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Morning Round-Up: Tom Ford; Will & Grace shakes; Aussie gay marriage vote; Chris Crocker

Fashion designer Tom Ford says sleeping with men ‘doesn’t make you gay’ Pink News

Christian couple removes their kids after school allowed trans girls to wear a skirt Gay Star News

Shake Shack Announces New “Will & Grace”-Inspired Shakes NewNBextNow

Thousands Rally in Support of Australia Gay Marriage as Polls Narrow Towleroad

It’s Been 10 Years Since Chris Crocker Told The World To ‘Leave Britney Alone!’ HuffPost

California Assembly Votes to Repeal HIV Crime Laws HIV Plus

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5 Remarks

  1. Anyone that knows me will attest to how much I love and admire Mr Ford. He is just about the perfect man IMHO but pains me as it does I have to disagree with him. Sleeping with another man if you’re straight makes you a little bi or gay.

    Curious to hear what others think.

  2. I want to scream and cry at Chris Crocker to leave me alone! (i.e.: get out of the public sphere please! The worst of what gay guys have to offer all rolled up into one person. If he’d get into a relationship with Johnny Weir I think they’d cause some kind of explosion if they touched.)

    Tom Ford: Have had a crush on that man since I first saw him. I imagine he’s a horrible person to be around but he’s still pretty hot as he gets older!

  3. @Chip-Why would you think Tom is a horrible person to be around?

  4. FAEN, I believe there are some men who engage in homosexual acts with other men and are not necessarily gay or even bisexual.

    Some straight men enjoy having their wives or girlfriends getting screwed by another male (dominant) and then submitting to the man screwing his wife by performing oral sex on him in an act of submission. Is it a homosexual act? Absolutely, but they have no desire to perform that act outside of that situation because it isn’t about being attracted to the male. It’s about submission to the dominant male who is pleasuring the wife/girlfriend. I guess you could label that bisexual, but this type of guy is not attracted to other men outside of that act. They are not attracted to men in the sense that a gay man is. These men don’t look at other men as attractive or as potential love interests. Saying all that, it doesn’t mean that all men who engage in cuckolding are not bisexual. Some admit they are and enjoy men outside of their marriage/primary relationship to their wife.

    There are also situations where a man is in prison and may sleep with another man for survival or just the need to be in contact. Once they leave that environment they won’t necessarily continue that sexual behavior. I do believe that when you engage in sexual activity you are committing either a homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual act on a technical level, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are what you do.

    There are some men who married women to go along with what society expects and discover they are gay or already knew they were and just went along for what they think they needed to do. When they come out as gay, do we challenge them and say because they had sex with a woman (their wife) that he’s straight or at least bisexual? No. There are gay men who were/are married to women who are completely homosexual (gay).

    Anyway, from my own experience and reading about the subject, I do believe that it’s possible to engage in homosexual sex and not be gay or bi. That is just my opinion of course.

  5. FAEN, I’ve read enough over the years to feel like maybe he’s just a big personality that can be quite difficult. That’s nothing against him or his talent in the big picture.

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