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Matt Bomer recalls his wild year on “Guiding Light”

Long before he stripped in the Magic Mike movies, Matt Bomer was taking his clothes off for the women of Springfield on the CBS daytime soap opera Guiding Light.

Bomer had just a few TV credits when he took on the role of college student Ben Reade in 2002. Since he knew he’d only want to be on the show for about a year, he told the writers: ‘Just throw the kitchen sink at me, and they did!’

The actor told Seth Meyers on Late Night this week that things got complicated for his trust fund baby character from the start.

‘I bet my fraternity brothers that I could deflower the town virgin. I fell in love with her but she found out about the bet and dumped me.’

But that was only the beginning.

‘I met a new girlfriend, lost my trust fund and was embarrassed to tell her so I became a male prostitute – that what you do when you lose your trust fund,’ he recalled [laughs].

‘I had all these cougar clients. Then my girlfriend found out I was a male prostitute, dumped me of course, and then I went crazy, killed five people, kidnapped her to a remote cabin in the woods, confessed to her that I’d been molested by my middle school teacher and then committed suicide in front of her, her new boyfriend and her father.’

But Reade did not die on the cabin.

‘I hung on for one day in the hospital to confess my sins.’

The show was canceled in 2009 after a 72 year run. Had it not been and if things had not turned out so well for the Golden Globe Award and Emmy nominated Bomer, he might have been able to return to Springfield.

‘My favorite moment is when the writers came up to me at the end of it and they go, “Listen, if you ever want to come back, we’ve got it figured out.”‘

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  1. MB seems like such a sweet guy and always gives a funny, entertaining interview. I’m very happy for his success. Cannot wait to see Magic Mike XXL. Question ‘tho: Why are you filing this under DOOL when Matt was on Guiding Light?

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