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Margaret Cho talks about wanting “The View” gig

Margaret Cho really wants to be on The View and her presence just might get me watching the show again.

She talked about it with Jim Halterman of The Backlot. Here are some excerpts:

“I’m sort of temping at The View, so if there’s somebody that isn’t able to come or whatever, then I’m their fill-in, meaning I’m on call … I love, yeah, that I can say whatever, but I can also talk about deep things and things that are important to me, in politics, but make jokes on pop culture, make jokes about everything. It’s a great opportunity to make jokes every day, very current, and be in front of the whole world. So, I really want to do it.”

“For me, an interviewer, really our job is to draw the subject out and that’s what I would love to do on The View. I just did that with Christina Ricci, who I love, and Susan Lucci, who I love. These are people who I’m very familiar with their work.”

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2 Remarks

  1. With Hasslebitch’s departure (yea!!!) and Joy’s leaving (sad), I think Ms. Cho might liven the place up a bit, and bring a new ‘view’ to the show. Jenny McCarthy is going to be an asset, but if she maintains her strong (and from my point of view, dangerous) crusade against childhood vaccinations, she may become a bit too strident. The show has had minority representation with the exception of a Latina, so I think they should go with an Hispanic. But if they want another Asian (Lisa Ling was on the show a few years ago), Margaret would be great. Not only is Asian, she is openly bi-sexual and that would be another ‘view’ that would be refreshing.

  2. Wish I could tweet The View, but I have no tweeter. Margret would be a great choice for The View.

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