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Lunch Break Videos: Celebrating Linda Ronstadt’s 68th birthday with some of her signature tunes

If I’m short on time, it’s not a good idea for me to go exploring YouTube in search of Linda Ronstadt videos to post because I end up spending a good hour watching all kinds of gems then trying to narrow it down to three or so.

On the occasion of this great singer’s 68th birthday, I’ve settled on this trio of performances – the first of which is one of her early big hits called Long Long Time which in my teen years, I played again and again when I fell in unrequited love with a straight boy.

Yeah, really, would be there on the floor of the living room, giant headphones on, and wallow.

Anyway, enough about me! This is about Linda and the other two videos I selected are her huge 1977 hit Blue Bayou and her appearance with Smokey Robinson that includes What’s New and a duet with Smokey on Ooh Baby Baby.



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4 Remarks

  1. Greg, the heart breaks to hear you says that. Not sure if you expressed it outright to the guy or someone else but I always found that to be one of the more difficult aspects, not being able to talk about it with someone and only being able to wallowing in ones own feelings. Hopefully, teenager’s today are more free and open to express those feelings. Growing up in the early 80’s in the OC, the environment was not overly accepting of those types of feelings.

  2. Linda helps with so many joys and sorrows. Her voice just grabs you in a certain way that is hard to describe. Perhaps it is the natural sob in her singing, especially in this day of autotune, that is so heartbreaking. Glad she crawled out of the celebrity swamp by choice. Even after reading her lovely memoir not sure we really know this southwestern songbird at all. I guess her deepest feelings were in the songs.

  3. As a gay mixed-racial American Indian of multi tribal affiliations, I was always happy to see other “minorities” on screen or in a magazine when I was young during the 1970s and early 1980s.

    The amazing Linda is Hispanic, and I was so happy whenever I saw her on a TV screen or heard her on the radio. She was a great role model and a tremendous talent.

  4. Since her diagnosis, she has stopped singing because she doesn’t “sound like Linda anymore. I, for one, wouldn’t stop listening to her if there’s been a change. Whatever the change might be I’d love to hear her voice again. It’s her choice and I stand behind whatever decision she has made.

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