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LA LGBT Center speaks out against the anti-LGBTQ+ extremism that took place at Glendale School Board meeting

Bravo to my former place of employment – the largest LGBTQ+ service organization in the world – for speaking out this way. Read the full statement and find ways to be an activist and an ally!

Here is a link to the Los Angeles Times story about the board meeting.

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One Remark

  1. BRAVO!!

    I am getting tired and exhausted with the media. I tell folks the media is not our friend when it comes to LGBTQ, democracy, and other issues that tug at the fabric of our lives.

    Remember “the media” is a business. It’s all about clicks and numbers.”The media” loves drama, controversy, both sides, whataboutism…

    This is the reason why our current state of democracy is a peril. We have always had bad actors. A minority that wishes the majority harm. What is different now is that we do not have individuals willing to speak up and proclaim this is not what we are. We have non-medical folks making decisions for women and our trans kids. We have individuals banning trans people from sports and have no idea how transitioning works. We have non-educators, or one or two people making decisions on what books should be allowed in our schools/libraries. We have folks using the vague term woke to disguise hate and bigotry. And the list goes on.

    Speak up!! Speak out!! Be curious/informed!! Vote!! Let your voices be heard!! They may come for you next.

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