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Morning Man James Ellis clears the air: “I do not believe that being gay is a sin”

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Last week, I featured the gorgeous model-actor James Ellis as a Morning Man. In the piece that accompanied the sizzling photos of James, I mentioned that he is a Christian.

Some people interpreted this to mean that James is anti-gay. He most certainly isn’t he told me in an email exchange we had the other day.

“I seem to be thought of as the poster boy for the religious right and, for some reason, homophobic,” he said. “While I am Christian and am deeply involved in my religion, I do not believe that being gay is a sin.”

It’s a good thing since it’s a safe bet that many of James’ fans are gay men who are drawn to his astonishing beauty: “I am equally happy to have gay fans as I am straight fans,” James says. “Just as I am happy to have gay friends and straight friends.”

He adds: “I do not go by the philosophy of ‘love the sinner, hate the sin’ in the case of homosexuality because I do not think that being gay is a sin or making love to the person you love is a sin.”

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4 Remarks

  1. And, he’s the Hunky Santa at the Beverly Center this year.

  2. I am thinking we could use a lot more gay allies like James Ellis What haters fail to see is that God created LGBT people and God doesn’t make mistakes. They may be able to quote the bible chapter and verse but have little knowledge of its history. The biggest news is that they never recognize the fact that it wasn’t even written down for 300 years after th death of Christ. Prior to that it was only an oral history. Anyone who has ever played the Telephone Game as a kid knows how the information can change. If you add the facts that it was retold many times by different people over the intervening centuries and then to make matters even more complicated the Bible was translated into English and edited in the 16th century.

    The real problem is that people only hear what they want to hear. But people like James Ellis are helping to change those attitudes.

  3. I went to school with James… and he knew i was gay… ask him who helped him with his back tuck ;)

  4. What a gorgeous and extremely sweet man.This is an example of a TRUE christian period.

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