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Lunch Break Video: Why Wanda Sykes is blaming Donald Trump for the cracks on her face

If Wanda Sykes is not looking quite as young as she used to, she says Donald Trump is to blame.

‘I never thought that I would need plastic surgery but Donald Trump has cracked my face,’ Wanda said on today’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

‘I have permanent creases right here,’ she said as she pointed to frown lines between her eyebrows.

She explains that the deepening creases are from the ‘What the hell did he just say?’ expression she makes when the Republican presidential candidate says something outrageous.

Again pointing to her frown marks she complained: ‘Now I have a ditch right here in the middle of my forehead.’

Sykes, 52, said she’s been watching the presidential debates in recent weeks and doesn’t see Trump changing he style anytime soon.

‘Even from the beginning they said, “Oh, Trump just needs to learn how to be more presidential. He needs how to control his temper and just not be so impulsive, you know, fly off the handle. Well, control your temper and not being impulsive, those are things I’m teaching my kinds right now and they are seven. Donald Trump is 70! He’s not gonna learn anything at 70! That is just who he is.’

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