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Monday Briefs: A bulked-up Chris Evans! “The Sound of Music” returns in big way; John Stamos talks “Glee”

Chris Evans as Captain AmericaHappy Monday everyone!

Hope your weekend was superb. It is scorching hot here in LA and well, you know how we are in SoCal, anything less than  perfect sends us into a meltdown.

I’m trying to keep my wits about me in the AC here at a Starbucks and, so far, it seems to be working!

So let’s talk about this photo on the left: a bulked up Chris Evans.

Chris has gotten all pumped up for his role as Steve Rogers in Captain America: The First Avenger currently filming in Manchester, England.

I know it’s just one photo but, well, I’m in!

But then again, I’ve watched anything Chris is in ever since seeing him in Cellular opposite Kim Basinger. It was one of those cases of who is that?  Felt the same way about Tom Cruise when I saw Risky Business. Not many stars make that kind of instant impression. I just hope Captain America will elevate Chris’s career even higher!

(By the way, MTV has more photos HERE!)

BIG SCREEN: No doubt you’ve watched The Sound of Music on television or on DVD plenty of time. But most of us have never seen one of the greatest musicals of all time, released in 1965, on the big screen.

Now’s your chance! For the first time since 1973, movie theaters will be alive with the sound of music when the classic musical starring Julie Andrews returns for a limited engagement.

The Rodgers and Hammerstein award winning film is celebrating its 45th anniversary with The Sound of Music Sing-Along Event which will hit nearly 500 movie theaters on Oct. 19 and Oct. 26 at 6:30 p.m. For more information, go to0

STAMOS GLEEFUL: The ageless John Stamos makes his debut on Glee tomorrow night in the recurring role of Dr. Carl Howell, who is responsible for the show’s anesthesia-inspired Britney Spears dream sequence.

“I’m still me, but then you’re dropped in this world of Glee— just lifted up and dropped into the school. Halfway through this scene, you look around and go, ‘Wow, I’ve been dropped into Glee,’ ” the actor tells USA Today.

On playing Dr. Howell: “He’s very different than anybody I ever played. He’s sort of the coolest guy in a really, really small pond. So that gives me a chance to be sort of dorky. I think he thinks he’s a lot cooler than he is, which is fun to play. He’s a ‘bro’ guy; he hasn’t even graduated to ‘dude’ yet. He’s like, ‘Let’s talk this out, bro to bro.’ He’s got a lot of enthusiasm. In other shows, they wanted me to really be the cool guy or the charming guy. This guy wants to be that guy, but he misses the mark.”

He’s still not a doctor: “I learned the same amount on Glee as I did on ER being a doctor. Actually, it’s way worse. I was used to ER, where they are so specific and you have to do this exactly right and hold the needle. Here, I asked if I should be wearing gloves and they were like, ‘Ah, who cares? It’s a comedy.’ ”

On  Jane Lynch: “I didn’t want to know about her Emmy (for playing cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester). I wanted to know about her wax figure, and she was saying that was pretty weird. I told her I go down to Hollywood’s (Madame Tussauds) Wax Museum and I rehearse my lines with her wax figure. She’s fun.”

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2 Remarks

  1. Hope steroids aren’t the reason Chris Evans look that way.

  2. What the heck happened to Christ Evans oh my gosh! He had a perfectly muscular and good body, I can’t even recognize him now, he is so bloated that it seems like a bad joke. I really hope he didn’t do any permanent damage to his body if he took some “help” for achieving that state. No money is worth a permanent health damage.

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