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Morning Man Encore: Steve Kornacki!’ve been crushing on Steve Kornacki for years – long before he was named host of MSNBC’s much buzzed about weekend roundtable show, Up. last March.

It made him the network’s third openly gay host. Rachel Maddow has her own prime-time show on weeknights while Thomas Roberts is a weekday morning host.

He was originally featured as a Greg In Hollywood Morning Man way back on Dec. 24, 2010! At that time, I had no idea he was gay. I was just attracted to his intelligence and looks.

Less than a year later, Steve came out publicly in a deeply personal column. It took us into the compartmentalized world that a lot of men feel they must live in in order to have the life they want.

In a new interview with Out Magazine, Kornacki reflects on being out after spending nearly 15 years suppressing a core part of his identity.

“The biggest revelation has been just how much of a non-issue this is to just about everyone else,” he says. “It used to be that when I was around people, I was constantly on guard not to say or do anything that would make them suspect I was gay. It was a little scary to realize just how ingrained in me that kind of deception was. It’s a pretty big relief not to think like that anymore, and now I understand what I just couldn’t believe for all those years: that it really isn’t a big deal.”

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3 Remarks

  1. Steve:

    Can I please go with you to Macy’s.

    I need to change up what you wear on TV.

    I can count the number of shirts and ties you wear regularly in rotation-less than 5.

    I have figured out your style-business casual.

    And please can we get rid of those jeans you wear. They do not flatter you at all. You are young. No, I do not need to see you in skin tight jeans just a pair (s) that fits and show off a little of what your mamma gave you.

    I do not see you going down the road to a Thomas Roberts. That’s not your style. Thomas does look like a gay Ken.

    Oh yea, love your show. I love to watch hosts that make me think, take me somewhere where I have not thought of. GREAT JOB!!

    What do you have to say about Josh B. ?

  2. Love me some Kornacki! Love how he’s on the Christie trail . . .

  3. As a liberal it pains me to say this but I’d rather have Josh Barro.

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