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Lance Bass suggests giving Caitlyn Jenner “room to grow” when it comes to her attitude towards gay marriage

Caitlyn Jenner talked same-sex marriage with Ellen DeGeneres in an interview that aired this week and surprised and disappointed some people with her lukewarm endorsement.

Yes, we know Caitlyn is a Republican but she’s also someone who is fighting for acceptance as a transgender woman and has been impressive with how she has stepped up and increased awareness on her I Am Cait show.

Caitlyn started talking about tradition and a man and a woman and said she doesn’t ‘ever want to stand in front of anybody’s happiness. You know? That’s not my job. If that word “marriage” is really, really that important to you, I can go with it.’

Oh dear.

Anyway, Ellen weighed in yesterday on this saying Caitlyn ‘still has a judgement about gay marriage.’ Today it’s Lance Bass’ turn in his role as a regular panelist on The Meredith Vieira Show.

Said Lance: ‘What I don’t get is she’s sitting there in Givenchy, full make up, saying “I’m a traditionalist”. I’m like, “What?”

He added: ‘[But] I have to give her some room, too, because I mean, even when I came out, I still caught myself saying “Oh, she’s so hot,” like doing that thing that you train yourself to do for so many years, so I think we should give her a little room to grow.’

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5 Remarks

  1. Lance-I love your hair but I couldn’t disagree more with you on this issue. Caitlyn should know better and should do better. She hasn’t lived in a bubble or in a rural part of this country where people are still stuck in the past-how much more space does she need?

    Unfortunately Caitlyn is a typical republican-if an issue hasn’t personally affected them they completely ignore it. Remember Rob Portman who was against marriage equality until his son came out?

    I wish Caitlyn nothing but happiness but I will never understand how she could be against marriage equality or continue to vote for a party that still insists on treating us like we have a mental disease. It’s a bloody disgrace.

  2. Umm… Caitlyn Jenner didn’t just wake up one day and say to herself, “gee, I think I’m going to be a woman now. Time for an operation.” She’s been considering, at least internally, ideas of gender and sexuality for decades. And in acknowledging that gender and sexuality are separate things, I think she always, again in her head, considered herself straight and not ever thinking of gay people.

    Given her other conservative, Republican viewpoints, we should reserve as much compassion for her as any other hypocrite on the matter. And just because she’s transgender does not mean the LGBT community must also suddenly embrace her.

    Change fast Caitlyn. If you can live without a penis, you can live without prejudice.

  3. It’s a disgrace that a gay man would support giving ” room to grow” to a bigoted notion. Lance Bass is a sad example gay tolerance. Kim Davis should remind us that we can’t allow anyone room to understand equality. Accept it or deal with the issue that you are a bigot. Simple as that. Would he say that if Jenner wasn’t sure about the rights of blacks or women. No more backseat please.

  4. I can appreciate Lance’s position. It can be a tight learning curve when your first coming out. Although she is officially coming out in her sixties. It seems she might have read up a little bit about gay rights, or considered the LBGT community to some degree. When she told Dianne Sawyer in that first interview that she didn’t support Gay Marriage,and seemingly gay rights in general. I knew she was going to have some trouble. I guess there is nothing written that a Transperson has to be gay friendly. I guess if she lives in such a big bubble that she doesn’t need or want the support of the community at large, that is her business.

  5. Hypocrisy – thy name is Caitlyn. Wow, just wow. What a delusional narcissist. I have no words.

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