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Lunch w/Greg: Mary Wilson gives a Supreme assist at book party; Carrie Prejean trying to save reputation?

Elton inviteHappy Wednesday all!

Lots of items to post today so stay tuned and my apologies for the late start. It’s my dad’s birthday today so I was occupied with that – great guy who turns 79 today!

Last night headed over to The Abbey because if you read yesterday’s post about Mary Wilson, you know that I was beside myself with excitement at the prospect of meeting the original member od the Supremes face-to-face.

I walked in and there was a crowd around this glamorous woman impeccably dressed in black. It was the woman who has made Diana Ross‘ life a living hell for the past 25 years!

I’m sure Diana would never admit this publicly but after an uninterrupted string of success from the early 70s through the mid-80s, Diana’s recording career was never the same after Mary published her 1986 memoir Dreamgirl: My Life as a Supreme.

Diana came off as a real villain in that book, someone who could not bare to share even a small ray of the spotlight with either Mary of Florence Ballard (and later Cindy Birdsong). Then 10 years ago, it seemed that Diana was ready to bury the hatchet – at least professionally – when she agreed to reunite with Mary and Cindy for a concert tour. But the whole thing fell apart over money and when Diana tried to tour with two other Supremes from 70s incarnations of the group, it was so disastrous that the tour was cut short.

It would have been their first joint appearance since the disastrous 1983 Motown special when Ross reportedly pushed Wilson while they were on stage. That, of course, did not make the final telecast! none of that was mentioned last night, of course. Mary was the star attraction at a book party for her great friend Mark Bego celebrating the release of his new book Elton John: The Bitch is Back. Mark told me that he and Mary go way back and she certainly added some razzle dazzle to the festivities.

(That’s Bego and Mary pictured with Abbey founder and president David Cooley).

I chatted with Mary briefly and mentioned the interview we did via telephone last January. “Can you send it to me? I want to see how it turned out!”

We posed for a few pics but I can’t post them yet because they were taken with one of those disposable cameras. The battery of my camera had not been recharged so I had to grab a throwaway because The Abbey is a little too dark to take a cell phone pic well and I did not want to take any chances!

Anyway, it was an absolute thrill to meet this Motown legend. UPDATE: We go from the famous to the infamous.

I can’t think of a more ridiculous way to begin the new year than to do it with former Miss California Carrie Prejean who has made a giant jackass of herself more times this year than Lindsay Lohan - well, almost.

It seems that despite the nude photos, breast implants, numerous sex tapes and telling countless lies, Carrie is still trying to market herself as a good girl.

Sorry, I just had a laughing fit. Okay, let’s continue.

According to an item I’ve just seen on Towleroad, Carrie has backed out of an appearance at a Connecticut nightclub on New Years Eve because being in a nightclub setting at midnight is just not at all proper.

“As you can understand, this is in direct conflict with who she is,” her mother told nightclub owners who were going to pay $15,000. “Her reputation as a Christian is more important than any public appearance attention or monetary compensation. If in the future, you have an opportunity for her to speak to young adults, or physically challenged athletes, she would love it.”

You just can’t make this stuff up!

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5 Remarks

  1. if it wasnt for Diana, Mary wilson would have faded long ago and i mean into further out of space than normal…this woman has made a career of trying to get people to pity her, but i only find disgust with this woman…indtead of concentratimg on what little caeer she had ..she chose to be a two faced idiot who plays county fairs where you can hear chickens crowing..trctors being pulled and animal waste smells…abd thas exactly where she belongs. sick of this witch and her pity party.

  2. It isn’t Mary or Diana who keep this crap about the past going on, it’s the “fans”. Apparently Mary has moved on and so has Diana. Yes, Diana was the lead singer as everyone knows. But true fans cannot deny the contributions of Mary and Florence. One listen to the “Meet The Supremes” or “Country, Western & Pop” albums tells you that the so called “background singers” had great voices of their own and could have, had Berry Gordy used his brain, both been launched into successful singing or acting careers when Diana left. It is a tragedy that they were under-used and I think anyone in their place would have felt the same – if they’re honest. It’s not a matter of who was better or not, it’s a matter of wanting to express your talents as well as the next person! Mary has a right to her point of view as do the other ladies. But to say that Mary has made a career out trying to get pity is both ridiculous and uninformed. She performs almost everyday of the year and just finished yet another successful run at Michael Feinstein’s cabaret in New York. She’s doing just fine, as are Cindy and Diana. It’s time to let this negative crap go – as the ladies apparently have. Mary never talks about that anymore and, in fact, has said she only wants to move on and remember the good. Diana has said the same thing and even gave her a shout out when she received an award. Get over it people! They have. You old dolls (“fans”) need to move on and get a life!

  3. miss superstar diana ross,mary who,old washed up background singer,need i say more folks.

  4. The article in mean-spirited yet it inspired a short lesson in life. In some circles, a viper mentality coupled with an acid tongue is cultivated as virtue. In this article, we see the example of an under-expressed journalist publicly displaying a misuse of writing talent in the service of a viper-minded, acid-tongued berating of a more celebrated individual, with the sole intent of causing pain to that person and her supporters. Such intent exemplifies neither character, maturity, nor professional journalism.

  5. Ms Wilson is doing just fine and sounding GREAT today,thanks to singing
    all year. This woman loves to sing you can hear it in her voice and heart…Keep up the good work Ms Wilson.YOU ARE LOVED

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