari and Nick Fallon’s fate, Guy would only say this: “The episodes that are going to be airing over the next three weeks, when we were shooting those episodes, it was some of the most fun acting I’ve ever done for any project. The drama, the turns, the reveals, the clashes.”

“No one is safe,” he adds. “Really exciting stuff is happening. The effects of what happens in the next few weeks are going to be influencing the storyline for the next year – it’s going to be big.”



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22 Remarks

  1. Great interview! Excited to see if Chandler will win again this year. I was bummed too that Freddie was not nominated but there is always next year. Guy Wilson has been doing a wonderful job so far in his portrayal of Will Horton. Excited to see how the story continues.

  2. Guy can continue spilling whatever jargon he wants. That won’t change the fact that he’s a terrible actor.

  3. Chandler Massey not deserve the third Emmy. He was terrible last year. He’s nominated because he has won two Emmys previously.

  4. Chandler deserves that win more than anyone after the way they gave him no notice as to his final day on Days.

  5. I am so happy that Chandler initiate everyone this fourth Emmy nomination. Unfortunately, to me, Guy Wilson’s performance and portrayal of Will Horton is very disappointing. He doesn’t appear to have the quality acting range that Chandler always had to me. Many feel the same way. I will miss seeing Chandler five or six times a month. He has no equal! I wish him success at all future endeavors because I know he will do well!

  6. I think that Guy Wilson has done a fabulous job stepping in for Will when Chandler left. Guy & Freddie have clicked since Day One, and that goes to show you that when they hired Guy, they knew they had signed a seasoned actor. And it was at the proper time due to the storyline. It would have been odd for Guy to step in at the wedding ceremony. We had to get to know him first.
    However, I am scratching my head with all of the other changes going on -EJ, Sami, Gabi – all going, and then the replacement for Ben. It should be a very interesting day drama the rest of the year as these changes take place. I just hope nothing is going on behind the scenes that are creating these significant turnovers. I love Days and all of the actors. And I hope they repeat as a Emmy winner- Best Day Drama.

  7. How many interviews is this now? Who cares what he thinks? He is like a kid is a candy store in every story and attending all events. I want good acting -not self promotion and telling me his opinion.Please spent this time practising as I havent seen a scene yet he hasnt look pained or looking out of his depth. Practise your acting please to match your cast. He may have his DELUDED fan girls (girls is a very loose term!)stroking his ego with his mediocre performances but the bottom line is TPTB got it wrong and they should have hired him in the promotion department where he excells. Fabulous job no!! Btw not a fanlady/man of any actor/actress just want to watch good acting and stories.I liked the story of Will’s coming out and was looking forward to more grittier stories (days writers please!)
    Soap acting is hard and fast paced so I understand it doesnt suit everyone. I know they wont recast with all that is going on(as well as admitting they got it wrong) but man it is painful to watch especially when he is being outclassed even by the baby twins!

  8. I find “helping guide this story… forward” a bit of an understatement. Alongside the writers and Freddie Smith, Chandler Massey was of paramount importance to the coming out story first, and the Will and Sonny story later. He led the way in making the character of Will Horton what it was when Guy Wilson took over. And that won him 4 consecutive Daytime Emmy nominations and two wins (three if he wins this year). So, in my opinion, he did something more than “helping guide” the story.

  9. Chandler absolutely deserves this Emmy nomination. His work last year was exceptional like always. While I was initially hopeful that Chandlers recast would work out well at Days and with Freddie, sadly it doesn’t appear as though that will be the case. I keep waiting for Guys acting to improve, the more time he has on air, but That doesn’t seem to be the case. Chandler was able to portray so many ranges of emotion and feeling with any one he was acting with. I do not know what character Guy is trying to portray, but it isn’t Will Horton, and their really doesn’t seem to be any on screen chemistry with Freddie or any other actor on the show. With this disappointing recast and with Alison and James also leaving, Days has lost a viewer. So I wish much good luck to Chandler on his hopeful third Emmy win!

  10. Wow. People need to grow up. You are still bitter that Guy took over the role. Guy is doing great. I’m not saying he’s the best actor, he could improve, but that takes time. Just like when Chandler had to learn as well.

    Freddie should have been nominated as well.

  11. I agree with those disappointed with Guy Wilson’s acting. It’s painful to watch him. He has zero chemistry with Freddie Smith and even Freddie’s portrayal of Sonny has suffered because of it. Guy has done more interviews and public appearances in four months than Chandler, Freddie or Chandler & Freddie did in three years. The Days PR machine is in overdrive trying to convince WilSon fans that they’re choice of recast is perfect. Very few are buying it. He’s not Will. Sure, I miss Chandler and would love to have him back. A miracle aside, that’s not going to happen. I am; however, still holding out hope that Guy will soon be replaced himself — by an actor who can actually act and has some chemistry with Freddie.

  12. I always hated Chandler Massey as Will Horton , terrible actor , always grinning like an idiot . He doesn’t deserve his nomination at all , he’s nominated for looking bored most of the season …. Blake Berris should have been nominated , he got robbed !
    Guy Wilson is doing a great job , he actually made me like Will !

