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Lunch Break Video: “Asking Guys If I’m Gay”

I’ve told friends that it is getting harder and harder to tell who the heck is gay these days. All the old stereotypes are out the window. The straight guys have become more Metrosexual while a lot of the gays are more “butch.” Believe me, I don’t think being “straight acting” is some kind of accomplishment or that being a bit flamboyant is a bad thing. Just making an observation on what I have seen happening over the past 20 years ago.

And so, after that long-winded intro, here is a delightful video of a gay guy going around the campus of Ball State in Indiana asking people if they think he’s gay.

Many of the straights don’t think so because he doesn’t fit the outdated stereotypes but the gays know better – their gaydars are right on point!

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2 Remarks

  1. Delightful? Try gross. This is almost as bad as the video of him asking the girls is he’s gay. WTF is this guys deal with trying so hard to prove that he passes as straight. What a fucktard.

  2. A fun bubble gum video and credit given to cutie vlogger Mark for asking in a safe campus environment with an already accepting generation…duh! Responses may be quite different if not alarming in other parts of urban and rural communities. However, It definitely helps him mine more subscription hits.

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