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Morning Man Encore: Chandler Massey!

Chandler Massey’s made his final appearance as Will Horton on NBC’s Days of Our Lives back in January 2014. Wouldn’t it be great if Will came back from the dead and Chandler was back in the role? Here’s hoping!

I’ve written about Chandler a lot in recent years and think he’s a terrific kid and a wonderful actor.

He made such an impact in his nearly four years on the soap – especially once Will’s coming out storyline began. Chandler was at the top of his game in so many scenes with Deidre Hall (Marlena) , James Scott (EJ) and Allison Sweeney (Sami) during the coming out year and established a beautiful chemistry with Freddie Smith (Sonny) as the two became a couple.

Chandler was nominated for an Emmy for each year he was on the show and won three times.

He left to finish his studies at UCLA but has completed roles in several films this year including Butterfly Caught, The Standoff, Hide in the Light and Aquarius.

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7 Remarks

  1. It would be awsome. If Chandler came back as Will.

  2. I think it’s nice people are still talking about Chandler Massey even though it’s been 3 years since he left Days.

  3. I think that Chandler is a very good actor with excellent potential for tremendous future. But, he’s still young, so who knows how things will turn out. He does seem to be very level headed which should serve him well.

    Given recent scenes at Will’s grave, I doubt we will see Will bad as anything other than a dream, flashback or vision.

    Will’s coming out, romance with Sonny, and eventual marriage was one of the best storylines that DOOL ever had. It was well written and well performed.

    Will as Sami 2.0 was a disaster from the get go. I think the character’s insecurities and lack of self confidence could have been used better to achieve the desired marital conflict.

  4. God I miss Chandler on Days. Greg if you’ve ever loved us at all please use whatever type of pull you got to get this man back on Days.

  5. Give it up people Will is dead! The head writer Dena killed him ang from what I understand didn’t like Will and I’d pro PaulSon! Besides IMHO I never want to see Chandler on DAYS ! People have been obsessed with him it is time to move on and enjoy what he is doing now!!

  6. Chandler Massey is one of my favorite actors on daytime television and I really miss him so much!!!!

  7. I would like for TIIC at Days to bring back the character of Will Horton because it was a mistake to kill off a legacy character especially for that lame necktie killer story. They have brought other characters back from the dead so why not Will. Whether it is Chandler or Guy Wilson playing him, or some other actors is not that big a deal, just bring back the character.

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