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Lea DeLaria: “I would encourage everyone to stand tall against this fascist, sexist, racist, homophobic pig of a POTUS”

The talented Lea DeLaria is profiled in The Untitled Magazine this month and I thought you might enjoy an excerpt:

You’re outspoken in your opposition to Trump. How are you involved in the fight against him, and what organizations or causes do you recommend readers consider supporting?
I am involved by remaining outspoken. I would encourage everyone to stand tall against this fascist, sexist, racist, homophobic pig of a POTUS. The best thing about being American is our constitutional right to disagree and vocally express criticism of our government. On this note, I have a question: everytime I post anything on Instagram that is anti-Drumph I lose 1,000 or so followers. No problem; I always get more to replace them. The question is, why are they following me in the first place? How is it possible for anyone to be an avid admirer of “Orange is the New Black” and also a supporter of that asshat?! It appears to be further proof that the “Make America Hate Again” movement is just plain clueless.

Your birthday is coming up! In an industry often overly focused on youth, what’s it like working successfully in entertainment at 60?
This industry is mostly focused on the youth of women. Let’s face it, men get to work until they die. Men get to have love affairs at the age of 60 with women in their twenties. In show biz, older men are distinguished while older women are sexless grandmas and hags. Having said that, the fact that I work at all at the age of 60 without ever once having been in the closet or pulling any political punches—with zero fucks to give as to what the industry thinks of me—and looking like I do and always being who I am is just plain remarkable.



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  1. May 17th, 2018 at 8:49 pm
    Richard V says:

    Got to love her and I do.

  2. Yes!!! Raging!

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