  13. Guy Wilson is doing an amazing job and seems like such a sweetheart , so respectful of his co-stars , really love him as Will Horton .
    Reading the comments i can see that the Chandler Massey fangirls still haven’t grow up and are still waiting for any Guy Wilson interview to spew their hate … Pathetic ! CM wanted to leave and i’m glad he did because he looked bored last season , he chose to go back to school and to focus on his music , good for him !

  14. Great interview ! Guy Wilson actually made me like Will Horton ! And that was a challenge because i could not stand this character .
    Keep up the good work Guy :)

  15. I loved that interview , what Guy said about Freddie was really sweet :)
    I had the chance to meet him and he is the nicest guy ( no pun intended lol ) , i love him as Will and wish him success and happiness because he deserves it .

  16. Chandler didn’t do his best work during his last few months of filming but he didn’t look “bored” the entire year. He grinned a lot when it didn’t seem to fit the scene but most of the time I felt that was his way of showing Will’s insecurities. For the most part, he gave a phenomenal performance as Will for four years as has the Emmy nominations and two wins (thus far) to prove it. I don’t expect he will win again because, as I mentioned, he didn’t do his best work in his final year and because I can’t imagine TPTB will allow a third (and historical) win. That said, Chandler gave a better performance unconcious in a hospital bed than Guy has given in any of his scenes to date. Perhaps with some of the bigger, and no doubtedly higher paid, actors leaving the show, the Days budget will allow them to pay Chandler enough to return. Also, it’s not spewing hate to criticize an actor’s skills. I will refrain from commenting on Guy’s overall acting ability but I will say that he’s terrible in the role of Will Horton. Those who think he’s doing an amazing job baffle me.

  17. Chandler Massey’s acting was always painful to watch , his 2 emmys don’t mean anything to me , they give people awards for looking cute nowadays … I’m so glad he left :) I’m really happy Freddie Smith has finally a co-star that gives him something to work with .
    Guy and Freddie have so much chemistry , the Wilson intimate scenes are so passionate now , they finally act like a real SOAP couple , love it !

  18. Think Chandler Massey definitely deserved his latest nomination. Was disappointed that Freddie Smith was not also recognized. Speaking for myself, it is not “sour grapes” that have made me bitter but the treatment that I have heard Massey received which predated his untimely departure.

  19. 2nd comment ever! This is fun. Not a fan girl/boy/lady/sad loser.Sorry Guy being nice and saying the right things doesnt improve his acting and that what he is paid to do! Sure the previous Will wasnt on fire in the latter part of his time on Days but he could act and had screen presence★★★★ (even lying in a coma!). Not all actors are on point in soaps with the time available and pace they shoot scenes. I didnt enjoy some of the acting in the Sammi and EJ dream scene a few weeks ago but they can act and command the screen and make me want to watch.★★★★
    Guy needs time and he will get better some say …He is a supposed seasoned actor not a teenager out of school so he should be better than he is! Yes he has a nice body and loves his fans and is excited by all of it, but his Will is not interesting and has little range of emotions.
    But this will not change the views of the the fan girls/sad losers/stalkers who loved him before even seeing him act.
    The shame is his character will(Will) get even more sidelined and the really sad part is his BFF Freddie Smith is the real loser here with no storyline and a collegue not in his league. I cant see him staying if it is all about acting and story. Shame on TPTB! Sorry only being honest♡

  20. Yes. WilSon chemistry is much improved with Guy over Chandler. However, that is the only positive when it comes to GW. The majority of his performances are flat and lacking in emotion. Last week, the show’s writers wrote two short but meaty scenes for Will. Guy was terrible in one and just ok in another. If Chandler was still in the role everybody would have been talking emmy.

  21. I completely disagree that Guy has better chemistry with Freddie. If you can’t act, you can’t have good chemistry. It seems everyone is only thinking of Chandler’s performance toward the end of his time on the show. Prior to that, there was nearly three years of storyline where Chandler & Freddie’s chemistry practically jumped off the screen. I don’t see any chemistry between Freddie & Guy. They aren’t casually affectionate with each other the way Chandler & Freddie were constantly. There’s no tenderness. Their scenes are flat because of Guy’s poor acting. WilSon is not nearly as popular with Guy in the role and the reasons are obvious. It’s also obvious why Chandler is the most missed daytime actor practically every week in the poll.

  22. Geez, can we please stop all this nonsense PR over this dude?!.. Ridiculous how after 4 months it’s still all about him. So much so that Freddie is being outvoted by this one and even ignored by the EMMYs. Pathetic. G Wilson is never going to get to the standard that Chandler was at. DAYS is bleeding out with one actor/actress leaving after another (Casey, Blake, James, Alison, the twin boys, Camila.. and Chandler who they fired). It’s a sinking ship and TPTB have only themselves to blame with their weak and ignorant decisions. Recasting Will when they did, was the worst decision in soap history.

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