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Laverne Cox: ‘I had my own suicide attempt’

Laverne Cox is now one of the most visible and successful transgender people in the world.
But the Emmy-nominated actress is opening up about a time in her life when fame and fortune were the furthest thing from her mind.
‘When I grew up, I couldn’t accept my own trans-ness. There was a lot of depression,’ says in a video she posted today titled Trans Children Deserve Better.
Things got to bad that at one point Cox tried to end her own life.
‘I had my own suicide attempt … when I was a young person because of shame, because of stigma, because I didn’t understand who I was.’
She is sharing her story in the context of the Trump administration last week rescinding protective guidance for transgender students in US schools.
The guidance provided clarity on the right of students to not be discriminated against, or bullied because of their gender identity.
It also covered the right to be addressed by the names and pronouns that correspond to their identity and using the bathroom matching their gender identity.
‘I think the problems with these policies in addition to further stigmatizing and singling out trans kids is that it sends a message to trans kids that we are less than,’ Cox says.
‘And the second you start feeling that you are less than, you internalize shame, you internalize all the stuff that keeps you from living your best life.
‘Trans people have existed from the beginning of time. I think it is our birthright to be anointed and to be treated as if we should be revered. I want to let all trans kids out there know that that is their history. That is who they are. And that they are beautiful and divine.’

#protecttranskids #TransIsBeautiful @Regrann from @mic – In a conversation with Mic, @lavernecox has shares how she dealt with her trans-ness growing up along with a powerful message for the transgender kids out there who are going through the motions. – #regrann

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