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My chat w/Guy Wilson of “Days of Our Lives” about changes in Will and those steamy bed scenes

In recent months on NBC’s Days of Our Lives, the character of Will Horton has cheated on his husband, Sonny Kiriakis, and is now trying to blackmail the mother of Paul Narita, the man he slept with who also happens to be his husband’s ex.

Will also had the nerve to suggest that since Sonny had previously proposed to Paul, he was simply in a rush to marry anybody.

It’s a real turn for Will who viewers came to adore as he struggled with being gay and eventually came out to all of Salem and fell in love with Sonny.

Guy Wilson stepped into the role of Will in early 2014, replacing the popular Chandler Massey who played the role for four years.

I recently had a nice chat with Guy about the evolution of his character, about the love scenes between he and Freddie Smith (Sonny) and Christopher Sean (Paul), and a bit about his predecessor Massey.

Q. Your character is really in the thick of it right now and testing us with his infidelity and his reaction to Sonny previously having with Paul. What was it like filming all of those confrontation scenes?
A. As a performer, it was immeasurably fun to really use some dark terrible things that enabled Freddie Smith and I to go places with our characters where we hadn’t gone before. So now we have this level of strife and conflict. Sonny and Will have had their conflicts before but for them to be so engaged against each other, it’s new territory for us as actors as well as the characters. This was really a turning point for us in how we were able to really define the relationship of Sonny and Will. Moving forward, there’s going to be a new dimension that can’t be taken away. Sonny and Will have now gone to this dark area that no relationship is immune to, gay or straight it doesn’t matter because these things happen, it’s another way to make this relationship even more fully fleshed out – much more true to life.’

Q. What was it like filming the scenes in the hotel room between Will and Paul. You guys were hot together.
A. Thank you, that is the greatest compliment. What was interesting was that in doing a lot of the lovemaking scenes with Freddie, because the characters of Sonny and Will were in love, it’s so easy and kind of comes naturally – especially since Freddie and I have a natural rapport. But doing these scenes with Christopher Sean, they more or less come from a primal place of lust. As a straight man, I had to really approach it in a different way. I realize this is a different relationship than what Will has with Sonny so what Freddie and I do to prepare for those scenes is completely different. So for Christopher Sean and I to get ready to do these very lusty sexual scenes, it was coming from a place that I had never come from before as a professional performer. We were insecure about it coming off as authentic and that it would be believable because it’s just different for us in terms of how we live our lives. Now that it;s all been done, it’s fun and I can look back and think, “I did that, I’m proud of that.” And now, it informs even more who the character is’

Q. You’re kind of seen as a villain now and we’re not used to that with Will because he’s been sort of beloved. Sure he got Gabi pregnant but we sort of forgave him. The fans are so opinionated about this.
A. It makes sense for Will to go this route when you take into consideration who his mother is. He’s very much Sami Brady’s son. The void left by EJ DeMira and Sami, it makes sense that Will would, in times of crisis, evolve into a villain. But he does not think of himself as a villain. He thinks of himself now and moving forward as having to protect what’s his. Now that his marriage is in jeopardy, he’ll do whatever it takes,

Q. And this evolution for Will has happened since you took over for Chandler Massey who played Will right up to shortly before Will and Sonny got married.
A. What Chandler had the privilege of doing and what he handled so wonderfully well was the coming out story and he really took Will into that place and he did a great job with it. I can’t make Will gay again. So now to have this new benchmark in Will’s life and in his development, I’m very excited to be able to have something like this that I can help guide Will into the next stage of his life. Will is a very important character, he’s been around for a generation. So now, as it relates to the fans, I’m getting a lot of heat but really what matters to me is that people are still watching the show and still feeling connected and having an emotional response whether it’s positive or negative – it just means they’re watching the story. No matter how bad Will is, it enables other people to do good things. You see a lot of new things come from Sonny and from Paul. I’m excited that there are these momentous life moments happening for Will now that he’s a young adult – he’s no longer a boy.’

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27 Remarks

  1. I think Guy is a great actor who has done a very good job with Will over all. Sure, he’s had a few missteps here & there, but no one’s perfect. One thing that really impresses me is that he interviews so well. To me it seems that he’s better able to relate his work to his character, his show and his profession than Chandler was. I don’t know and I won’t judge whether this is because Guy understands these matters better or whether this is because he can articulate his ideas better. As far as I know Guy has attended formal acting school, but not a general college or university.

    There is some speculation that NBC will not renew DOOL past the current contract date which is sometime in 2016. I hope that’s not true, but if it is then I hope Guy will stay until the end, and I would wish all the cast the best of luck for the future.

