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LGBT celebrities react to horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas that left 50-plus dead, more than 500 injured

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3 Remarks

  1. I’m disgusted that I’m not shocked or surprised, just numb. The NRA own too many members of Congress who refuse to pass ANY kind of gun safety bill.

    They refuse to close the gun show loophole.

    They’re trying or have passed a bill that lets the mentally ill purchase firearms.

    They’re trying to pass a bill to legalize silencers!

    Why are we the least bit surprised that these massacres occur?

    You have blood on your hands GOP. But you don’t give a shit as long as you get paid.

  2. More than sad, I’m angry. Nothing of substantial worth will be done about it by our leaders. It will continue to go on and repeat itself. This country is suffering from a case of mass social mental illness.

    Prayers and condolences aren’t going to fix it either.

  3. October 2nd, 2017 at 1:50 pm
    Robin Dutcher says:

    Trump wants everyone to have guns. The NRA needs to be disbanded, guns need to stop being sold. Only law enforecement and military should have guns. But as long as Trump is there, this violence won’t stop.

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