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Matthew Bomer appears at Paley Center event

The ridiculously handsome Matthew Bomer appeared at the Paley Center for the Media in Beverly Hills this week.

The occasion was a program with the cast and crew of White Collar, the hit USA Network series that Matt stars in with Tim DeKay.

Matt plays an ex-conman who becomes a consultant for the FBI and said it is “criminally fun” working with DeKay: “Right out of the gate. It was like two buddies who’d been together a long time.”

Socialite Life has more pics of Matt and The Futon Critic has a recap of the evening.



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17 Remarks

  1. Is it wrong that I just want to make him a sandwich or cook him a good meal?

  2. I don’t know why someone so ridiculously good looking would go for a nose job and a chin job, but hey, it seems that it paid off. For some people is never enough, lol.
    (No, those michaeljackonish noses aren’t born with, unless he was noseless when a child).

  3. He is just so naturally beautiful – he has re-deined Hot. And apprently the nicest guy in the business according to all sources.

  4. that should have been re-defined hot – I’m a bad typist…

  5. I attended the event and the amazing part is that pictures don’t do the man justice. He is stunning in person. Not sure what Lexxvs comment refers to as it is all real – no work there. Been watching this guy since his soap days, so glad he is finally getting the recognition his talent deserves.

  6. I never claimed that surgeries are bad or unreal. Sometimes unnecessary, yes. But hey, who I am to judge a natural nose that you would never see in old antique pictures. It must be a genetic evolution. “Homo-Hollywoodensis.” I accept that. Well. Lol.

  7. Matt is flawless, oh to be Simon Halls for an hour…

  8. @Lexxvs – what you are trying to insinuate is not at all true as jumbled as your verbiage and thoughts seems to be.

  9. @Sarah If it is not true –and I really doubt it- it’s is just a minor observation, nothing to care about. Unless there is some unexplained fixation with a perfection that needs no defense. When beauty is worshiped in such a grade that it can not be doubted then pity the worshiper. Not the doubter.
    Still waiting for such a nose in a 1900’s photography. Lol.

  10. Let’s face it, Matt was born flawless, hit with the ‘gorgeous’ stick. To quote his ‘Chuck’ co-star – ‘god was in the best mood ever the day he created Matt Bomer.’ Loking at him, I tend to agree…

  11. @ Sotty. I totally agree! And God himself must’ve guided the surgeon’s scalpel for those LITTLE inconveniences that didn’t match Michael Jackson’s ideals. Lol.

  12. This is bizarre,or I should say Lexx is bizarre.There are pics on his fansite from 2001 during soap years,he must have been all of 21 and same face so Lexx, have a gander – ‘lol’ – and btw you sound kind of creepy…

  13. No surgeon would be good enough to create that face – one in a million

  14. @Carol. The only creepy thing is that you are so into that guy that can’t stand a mere opinion about a non issue as his –retouched- nose. Don’t you think there are better things to take a hard instance for? Well. I already said it is a kind of a cult.
    By the way, plastic surgery was invented way before 2001.
    At least we are gathering/summoning new people from his fansite! The power of (religious) conviction moves mountains.
    @GeoffJ In my country are good surgeons that would do a nose job that you wouldn’t recognize from a natural one. Without having to operate a million. But they are costly.

  15. @Lexx I’m with Carol, you’re creepy with apparently much time on your hands.

  16. @GeoffJ We are in different time zones maybe. But don’t take it so personal. I really don’t care what some random persons could find creepy or not. I mean… really? I don’t know, some people need to get a partner or something. And don’t get so mad about so simple stuff.
    By the way, this is the BEFORE and AFTER rendered pic.

    So good to know that I’m right. No offence guys. Be happy. Then comment. I mean, after being happy.

  17. Wow – lots of time on hands at the Lexx house…’before’ doesnt even match 2001 photos but good try…

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