  2. Let’s think with our brains here and not our …..I think Guy seems a great guy, he talks very well, is keen and understands the character but, and this is a big BUT, his acting is stilted and his emotions are all over the place. The OTT response to the slap and his delivery in most scenes are examples of limited acting He is out acted in every scene which is a shame because at least this storyline is interesting (seems to be the only decent story at Days at the moment ), but up against adrienne, sonny and Christopher everyone nearly his performance is very weak.I can’t for the life of me see why they haven’t recasted him, Paige, Ben etc…ALSO DAYS HAS SOME GREAT TALENT – THAT HAVE NO STORYLINES.

  3. Eddie’s “speculation” is only repeating online rumors, which have no basis. Days has been renewed through September 2016 and NBC and Sony are totally behind the show, which is immensely popular internationally. Days recently changed head writers as most soaps do to keep up the creativity. Days is the only NBC daytime program beyond the Today show and the network makes a lot of money off the show. Soap Opera Digest has just released a special edition commemorating Days’ 50th Anniversary and a slew of former cast members are coming back this year to pay tribute. Soaps like Days have an extremely loyal fan base and will continue to thrive even as fans watch on different media platforms. The storylines and fan interaction during this 50th Anniversary year will be an impetus to gaining renewals at least through this decade.

  4. Couldn’t agree with Sam more. This story line would be so much better with an actor that could actually act. Guy WilSon doesn’t know how to act any emotion at all. Love, fear, anger, sad, he portrays them all the same as he reads off his lines. Why has he not been replaced by an actual actor that can actually act in this role?

  5. I admit that in the beginning, Guy had great difficulty showing emotion, but he has improved over the year. Guy has been doing a fabulous job in this storyline.

  6. Here’s the thing Kathy,you are speaking as if your opinion is the only one that matters. As if you are some sort of an expert instead of an average viewer like the rest of us. Well here’s something for you, your opinion is only your own and counts really for nothing other than to show what kind of a person you are to leave a troll like comment at a public web page. You see I like Guy Wilson as Will Horton, a whole lot better than his predecessor who gave up even trying to act like he wanted his job six months before he was off the air. And yes it is only my opinion and only counts for me…for every negative there is a positive. I think Guy shows range and varied emotions and as I said, I like him and the chemistry he has with both Freddie and Christopher. How nice of you to want someone fired because you dislike them. Hope some one never wants you fired from your job just because they don’t like you.

  7. March 20th, 2015 at 4:14 am
    Never4Ever says:

    I have to agree with Sam and Kathy yes Guy comes across well in interviews he’s articulate and animated. It’s a shame that it doesn’t translate to his acting. I’ve nothing against him personally but Dool really needs to rethink their casting for Will. I don’t see any chemistry with any of the other actors/actresses. The rapport and bond Will had with Marlene especially is no longer visible. The days facebook page is just filled with calls to recast in fact it’s on nearly every site blog page you come across. I think it’s time TPTB sit up and take notice. Wilson just isn’t as popular as it was in the era of Massey/Smith. I don’t want Massey back just an actor that can portray diverse emotions and doesn’t look or sound like an amatuer in a school play.

  8. Fire guy WilSon immediately.

  9. I love Guy Wilson in the role as Will. We are now seeing the darker side of Will with his encounters with Tori – great acting! He was also great in his encounters with Paul. Loved how Paul pulled him in like a cowboy roping a steer. For the longest time, we had the pleasure of seeing these two lovebirds standing up to any problems – family or business. Now here comes Paul, and all hell breaks loose.
    Great drama! Thank You Days!

  10. Encounters with Tori- this is another example of limited acting on both actors parts . painful to watch those scenes. The character of Will has changed I am fine with that as nice can be boring and soap needs conflict but his emotions and delivery is all over the place. Up against FS and the delightful CS ( casting got this right) his limitations stand out. Will being underhand ,snarky , desperate, paranoid is interesting but it requires an good actor that can carry this main story. GW might be the nicest man on planet earth but he is not up to the role. But then Days does have a stupid elephant story going on and on, Jennifer running around sorting out dating teenagers, JJ becoming a wimpy and beige (why is she still there?) And T not even on screen so should I be surprised he is still there?

  11. Guy wilson has been doing a fantastic job and he deserves all the love and respect that is his due.People saying Will’s character needs to be recast as they THINK Guy doesn’t act well..I wanna just say. .NEWSFLASH!! Guy is here to stay. He is doing an awesome job and if you all don’t like then stop watching. Go back and keep watching old videos of chandler and leave Guy alone.

