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Morning Round-Up: Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper friendship over; Houston; Trump wrong; Bigoted baker

Kathy Griffin Admits Her Friendship With Anderson Cooper Is Over HuffPost

Houston’s ‘Montrose Center’ Sets Up LGBTQ Disaster Relief Fund for Hurricane Harvey Victims Towleroad

Trump Inaccurately Claims Obama Pardoned Chelsea Manning The Advocate

‘90210’ Star Claims Airline Discriminated Against Her Gay Friends HuffPost

Christian baker who turned away lesbian couple is ‘really hurt’ by the backlash Gay Star News

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6 Remarks

  1. “Christian baker who turned away lesbian couple is ‘really hurt’ by the backlash”

    ..AWWW ya poor things…. my heart bleeds for ya and yer business…NOT!

  2. Xtian baker looking to make some coin on the Martyr circuit.

  3. I’m sad that Anderson and Kathy aren’t friends anymore.

  4. Kathy’s better off without Anderson’s friendship. She doesn’t need “friends” like that.

  5. Kathy Gtiffin will have the last laugh yet. Good for her. Anderson Cooper is a prick.

  6. Boo boo… Nobody loves me. I am a complete victim of circumstances. I’m totally misunderstood by the mean masses and my extremely visible professional journalist friend turned his back on me. She is a complete idiot. I guess her parents failed to teach her to think before you speak or act. She is to blame for her mess. If anything, she should still be begging Anderson to acknowledge her crazy. Here is a highly visible gay professional with one of the most important media positions in America. How can she think he should in any way be associated with her crazy and still have a legitimate podium to preach his ultra left wing agenda? She shouldn’t even be allowed to speak his name. Turn on Culture Clubs “Victims” and play it in the background while you whine to the media about how misunderstand you are Kathy. It will add to your drama.

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