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Madison Hildebrand of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing” chats w/Greg In Hollywood about show & being out


If you’re a fan of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, which launched its fourth season earlier this month, then you are aware of the handsome guy at the center of things: Madison Hildibrand.

I recently had the chance to chat with the 30-year-old real estate magnate who make a fortune selling multi-million dollar properties in the most exclusive neighborhoods in LA.

With the economy still in a slump, Madison and fellow real estate agents Josh Altman and Josh Flagg must fight for their share of the market and the competition is intense.

“For sure it is the best season, there’s a lot more excitement and a lot better real estate, a lot better clients and transactions and also, I think we’re all very comfortable with who we are,” Madison said. “We tell it like it is and it’s real and it’s organic and it’s pieced together really well. I’m really happy with it.”

I wondered how much life has changed for Madison since he began on the show four years ago.

“Things have changed for me personally over the past four years absolutely,” he said. “I feel like I’ve grown not only in my career, as a person and in my profession, but also in my own body and my sexuality. I feel 30!”

He came out as a gay man early in the show’s run and says he has had no regrets.

“If I make a decision to do something because that’s what my gut asks me to do, there is no down side,” he said. “Maybe it has affected my business in a negative way, I don’t know and I don’t put a lot of energy there. I certainly have seen an increase in business so for that I’m grateful.”

He added thoughtfully: “And more than anything, I think coming out on television was a big decision for me because I know how hard it was for me to come out to my family and my friends. And I just wanted to be an example to show other people that you can be young, you can be successful and you can be gay and you don’t have to worry other judgement. That was a good thing for me.”

He has achieved a level of celebrity which he says has been mostly positive: “Some days it’s absolutely unreal and other days it is ‘oh shit.’ I wasn’t ready for this, you know? I don’t want to talk to anyone today, I’m in a bad mood. It’s just like anyone else. I don’t get the choice of changing my face when I walk out the door.. But for the most part, it’s been nothing but fun and full of surprises.”

New episodes of Million Dollar Listing air Thursday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo.

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5 Remarks

  1. I thought he was bisexual.

  2. LOL @Josh Altman calling him “Malibu Ken.” I think Altman is jealous of his looks since Altman looks like a muppet):

  3. Madison is the real deal! He is savvy, shrewed in business and he appears to have a kind heart and he IS HOT!!

  4. August 20th, 2014 at 2:54 pm
    loretta tremper says:

    I will miss you this season, Madison. I have enjoyed watching the show for years. I cannot understand why Altman is such a snake toward you – but in the end you have always shown your superiority and class. Have a happy life!

  5. Last time I saw Madison, he looked terrible and had lost a lot of weight. He said he had left Coldwell Banker and was setting up his own business.

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