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Lunch Break Videos: Some nice Neil Patrick Harris moments during a very flawed 2013 Emmys telecast

Neil Patrick Harris is one talented dude and a fabulous awards show host but last night was not his or Emmys finest hour.

I’m still stunned at how the winners, some giving heartfelt speeches, were given the bum’s rush off the stage with intrusive music while there was all the time in the world for tributes to Jean Stapleton et al, performances by Elton John and Carrie Underwood (huh?) and a tribute to 1963 that had 1950s I Love Lucy clips and a Beatles song released in 1965.

And please, don’t get me started on Shemar Moore and that backstage nonsense. He’s a handsome man but Dick Clark he is not.

The hashtag #weirdemmys was popular on Twitter last night for a reason.

NPH tweeted this today: ‘Emceeing the Emmys was fun, but I’m sure glad it’s over. Looking forward to not hosting anything for a long time.’

I still love NPH, hope he’s not too discouraged by the way things went, and returns better than ever when he is ready to host again.

Here are some of his highlights from last night’s very flawed show:


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6 Remarks

  1. The show was a train-wreck from start to finish. Biggest disappointments were NP Harris and Elton John. Neil Patrick Harris should have learned to quit while he was ahead. I guess he started to believe he was superman, as did much of Hollywood. The fantasy is over for all concerned.

    Elton John’s tribute to the great Liberace was a self-promoting “me me me me me me” event with a stale song that had nothing to do with Liberace. Shame on Elton John for not honoring a fellow gay performer when the chance to do so was ever-present.

  2. It was a horrible show….never again.

  3. Michael Douglas asking Matt Damon if he wanted to share the “top or bottom” of the award he’d won, was pure straight slam. While I’m sure many found it a funny, harmless joke, I found it insulting. After all of our recent progress, nothing like a little sodomy humor to a worldwide audience. Damon held up his hands to disassociate himself from the very implication. Least we suspect that these guys are not “really” gay. The audience was hysterical.

  4. Does Neil Patrick Harris eat ?

  5. Well, NPH has to take some of the blame for the way things went; he was one of the producers of the show this year.

  6. Greg, glad you mentioned the fact that during a 1963 tribute they showed “I Love Lucy” material and claimed that everyone was watching Lucy. Boy were they off the mark.

    The last new episode of ILL ended in 1957. The next year or two we had the one hour Lucy-Desi shows and in 1963 it was not Lucy Ricardo that was in prime time but Lucy Carmichael on “The Lucy Show”.

    It may seem like a technicality but I think they were very inaccurate by using “I Love Lucy” photos for a 1963 tribute.

    Actually I did not mind a tribute to 1963 but they could have quickly touched on a few more historical moments from TV in 1963. Not just JFK and MLK. Although those two events were highly significant TV touchstones and very sad occurrences.

    And you are correct, “Yesterday” was released in 1965.

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