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“Knots Landing” Tuesday: My chat w/Donna Mills about Abby’s wicked ways and Ted Shackelford’s killer body! first thing Donna Mills wondered about was why this feature is called Knots Landing Tuesday. After all, the show aired on Thursday nights for 14 years!

Good point. My only explanation is that when I started this feature a few months back, Thursdays were already taken by Designing Women.

I feel like a network programmer!

Donna and I chatted last week at an event at the Hollywood Museum and what fun it was to talk about her Knots alter-ego Abby Fairgate Cunningham Ewing Sumner who would stop at nothing to get what she wanted but would also do anything to protect those she loved – especially her children.

On Abby: “I knew that she was going to be a trouble maker but actually knowing the writers and the producers, I knew that the character would be rounded and have dimension and that was really fun for me to play. It wasn’t one-note all the time, it was a lot of different colors.”

On keeping in touch with castmates: “We do to some extent. I saw most of the crew a few months ago, we did an autograph show together so that was fun. Michelle [Lee] and I socialize sometimes and we see each other around even if we’re not everyday friends.”

On how hunky Ted Shackelford was in their love scenes: “He still is [hunky] by the way! He was always working out and has a really nice body.”

Her favorite Abby-centric episodes: “Boy, I love the ones with Olivia, the drug ones. I wish I could remember the names of the episodes. There’s some really funny stuff that I did with Bill Devane [who played Greg Sumner]. There was one where he was determined, the first night of our marriage, that he was going to see me without my make-up. It didn’t happen. [laughs].”

Abby’s look: “I loved the shoulder pads, the eye make-up and the big hair. It was fun.”

Why Knots endures: “Because at that time there was no Tivo, people made it an event out of watching the show. They were there on Thursday nights, right at that time, with all their friends. It made the show more important. Now you can watch anything, anytime on your iPod, on your computer. It’s not special anymore.

Ted ShackelfordTed Shackelford


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3 Remarks

  1. May 11th, 2010 at 1:29 am
    Bruce Wayne says:

    MMMMM…..Ted! I will confirm his hotness. I actually worked out with him! Well, we were not spotting each other, or anything, but we shared the gym while on 2 10-day, back-to-back Caribbean cruises, filming the last Love Boat movie. Nice guy.
    Also, on the boat and in the cast was Steve Bond…looked good, but kind of a dick.
    Rowdy Roddy Piper was a lot of fun…picked me up and threw me in the pool! It was an experience, that job!

  2. Love Knots Landing

  3. I wanted to Thank Ms Mills for her teaching me how to do my eye makeup
    when I was in my twenties. By watching “Knots” I learned how to creat the “Dramatic Eye” or “Somkey Eye” what every one calls it today, that she did orginally. Over the years I have had soooo many people ask how I learned to do my eye make up and it was all because she was so creative at her own look.
    Thank You

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