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Luke’s final scene on “As the World Turns” movies or TV shows or stage plays that Van Hansis does in the future, I want to see them.

He has been a superb Luke Snyder and I so wish he had won one of the Emmys he was nominated for.

Today marked the end of As the World Turns and in Luke’s final scene, he goes over to visit Chris who has Reid’s heart beating inside of him. Katie, Chris’s girlfriend and Reid’s roommate, gives Luke Reid’s stethoscope as a keepsake.

Before he leaves, Luke asks Chris is he can listen to his heart with it and he does.

Fade to black.

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  1. You’re so right about Van Hansis being an amazing actor and deserving of Emmys!! Van Hansis has been a wonderful Luke Snyder and I’ll miss Luke very much.

  2. I am so sad to see that Luke is the only character who ends up alone. Luke touches my heart every time he is on screen because Van portrays this state of mind so beautifully! This sadness and the grieving has been played so excellently by the talented Van Hansis. Van Hansis is the best actor ever!!

  3. I wish Van’s last scene was yesterday when he said goodbye to Noah. I think it summed up that he had let go of Noah and that eventually he would recover from Reid’s death and move on with his own life.

    His final scene today fell flat for me and didn’t add anything new to his story. Overall the whole show today was underwhelming for being a final episode. Too many neatly-tied together endings and some of it downright nauseating like the scenes between Carly/Jack and Janet/Dusty. Barf! I’m not sure I want to invest in another soap after this. So disappointing.

    Van’s first movie which is already in post production is “Occupant”. I’ll look forward to seeing him in this.

  4. I want to see Van Hansis in another show and on my screen as soon as possible!! Van Hansis is my favorite actor and he portrayed Luke, my favorite character for five years. I need Van to portray my new favorite character!!

  5. I completely agree, Greg. Van Hansis has been amazing in his role as Luke Snyder, especially these last few months. I’ll miss him!

  6. I cried during the scene he was listening to Chris’ heart. I hope GH snags Van quick and renergize, Luke Jones, Carly’s Gay Brother and heir to the Jerome Crime family. Van would be perfect!

  7. Not to belittle this scene, but it played Very Differently in my head! As he listened to his heart, they looked into each others eyes, and Luke saw Reid in those eyes…when Chris said, ‘lower,’ he took it literally, and as his hand moved down, they leaned in…and slowly kissed.
    Fade out.


  8. van hansis is a remarkable actor. he was the only reason i had stayed with atwt after it started to slide, and then when he was paired with eric sheffer stevens it was electrifying and must see tv.
    i loved watching his journey as luke (he touched my heart as no other) and i will miss seeing whatever else was in store for luke, but i look forward to seeing van hansis for years to come. he has the world at his feet and i know he will shine.
    regarding yesterdays show, for me, other than the whole 2 minutes luke was on, meant nothing. i hated seeing them all happy while luke, having lost the love of his life, was alone and miserable. he, nor the fans, deserved that. he should have had his hea with reid along with everyone else.

  9. By the way, it’d be great if you could mention that fans have been raising donations in honor of Van’s upcoming birthday.

    Official Facebook page about it:

    Happy Birthday Van Hansis – Walnut Hill Student Sponsorship Initiative

    Unlike some other fundraising efforts going on, these efforts have received little press (if any) and yet fans have raised $13,400 so far. I know they’re trying to raise a little more than $2,000 more, so it’d be great if you could give them a plug.

    Here’s where people can donate:

  10. I agree with Bruce Wayne (above). As I watched this scene, I was not at all surprised because I imagined days ago that we might see Luke listening to Reid’s heart beating inside of Chris. However, not necessarily with a stethoscope. In my mind’s eye I was seeing Luke resting his head on Chris’s chest to listen, and then Chris pulling him up and kissing him. Perhaps some of the talented fan fic writers will go there, which I would like. Yes, now that Chris has Reid’s heart, perhaps he will fall in love with Luke!

  11. I too wish that Luke’s final scene had been with Noah.

    Internet rumors have bets on Van Hansis replacing Adam Mayfield in the role of Scott Chandler on All My Children. Whatever Van does in the future, I know it will be worth watching, he’s an amazing talent.

  12. I believe All My Children should take the characters of Luke and Reid over to that show since David Kreizman (the creator of Reid and former ATWT writer who wrote all of LuRe’s greatest material) is now head writer over there! They could give us the dream scene or some other clever way to “reincarnate” Reid. One fan suggested the whole Reid death was all a dream of NOah’s…Anyway, Van only really became a superstar when paired with Eric! Those two are perfection together on screen! Their story had barely begun and fans cannot accept that it is over….Please go to abc’s AMC site and post requesting Luke and Reid come to Pine Valley….

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