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Lunch Break Video: Comic Hari Kondabolu’s routine on why Matthew McConaughey isn’t a great gay ally

This is a really funny routine by comedian Hari Kondabolu who does a hilarious routine on why Matthew McConaughey might not be the best ally for the gay community.

What makes it all the more funny is that he uses the Oscar winner’s own words to ridicule him.

Let me know what you think.


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4 Remarks

  1. Hilarious standup! But behind the humor Texas-born McConaughey’s interview answers were patronizing and was never a friend nor actively supported the LGBT community.

  2. The comic is funny. I never understood Matthew McConaughey’s appeal to begin with. There’s just something about him that seems off.

  3. September 19th, 2014 at 11:01 am
    Daniel Lewis Frommherz says:

    Well Standup really isn’t my thing yet when I read what Sam had to say about it I went back to the act. To be funny that yahoo had to read from prepared notes I think that I made it through a little over 2 minutes listening to his banter. Making fun of someone just doesn’t make it for me especially when you have to read it I think that I got to the high school goth gay girl and just had enough. I closed it down they must have had a straight audience with a laugh light going off for effect. IT WASN’T FUNNY, I don’t know who the twerp was but I surely wouldn’t be paying money to hear him with a monologe like that.

  4. Those who have more than a couple of decades on, will find easy to understand that, indeed language evolve, and no better example of such evolution that the treatment towards the LGBT community in the media. Words that were impressively welcoming not so long ago are now could be seen as out of touch and even limited in the understanding of some topics. Let’s forget about those people who live in cultural bubbles (like the crazy religious conservative types) but most young people are pretty aware of what LGBT issues can be (even with the lack of information they could still have) while older generation, well, they were subjected to a whole different worldview (the avant garde ideas held by the gay community didn’t spread as fast as some could have the impression). If you want some perspective (and have the courage because it’s tough to watch) see “The normal heart”, the TV movie, there you can see how society saw gays to the point that an epidemic seemed to be a solution rather than a social catastrophe.

    So it is easy to mock a guy who is using a language that was more in tune with other times, reality is that at least with his limitations, he tried and try. I would worry more about those people who simulate support for gays but that in private despise LGBT’s and make hasten generalizations. (Well, in the same way some folks do about ethnicity and what not).

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