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Monday Morning Man: David Loren!

David Loren is one of the stars of the gay romantic comedy Is It Just Me? which screened at Outfest last Friday.

He was just adorable in the role of Xander, the Texas guy who falls for a guy online but becomes a victim of as mistaken identity plot twist.

David has found work as a cast member on two web series: Harper’s Globe and Prom Queen and has been getting guest spots on network dramas lately including roles on The Mentalist, House M.D. and Without a Trace. He also had a small role this year in the comedy feature Kill the Rabbit and last year starred in the short film Kurdish Spring Break.

I don’t have much more information on David except what he has written on his Facebook page which is that he enjoys football, baseball, backpacking, sarcasm, watching old movies, listening to film scores, reading and writing.

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9 Remarks

  1. He looks like he could be Eric Mabius’ (Daniel Meade, Ugly Betty) little brother.

  2. He certainly is adorable!

  3. July 19th, 2010 at 6:56 pm
    Kyle Dougan says:

    Wow this guy is hot! I totally cant wait to see him do more stuff… hopefully shirtless stuff!

  4. He played a soldier at the end of s01 e01 of the Event.

  5. Just watched “Is It Just Me?” on DVD last night and for me, David was very remarkable and quite impressive. He exuded charm, talent, extreme likability and wit. This handsome man could have a great career ahead of him.

    Unfortunately, not that much is known about him but with that great face, solid acting chops and his sexy profile I bet it won’t be long before he starts popping up in more films and TV.

    Thanks Greg for featuring him as a Monday Morning Man. David would brighten this man up any morning of the week!

  6. He’s soooo hot! And he did a great job in Is It Just Me? It was impossible not to love Xander. I especially love the scene when he’s on a sofa with Cameron, trying to convince him to go to bed with him, and is telling him that a drunk cowboy is dangerous. The way he leans his head and whispers and he gets… playful. That’s completely disarming. He’s like a purring kitten. I’d like to cuddle him!!!

  7. April 3rd, 2011 at 2:32 am
    n00n3l0v3m3 says:

    Yeah! Just watched the movie, and i love him. Hope to see him more on other films, other “gay films” ^^

  8. i was killed by his charm~

  9. Just watched Is it just me? Oh my, I think I fall in love. David is so cute and so warm-hearted. I hope he’s gay and marry me. :)

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