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Late Night Video: See Barbra Streisand revisit Broadway stomping grounds on ‘CBS Sunday Morning’

Barbra Streisand was profiled on CBS This Morning by correspondent Anthony Mason, See the full piece below as well as some cool web extras that includes Streisand visiting her old Broadway dressing room during her Funny Girl days as well as a visit to Sardis.

On her father dying when Barbra was 18 months old: “It’s a black hole, It’s a void that cannot be filled. It is what it is. And who knows if that didn’t make me extra-sensitive to what I need as an actress or a singer or a director. That’s what makes me so sensitive to every little detail — it’s not fun.”

On her mother Diana Kind: ‘I think I made peace with my mother because I understand her now.My book, I will probably dedicate it to my mother. Because without her telling me I would never make it and, you know, I can’t be a movie star and I was odd-looking and whatever, she gave me something to fight for. It was a kind of, ‘I’ll show you, Mom!’ Gave me a force, an energy that I appreciate now.

On the infamous 1991 interview with Mike Wallace: “I hated it. The feeling of, like, what a woman probably feels when she’s date-raped, only not as bad. I mean, that’s worse, of course. And he made me cry, I think asking me about my stepfather. And I don’t cry that easily.” The next week, acknowledging some critical mail, Wallace added: “We also heard from Miss Streisand. She loved it.”

“That, that was the stab,” she said. “He said I loved it when I said I hated it? It was a lie!”

In this web exclusive, the singer who became a superstar in the 1960s Broadway musical “Funny Girl” visited her old haunts at the Winter Garden Theatre in New York City, including the dressing room now occupied by “School of Rock” star Sierra Boggess.
The legendary New York eatery Sardi’s is renowned for its caricatures of Broadway luminaries. Over the years two of its prized portraits have been stolen, including one of Barbra Streisand. In this web exclusive, the singer came back to Sardi’s on the occasion of a new portrait being installed in its rightful place.



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  1. One of her better interviews at that!

  2. I agree with Vern. Sunday Morning interviews are some of the best on tv, and Mike Wallace was an ass.

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