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More on the SJP-Kim Cattrall feud

Some readers have called me out for seeming to side with Sarah Jessica Parker in this awful stuff going on with her former SATC co-star Kim Cattrall. I want to make clear that I feel badly for Cattrall and just felt so shocked at the public lashing out. But, in this time of grief, she does deserve to be cut some slack. I don’t know what really went down between these two women but am huge fans of BOTH. Samantha Jones is my favorite SATC character as most of my friends have long known. Anyway, these women were magic together onscreen and thankfully we have six seasons of TV shows and two feature films of Carrie, Samantha, Miranada and Charlotte to enjoy forever.



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3 Remarks

  1. None of us know the details of course, but me personally? I don’t find it hard to believe at all that SJP is a horrible person. You’ve worked with someone for years, and when their family member dies you post your feelings on twitter? People that do that do it for one reason only: to make THEMSELVES look good. Either do it in private or don’t do it at all. She is as phony as a 3 dollar bill: “I just don’t understand it; I thought we got along great” – b!tch please, nobody is buying it so stop trying to sell it.

  2. You have been completely fair in reporting this story. Well done.

  3. That Kim received sentiments well from Cynthia Nixon says to me that what went down between she and sjp was deep. Kim is absolutely entitled to speak her feelings…period. She has no obligation to make nice nor be politically correct because it is the polite thing to do or because that is what some of the public wants her to do. I can easily see sjp being a first class runt in a world where r=c. Since none of us were there, it is. Nobody‚Äôs business. I am here for Kim. Sharon Stone for the new Samantha Jones.

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