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My chat with 2015 Daytime Emmy nominee Freddie Smith of NBC’s “Days of Our Lives”

Note: This interview took place before reports surfaced that Freddie Smith had completed filming scenes on Days of Our Lives which tapes as many as five months ahead of airing. Neither he or NBC have confirmed or denied the reports.

Freddie Smith has been killing it in recent months on NBC’s Days of Our Lives as his character of Sonny Kiriakis has survived a near fatal stabbing and found out his husband slept with his ex-boyfriend, Paul.

Smith has displayed controlled rage, devastation and so many other emotions so effectively. Those dark eyes say so much and no matter the situation, Smith never overacts. He stays true to his character’s inner-calm.

But Will’s antics have, at times, sent Sonny over the edge.

‘Any time you can yell at your co-stars I think it’s exciting,’ Smith told me when we chatted last month at the GLAAD Media Awards. ‘There’s a lot going on in our marriage and we’ve got to patch it up if we ever want to last. And Paul’s back in the picture.’

With so much drama to play, it’s no surprise that Smith is up for a Daytime Emmy tonight (his second nomination overall) in the Outstanding Younger Actor category.

Says Smith: ‘In the four years I’ve had a roller coaster of things that I was able to play from the first kiss with Will to falling in love with your best friend to the wedding and now to it falling apart and learning about Sonny’s past with his ex Paul. I’ve had a lot of different things to play and it’s been fun.’

The material has called for Smith to share many emotional scenes with Guy Wilson (Will Horton) and Christopher Sean (Paul Narita) with things getting even more complicated with the revelation that Paul is the biological son on Will’s step-grandfather John Black.

‘We’ve built chemistry off set and we each kind of have our own thing which also comes into our characters,’ Smith says. ‘I feel like when I look at Christopher I can see that love that we once had but I’ve also been on this huge journey with Guy on and off set. It brings it into our characters. So there are two dynamic things on and off set.’

Will’s insecurity has reared its head because he fears Sonny will want to reunite with Paul who has never stopped loving him.

‘I’m just glad to be in the middle of it,’ he says. ‘In real life, no. But on the show I’m happy to be in the middle of it.’

So who does Smith ultimately want to see Sonny end up with?

‘I can’t say who I’d like but you know, we’ll see,’ he says.

Then Smith really teases us when I asked if three or four months down the road, are we still going to be as riveted by these three?

‘Three might be the wrong number.’

Stay tuned!

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2 Remarks

  1. Freddie is such a good actor that I hate to think he left the show to sell Nerium full time. I wonder if he’s taking April and May off from the show to take the Ohio drunk driving course that’s part of his sentence, and to speak at the Ashtabula high schools about the dangers of drunk driving.

  2. FREDDIE WON THE EMMY!!!! Freddie and Chandler both have Emmy’s for their roles, I am so happy for them.

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