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Morning Round-Up: Emma Gonzalez; Kevin Spacey; Mick Jagger; Theodore Zane; James Woods

School Shooting Survivor Emma Gonzalez: ‘Adults Are Behaving Like Children’ HuffPost

Kevin Spacey Foundation in UK Shuts Down After Sexual Assault Accusations The Wrap

BBC addresses epic ‘Nigel Owens is a gay’ rugby subtitle gaffe Gay Star News

Trans teen Theodore Zane is educating the world one Instagram at a time Queerty

Mick Jagger seen watching Drag Race queens in Chicago gay bar Gay Star News

James Woods attacks Tim Cook for leaving straight couples out of a new Apple ad Pink News

52 Straight People Who Nabbed Oscar Noms for LGBT Roles Advocate

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One Remark

  1. 52 Straight People Who Nabbed Oscar Noms for LGBT Roles? What is that? An agenda piece? Again, gay actors in straight roles and straight actors in gay roles is not the equivalent of black face. And if we want to get real technical, then bisexual’s should only play bisexuals and asexuals should only play asexual roles as well and on and on and on.

    It’s called acting. Playing a gay character does not actually require the actor whether straight or gay to be sexually attracted to the other actor of the same sex. That’s why it’s called acting. The person best suited for the role is the one who should be picked regardless of sexual orientation.

    And if we want to play it that way, then all the current out gay actors should be denied being able to play straight characters even if they are famous heterosexuals in history. If I were a gay actor I would not want to be limited like that.

    And there are lots of openly LGBT actors and actress who have played straight roles and do a great job of it. It would be a shame to limit actors both LGBT and non-LGBT on choices of the roles they could play.

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