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Morning Man Classic: Allan Kayser!

The year after I graduated from college, I had a job at a magazine in San Diego. I wasn’t yet out and I missed my college friends. My family was two hours away in Orange County. I’d get home from work with some kind of takeout and watch back-to-back episodes of Mama’s Family which aired every weekday around dinnertime. Looking back, it was kind of a depressing, dreadful time.

But there was a bright spot: Bubba Higgins.

Allan Kayser played the heartthrob grandson on Mama’s Family and his signature look was extremely tight-fitting jeans. I not only had a crush on Kayser but loved the character who evolved from frisky, hyperactive, and eccentric teen into a calm, mature, and commonsensical young man. It was he who brought out his grumpy grandma’s softer side.

Kayer, now 53, has aged well and continued to act. His film roles include Shimmer, All Roads Lead Home, Next Caller, House of Forbidden Secrets, and House of the Witch Doctor.


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6 Remarks

  1. I remember I had a friend that loved that show and watched it, I think it came on, on the weekends where I lived. She pointed out that once he came on the show, each season his jeans got tighter and his bulge became more prominent. lol Good memories!

  2. Mama’s Family was one of my all time faves…every time Alan Kayser was on camera. Hubba, Bubba!

  3. Allan Kayser was always one of my favorites. No one wore tight jeans better. He looks like Bruce Springsteen in the older picture.

  4. I Love Mama’s Family. The Food Circus, Raytown, U.S.A., Pet Locks and Mama’s neighbor, Iola with her laundromat/dryer lint art. It was a funny show! And yeah, Alan Keyser was hot in that show and still is good looking.

  5. Loved Mamas Family. Never miss it on LOGO! With all the reboots nowadays LOGO should bring it back with Mama helping Bubbas family.

  6. Eric Brown (Buzz) was adorable. But Allan Kayser (Bubba) was gorgeous! Both of them still look good today, even though Allan Kayser still got more hair than his younger Mama’s Family cousin.

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