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Meet cast of Logo’s upcoming reality series ‘Fire Island’ produced by Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

The men whose lives we will get to follow on the upcoming Logo reality series Fire Island have been unveiled.

The show looks like it’s going to be a terrific guilty pleasure. It follows a group of young professionals living together in a beachfront share house for the summer at what they describe as ‘the gay Disneyland’ and ‘THE gay mecca.’

They search for the romance, temptation and thrills that have brought gays to the island for decades.

The guys can be seen in the trailer saying things like: ‘Get your jockstrap on, shut up and let’s have a good time’ and ‘I’m not here for a long time, I’m here for a good time.’

Fire Island comes from Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos, a famous couple who are BFFs with such A-list gays as Anderson Cooper, Andy Cohen and Neil Patrick Harris.

‘We fell in love with Fire Island years ago the minute we stepped off the ferry,’ the couple said in a joint statement.

‘We’re excited to share the long standing magic of the island with this new series and to be working again with our Logo family.’

The cast of Fire Island includes:

Lazy rainy days (📸 @juliogaggia )

A post shared by Khasan Brailsford (@khasanb84) on

Khasan (IG:@khasanb84) – A dancer on break from his successful career after performing with pop legends like Beyoncé, Rihanna and Lady Gaga. He invites his friends to Fire Island to help him decide if he should move from Los Angeles to New York to be with his boyfriend.

I’m so excited to be part of @LogoTV’s new show, #FireIsland! It’s time to put my Masters in Partying to good use! One house. Six guys. I don’t think the island is ready for us! I'm sure you all will love this!!! #jorgebustillos #FireIsland on @logotv

A post shared by JORGE BUSTILLOS (@jorgebustillos) on

Jorge (IG:@jorgebustillos) – After leaving his boyfriend and career as a doctor behind in Venezuela, Jorge moved to New York City to work as a marketing strategist. He goes to Fire Island to have an adventure of a lifetime with his best friend, Khasan.

That Sunday morning light.

A post shared by Brandon Osorio (@brandonosorio) on

Brandon (IG: @brandonosorio) – Photographer and NYU student Brandon is full of life and ready for any adventure. He is on the hunt for love during his first summer on Fire Island.

Get ready for #FireIsland on @LogoTV, it’s gonna be wild! Checkout what I was up to all summer!! This project was something I'll never forget with some truly amazing and inspiring people! Stay tuned! This is just the beginning! #fireisland #boyswillbeboys #isladefuego #maisonparker @themaisonparker #comingsoon #parkerdesigngroupllc

A post shared by THE CHEYENNE PARKER™ (@thecheyenneparker) on

Cheyenne (IG: @thecheyenneparker) – Entrepreneur and model Cheyenne brings his fiery and passionate personality to the beach house. While launching his brand he must navigate the island’s temptations.

Bringing out my inner 40s art nerd #nerdalert

A post shared by Justin Russo (@justintrusso) on

Justin (IG: @justintrusso) – The established NYC artist is using his trip to Fire Island as a way to break out of his shell and find new inspiration. With all the adventures the island has to offer, Justin tries to navigate it all without losing focus on his new boyfriend.

Just tryna blend in, y'all. #gains

A post shared by Patrick McDonald / Poly Cockit (@pattymac42) on

Patrick (IG: @pattymac42) – Rather than lounge away the summer, Patrick is spending his time on Fire Island working and using his time to figure out his next step post heartbreak. He also stirs the pot with his housemates with his eccentric, “no-backing-down” personality.

The show is due to premiere sometime in the spring.

It’s not known if Ripa, Consuelos or any of their famous friends will be making any appearances.



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4 Remarks

  1. “The Real World”, “The Housewives Of – - – -” and “Every incarnation of RuPaul’s shows that would appear on LOGO” would be shows that many would count out at first (have doubts and harsh criticisms) but for some reason (after awhile) everyone would sing a different tune after the fact. I know ‘LOGO’s’ “Finding Prince Charming” wouldn’t be that show that many were longing for at the time but now looking back and watching a episodes online it wasn’t as bad as many portrayed it to be. I fell victim to other’s viewpoints about the show and didn’t get into it. This show got hit with criticism in a way that doesn’t seem fair and I never understood every type of shaming that was possible that ‘FPC’ would end up receiving.
    The sad part would be how must of it would come from people in the LGTBIQ community who should understand and know better.
    There were a few reality shows before that tried to appeal to LGTBIQ community but since we are such a diverse group of people, it’s hard to make everyone happy because most people in this community truly under what the word ‘fickle’ means and live by it. A great deal of gay men especially have the phrase “On To The Next Big Thing!!!!!” tattooed somewhere on their bodies and that theme is stuck in their brain too much. I don’t blame anyone for staying in the NOW but when are we going to realize that in large numbers we can’t be denied. Turning against one another makes it easy for others to condemn, to judge and then end up making choices for us that sadly enough we have no say in.
    I’m 100% sure that if there was a show about ‘alleged’ straight men coming to Fire Island and interacting with gay men for the 1st time that would be more of hit than this show about actually gay men living their lives opening and honestly.
    Sorry to be so negative but I just read some very ill statements already about the show from people already having a hard time with it and it’s not even on.
    I truly don’t think Kelly and Mark would co-sign a show they didn’t believe in because I do believe they are allies to LGTBIQ community because they love their friends who are active, participating members of this beautiful community with all of their hearts.
    Keep in mind that ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ wasn’t an instant hit but truly the show is ‘UNSTOPPABLE’ at this point in time.
    I know poor ‘Catlyn’ got hit with an ‘L’ (loss) having her show cancelled but the bravery of her coming to terms on TV was HUGE and said and says a great deal about her. You don’t like her politics and that is okay but find at least you got to find out about it on TV and in an honesty way and not second-hand.
    These guys (the cast of Fire Island) need a chance to show the viewing public that it’s okay to be your true, authentic self because everyone’s on this planet has an ego that needs to be seen and sometimes in different lighting and with music and spirits to help along way. I hope and pray it has some kind of impact because the mood on the planet is pretty stale right now and everyone is on edge.
    We need a bit of fun mixed in with some heart but we need to not take everything so serious because life is ‘way too short’ to be hung-up feeling like this is it and this is how it’s going to be.
    Living life as today is your last day on this planet which is such a great way to live. However it doesn’t seem healthy to be so somber and even angry all the time and so deep-in-thought about how horrible things are or how horrible they are going to be without actually living and finding out what is going to happen.
    Does anyone remember ‘Nick and Jessica’ (even though they aren’t together) and how this would be a reality show like no other. The show was just down right silly at times but I do remember it being a bit ‘off-the-charts adorable’ (at least to me). No one could believe that this one-time pop star and the very ‘FINE’ man (Nick still got it going on) who married her would be so clueless about basic things like washing clothes and whether she was eating tuna or chicken. Jessica S. hasn’t had music out for a hot-minute and probably will never have to have another single out again and yet her lifestyle brand is in the millions with profit. No one makes perfume, jeans or shoes like Jessica!!!!!!!!

  2. March 7th, 2017 at 5:13 pm
    kevin schmidt says:

    I’m horrifed at another TV show stereotyping gays. This is what middle America thinks of gays … and a sub-set of gays (probably the majority) are not too impressed with the Fire Island, White Party set. This is not who we are and this is a stereotype we should work to crush, not glorfy!

  3. I’m just shocked LOGO is showing something other that Golden Girls and Three’s Company!

  4. Too funny Joe.

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