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Max Adler on the return of Dave Karofsky to “Glee” as Blaine Anderson’s live-in boyfriend

If you’ve been watching the new season of Glee then you know Kurt and Blaine have broken up.

I guess that’s not a total surprise but what is a surprise is that Blaine is now dating Dave Karofsky who has gone from closeted bully in season one to out and proud gay man.

Max Adler, the actor who plays Dave, chatted with about the surprising storyline and how he reacted when he found out about it.

The first thing was a big smile, because I was excited to get to work with Darren [Criss] and Chris [Colfer] again. Six years later, we have such history both on and off set, and there’s such a rapport. It’s a cooler experience to not come on the set as this fresh face, wide eyed, innocent kid anymore. It’s like you’re working with your friends.

Everything shocks me with Glee, but at a certain point, you forfeit and surrender to the powers that be. They know what they’re doing. So far, they’ve created some of the best television shows that are going to live in history forever. Whatever they decide to do, I’m on board. Who am I to creatively challenge any of them? I’m just excited to have the opportunity to be back on set. It wasn’t about who I’m romantically linked to, it was more the fact that they chose to show that Karofsky has gone from this homophobic bully to now have accepted being homosexual  and being out and comfortable enough to be seen with a man in public, at a bar and a football game. I just thought that was a really nice, complete arc. To watch Season 1 and then to see this, it’s a full circle that’s a nice ending for all the fans of Karofsky to see him happy and see that he’s OK post-suicide attempt. He’s smiling and happy and content and not a care in the world. What a big shift for him personally. As the actor, I’m aware that the Klaine fans are understandably in an uproar, and nobody wants to see Kurt crying and upset. As the character, I’m glad that [Dave is] happy with himself and he’s not suicidal anymore.



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One Remark

  1. Welcome back Max Adler, you are a fine actor. Best wishes on a doomed TV show.

    Glee has going down hill so fast that soon nothing will be able to resuscitate it. The two hour season premier was awful, starting with Rachel’s agent or show manager who was an absolute embarrassment to the gay community; a truly cringe worthy character. His flamboyance was so over the top, nobody in real life could be that much of a major queen.

    OK, I know that most of the characters on Glee are not like real people but enough with the unrealistic and uncreative story lines, insipid dialogue and multiple unlikable and despicable characters.

    If I see one more scene of Kurt and Blaine’s silly, repetitive unwarranted arguing I am turning off the TV, especially if they are dressed in those hideous costumes that their characters continue to wear. Nobody dresses like that!

    As a gay man, I want to see diversity everywhere and feel that TV has come a long way but Glee just doesn’t get it right. Please don’t call me a gay hater because of my comments, because I am far from being a gay homophobic. Just very, very disappointed in Ryan Murphy and his myopic vision for Glee and his incorrect representation of our people.

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