  12. Guy has been doing an amazing job, much better than mister laugh awkwardly after every single line that had the role before him, who was just a pain watch, since he lacked chemistry with just about everyone on the show.

    The producers made the right call with having Guy take over the role, he’s brought actual talent to the portrayal of the role, he’s brought maturity and debth, something the character has lacked for years. It’s lovely to see his natural on and off screen with his co-stars, Freddie and Christopher in particular.

    To those of you who have nothing better to do than to hate on him on all social media platforms, on his colleagues social media sites and the likes, it says more about you than it does about Guy. Also just a fact, the producers love him, as do all his colleagues, so he’s there to stay until he decides to leave the show, at which time the character of Will Horton will leave Salem.

    Guy has done more to promote this storyline and the show as a whole in the time he’s been hired than his predecessor ever bothered to do. It’s a joy to see Guy being so passionate about the job he was hired to do and it’s refreshing knowing that he, unlike his predecessor, doesn’t take himself too seriously, thinking he’s better than everyone else.
    Staying humble is what will get him far in life, the predecessor became arrogant thinking he was more important than the story he was hired to tell, which showed clearly in his horrific and lazy acting in the last months he was on the show.

    Thank you Guy for being a mature, humble, talented and down to earth person, who is thankful for the opportunities you are given. Know that your true fans are always behind you and pay no attention to the simpletons who hate for the sake of hating, though I and all your fans know you don’t pay attention to the haters, nor do any people at Days.

    Looking forward to seeing what more we will be seeing from you, Freddie and Christopher on days these next many months.

  13. Excellent performances by Guy Wilson. He has made the role of Will Horton his own.

    I look forward to seeing his evolution. He is Sami’s son, as well as Lucas’s, and I can see Will easily forgiven when he admits fault — Sami could be hated, but she was very easy to love. I see Will following that line — a character we love, who is easily forgiven, especially since he does want to be a good guy even when he screws up.

  14. Chandler Massey gave up in early 2012. It was like he was excited to do the coming out story and was excellent w/Diedre Hall but when Will finally got a relationship it was like the end of CM’s wonderful acting. The only time he acknowledged the show or storyline was when he was winning emmy’s for petesake. I know I sound harsh but I was a huge CM fan and I never knew if it was HIM distancing himself or his bs Pr. I kinda reckon Guy to DrakeH, not the absolute strongest actor but his charisma, personality, enthusiasm, and chemistry with Freddie is what makes him great! You go Guy!!

  15. March 24th, 2015 at 6:58 pm
    Debralynn34 says:

    I have watched days of our lives everyday since I was a child with my mother & I still do (not as much with mom but periodically with her) so I have seen many great actors & characters come & go. Guy Wilson is NOT one of those great actors & he has taken fan favorite Will Horton down with him. All over the internet are these same comments with people begging the Days executives to please recast him before he ruins the Will Horton character for good. I went from always being excited when “Will” was on screen w a great storyline to now fast forwarding through all his scenes which is a shame because Freddie (Sonny) & Christopher (Paul) are great actors who do not over act every line the way that Guy Wilson does. Days has many long time loyal fans who felt the loss of losing the Sami & Ej storylines but still stuck with them so please start reading our comments & RECAST The Will Horton character!!!

  16. Please of the love of God recast Will Horton, Guy just doesn’t cut it. He’s not a good actor, I cringe at his scenes he’s seems so fake like he’s reading off the script. Completely void of emotions, his bad acting became even more evident when Christopher Sean (Paul) came to town. The chemistry is so much better between Sonny and Paul because they can act ! I loved Wilson but now I just can’t ship them anymore, the magic is gone. I’m now shipping Paul and Sonny please don’t get me wrong the way Will is written now is not the issue. He is Sami’s son he’s gonna have a mean side, its Guy Wilson that’s the problem. He’s not a very good actor, listen to your fans, recast please !

  17. I have nothing personal against Guy Wilson but as a long times Days fam who has seen many Wills, I am not connecting with him on any level. I think Days is taking a huge gamble making him play such a central role when there are very similar views about his acting capacity in these difficult scenes and storyline . It’s challenging for me to watch and I am cheering for Sonny and Paul.

  18. It doesn’t help the character of will is so unlikable it isn’t even funny, or that the actor delivers all his lines in this monotone bored voice. I feel nothing from him, he has no chemistry with anyone, and unlike his mother I don’t feel any motivation behind his actions other than to be a complete jerk. the character is awful, simply awful. After yesterday’s show where he called Tori names and provoked paul into hitting him, which he deserved, then lied to sonny; there is no fixing this character.

