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Margaret Cho: “Whenever you talk to me, you take your life into your own hands. I’m a f—ing bitch”

In her latest stand-up show Fresh off the Bloat, Margaret Cho talks about now-public email exchange with Tilda Swinton regarding the Doctor Strange whitewashing controversy.

The Oscar winner reached out to Cho via email after she was cast as the Ancient One — a Tibetan in the original comic book series, written for the 2016 film as a Celtic woman.

“She got really mad because she didn’t want it to be public, but I think it’s funny. I don’t know why white people get so upset. They get so upset,” Cho tells Entertainment Weekly.

Cho adds: “She was just asking me questions. I told her what I thought, and in her talking to me, I felt like a house Asian, like I’m up in her bedroom brushing her hair saying, ‘Yes, madam,’ like real colonial, and to me, that’s really funny.

“The thing is, whenever you talk to me, you take your life into your own hands. I’m a f—ing bitch.

“It was interesting and funny because you can’t justify taking the role of an Asian person and trying to pretend to look Asian. People try to hide behind feminism. Scarlett Johansson did the same thing; the [team behind Ghost in the Shell] was like, ‘Oh, we just want to show that women can kick ass.’ Yeah, you can do that, but you don’t have to [whitewash].”

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2 Remarks

  1. Love Margaret but she’s just dead wrong on Tilda in this instance. She wasn’t trying to look asian. She wasn’t playing an Asian. It isn’t whitewashing in this instance.

    As liberal as I am, this is just SJW’ing run amok for this particular movie.

    As for GitS, I think it was a train wreck from the start and I can see why so many would be upset. That said, if Margaret had bothered to even LOOK at the original Motoko Kusanagi, you’d see the Asian creators clearly didn’t design her as asian in look. Not even in a little.

  2. I agree Chip. Totally.

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