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Morning Man Classic: Barry Van Dyke! if his father were not a television icon, my feeling is that the handsome Barry Van Dyke would have still been a star in his own right.

The 59-year-old actor starred alongside his dad, Dick Van Dyke, for nine seasons on CBS’s Diagnosis Murder in the role of Lt. Det. Steve Sloan. Barry also wrote and directed several episodes of the series and went on to appear  in a series of Murder 101 movies.

He was already a seasoned television veteran by the time Diagnosis Murder debuted in 1993. Barry’s other credits include supporting roles on the series Airwolf, Gunshy and Galactica 1980 as well as being a regular on the short-lived The Harvey Korman Show.

He also did guest spots on Mork & Mindy, The Love Boat, Magnum P.I., The Dukes of Hazzard, T.J. Hooker, Full House, and Murder She Wrote, among others.

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  1. Thank you! I have thought Barry was a major hottie for the longest time. You would think that once, just once (maybe for “Magnum P.I”), someone would have gotten him to take his shirt off because he looks as if he’s packing a rockin’ body under those t-shirts. Barry, invite me over for a pool party!

  2. Interesting! I never realized he was Van Dyke’s son!

  3. Me either.

  4. April 11th, 2011 at 10:17 pm
    Bruce Wayne says:

    Been a huge fan for years…and yes, he has taken his shirt off many times. Very hot man!!


  5. Ive been a fan of Barry’s for years and I still am. Hes so gorgeous and talented and Ive always looked up to and respected him. He is my idol. I hope I get to meet him one day.

  6. Watching Strawberry summer. Barry is still hotter than ever!!!

  7. Im still a MASSIVE Barry Van Dyke fan and I always will be. Words cant describe how awesome this guy is!

  8. I still watch the reruns of Diagnosis Murder. Barry is a great addition to that show and the relationship he has w/his dad on the show seems so natural. I’m sure they are close in real life.I noticed that he wrote & directed several shows – talented, good looking actor. Dick Van Dyke is a national treasure.

  9. yeah i still watch diagnosis murder on encore suspense in reruns to! Barry is such a wonderful actor and i agree he does seems very close to his dad, i hope it is that way in real life for them! i think Barry is so sexy and hot! he seems so nice to! and i bet he is. see him in strawberry Summer on hallmark. Great Job Barry! Still lookin hot and sexy as always and great acting job!

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