  19. I’m sorry, but I cannot stand Guy Wilson. I haven’t liked him since his very first episode. I’m 29 and have watched Days my whole life, and I honestly cannot recall an actor that I have disliked more than him. And no, it’s not the gay storyline I don’t like. It’s Guy. I love the characters of Sonny and Paul, and even though Freddie Smith is leaving the show I find myself hoping he and Paul can work things out, and get back together. My problem is the way the character of Will is played by Guy. That’s not all on him though. The writer’s have definitely not made it easy for me to like him. A recast is hard enough to swallow without the writer’s immediately turning the character into a whiny, unlikeable turd. I’m sure Guy is a nice person and all, but he’ll never be Will to me.

  20. I used to LOVE Will and Sonny when it was Chandler Massey. They were a great couple and everyone loved seeing them together. I COMPLETELY agree that Guy Wilson is the wrong person for the role of Will. I, too, cringe and cannot stand ANY scene that he is in. I now want Sonny to leave Will because I do not like the character at all. They have ruined a once great couple by bringing GUY WILSON in. I think his acting is terrible. Please, Please make his character leave town too when Sonny leaves the show. I find every scene with him so hard to watch. Bring back Chandler Massey ANY DAY.

  21. July 2nd, 2015 at 3:41 pm
    J Corbett says:

    It seems like the cast of DOOL could buy this character – Will Horton some new clothes. He dresses like a 16 year old and has the sex appeal of a fly. He is soooo very boring and has no sexual appeal at all. He must have to pay guys to sleep with him.

  22. I totally agree with John when he said CM laugh after each line. It’s true, I thought I was the only one that notice that. Guy is doing a Great job as Will Horton, some people just don’t like to see change. Like Guy Wilson said he can’t do the coming out story again the story is moving forward. To me the imitate scenes between CM and FS were boring and you could tell that. Guy does a terrific job all away around with the imitate scenes. Haters are going to hate, but Guy will have a good career and as his star rise all the haters will eat their words. Guy Wilson does do interviews really well.

  23. This article’s title is about the hot love scene between Will and Paul. And the commenters want Chandler back? For that scene? As much as his range of acting goes, I have to disrespectfully say it stops there. I always cringe when the Chandler’s Will is ‘making love’ or even kissing. I always felt he was holding back with his intimate scenes with Freddie. Sorry, I prefer Guy.

  24. To the posters who like Guy what the h*ll have you been smoking? Are you nuts? He is TERRIBLE. Even other sites are coming out and saying the re-cast is a failure and Guy is really bad. Chandler OWNED that role. As for CM “stalling” in 2012, the character of Will had just come out but his entire life was still in pieces, not put back together yet. WilSon USED to be the #1 favorite couple when Chandler was playing Will. Since he left, not only is WilSon not #1 anymore, they’re off the list. And I’m not talking about a site that’s biased – I’m talking about the industry sites who track who is popular, who has the fan backing, etc. The chemistry between Chandler and freddie was something we hadn’t seen since Steve and Kayla. The demise of WilSon is very telling on freddie, too, not being able to keep it afloat. As for the Emmy win, it was a long-held belief that it was a pity nomination and a pity win b/c of his girlfriend’s injuries from that accident. Guy better than Chandler? I could never get drunk enough to see that.

  25. I think all the haters are bulling Guy Wilson. Because you don’t like an actor I still don’t think you should bully them on Social Media. I have watched the beginning of Sonny and Will and it’s a lot of things about Chandler acting that I didn’t like, but did I go all over Social Media and bully him no. I know people can like and dislike who they want but when you attack an actor on Social Media I just think it’s a terrible thing. The chemistry between Freddie and Chandler wasn’t that great if you ask me. Now the chemistry between Guy and Freddie is fantastic. Guy and Freddie hang out together outside of work as well. I have no problem with you liking Chandler as your favorite for Will but don’t tear down Guy to do it. We that love Guy don’t have to be smoking anything he’s very easy to like and look at and he’s a very sexy man

  26. I liked Chandler Massey and Guy Wilson as Will.I think it is getting pretty crazy you have Chandler Massey fans bullying Guy Wilson cand you got Guy Wilson fans bullying Chandler Massey I think everyone needs to grow up.Chandler and Guy are amazing actors.

  27. Word’s out Will dies. This has been a strong beautiful story line. There are hundreds of directions the story can take with out killing off these characters. Sounds like homophobe Hollywood is kicking the guys off the show

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