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Last night’s much-anticipated episode of “Glee” was real “Rocky Horror Beefcake Show”

For months Glee creator Ryan Murphy joked that all his male leads on Glee were nervously working out because one of them was going to have to basically strip down for the much-anticipated Rocky Horror Picture Show episode of the series which aired last night on Fox.

Well, it turns out that three of them were pretty undressed last night: Chord Overstreet, Cory Monteith and Matthew Morrison. For newcomer Overstreet, this represents yet another episode in which he is wearing next to nothing. That could be why Playgirl is said to have offered him and co-star Mark Salling (who returns in the episode to air in two weeks) six figures to pose nearly nude for the magazine. Silly offer. There talented guys are not Levi Johnston and they don’t need it.

As far as last night’s episode goes, it was a lot of fun and how great to see John Stamos do a full musical number. That is one talented dude!



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3 Remarks

  1. Easily the best episode of the season. Thank God, because I’ve been worried about the show since the second season started. The past five episodes have been… lacking at best (“Grilled Cheesus” and “Duets”) and disheartening at worst (the first three). I hope this signals an upswing in the show’s biorhythm. *crosses fingers*

  2. I guess my expectations were too high, because this episode was a big disappointment. Having gone to many of the midnight showings of Rocky Horror in the 1970′s it was fun to listen to the music as it pulled me back to another time in my life. Other than that it seemed like they held back.

    It would’ve been nice if they had John Stamos play the role of Frank-N-Furter and perform the song “Sweet Transvestite” as was originally supposed to be done. Also it seemed the lyrics to that song were altered or edited to appease the PTC. I guess Fox was really nervous about dealing with the Frank-N-Furter character on their network. I failed to capture the spirit of Rocky Horror. All in all a big cop out.

  3. When will the producers of Glee move from the censoring Fox netwank and get true creative freedom?

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