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Lunch Break Video: Sally Field goes a little bonkers in the cemetery scene in “Steel Magnolias”
Sally Field was terrific in Steel Magnolias as Julia Roberts’ mother. But if anything cost her a third Oscar nomination – in my opinion at least – it was this scene at the cemetery where her character loses it. After being composed through her daughter’s funeral, she’s surrounded by her friends and just loses it: “I wanna know whhhyyyyyyyyy! Whyyyyyyyyyyy!”

Okay, I’m with her.

Then she suddenly switches gears and starts saying: “No. No. I’m supposed to go first!” She kinda reminds you of Sybil – her famous Emmy winning role – in that instance and I wonder if she had to do it over again, if Sally might make another acting choice.

And yet, it is that wacko transition that makes the scene so much fun to do with your friends. So here is the scene, judge for yourself.

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  1. I’m sorry, I know it’s just your opinion of a scene of a movie… but can you imagine the range of emtotion, the range of the thought process, that ravages through your body, heart, soul and very being at a time of loss like this? This isn’t losing your mother, your father, your brother or your sister… this is a mother losing the Life that she carried within her for nine months… and once that child was born, she carried that child with her for every second of every day that followed. The child’s pain was her pain. The child’s joy was her joy. So if she seems possessed, then yes! It’s true! If she seems “Sybil”, then yes! It’s true! To flip from despair to disbelief to anger to despair again…… I hope I don’t ever have to be there but watching Sally Field in this one scene that lasts all of 2 minutes she drags my heart through it, every miliecond of it. Statue or no statue, this is one of the best acted scenes of all time.

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