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Lunch Break Video: Rewatch Jacqueline Bisset’s jumbled Golden Globe Awards acceptance speech

When Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum announced Jacqueline Bisset as the winner of the Golden Globe last night for television supporting actress it became quite clear that the veteran actress was not expecting it.

I got worried the minute the camera panned to her as the winner for her performance in the TV series Dancing on the Edge. Instead of leaping to her feet, she sat there stunned then made what seemed like the longest walk in Golden Globes history to the stage of the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

She stopped to get a kiss from Jon Voight just to stretch things out a little longer.

Then, the speech.

Oh my.


Well, let me say that I think Miss Bisset is sensational and had a terrific chat with her at the BAFTA-LA Tea Party 3-4 years ago. I also think her performance in Rich & Famous is a classic and will never forget the prolonged standing ovation she got at Outfest after the screening of Latter Days.

But sadly, she seemed perhaps a bit drunk?

Judge for yourself.


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3 Remarks

  1. Probably the most uncomfortable speech (along with the very long walk to the stage) I’ve ever seen at an awards show. Once she got going, it was time for the music to play indicating her time was done. I agree that she’s a great actress though.

  2. Its unfortunate Ms. Bisset received a lot of media flak for her acceptance time taken and the speech itself. Not thinking she had a chance to win was unduly sat towards the back of the room was noticeably stunned, if not speechless with the announcement. The seating was a subtle disregard because she is not considered an A-lister and deserves the honor and respect as a Helen Mirren. She is a great talent and beautiful soul.

  3. Discovered Ms. Bisset in the movie ‘Bullitt’ – ohhh those blue, blue eyes. Thanks to Golden Globes I discovered ‘Dancing On The Edge’ on yet no date on Netflix. Besides being surprised to a win, anyone seated in the back was/would be out of breath just to get to the Golden Globes stage…time and time again during the event, winners had a most difficult journey to get from their table to the stage.

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