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Kirk Cameron says homosexuality is “detrimental”, I get home from a wonderful evening of performances at The Other Side piano bar in Silverlake and flip on CNN and there is Kirk Cameron on Piers Morgan’s show.

Kirk is on to promote a documentary he has made but it become evident pretty quickly that he is lock-step with Rick Santorum on a couple of issues. First of all, he is anti-abortion and would be even if one of his daughters became pregnant through rape.

Then Piers asked him about gay marriage and if he thinks homosexuality is a sin.

Said Cameron: “Marriage is almost as old as dirt, and it was defined in the garden between Adam and Eve. One man, one woman for life till death do you part. So I would never attempt to try to redefine marriage. And I don’t think anyone else should either. So do I support the idea of gay marriage? No, I don’t.”

On homosexuality: “I think that it’s – it’s – it’s unnatural. I think that it’s – it’s detrimental, and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.”

Actor Josh Charles, who stars on CBS’s The Good Wife, tweeted after the show: I know Growing Pains was only a tv show, but I have to think both Alan Thicke & Joanna Kerns must feel they failed as parents tonight.

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13 Remarks

  1. Kirk-I could give a shit what you think of me, my partner or life together. All I want is to be treated equally under the law. If there is a god and Jesus does exist he’s weeping at your ignorance and bigotry, not celebrating it.

    If you were a real Christian you would be advocating for GLBT tax paying Americans to be treated equally. It isn’t easy living sans 1138 Federal rights and protections.

    Shame on you Kirk.

    p.s. Are you unwilling or unable to seperate Church and State? If you do wish to live in a theocracy, try Iran or the Kingdom of Suadi Arabia.

  2. Kirk and his sister have been insane for years they are 2 peas in an insane hateful pods.Christians like them continue to give religion a shitty name .

  3. Since so many ignorance can exist?, in ancient times the marriage was not the norm, the marriage was used only by the powerful ones, by the high classes, a contract to support the wealths in the family, the poor not tenian right to the marriage because not tenian wealths that to support, the marriage was not created by god it was created by the rich ones, the marriage was not created initially of the times was created in the Roman age.

  4. What a has been, who cares about him or what he even thinks!!…..oh wait…a never was!

  5. Kirk Cameron simply quoted Genesis. That’s simply what God said. He created a man and a woman to form a home. It’s the Bible. All Kirk did was quote it.

  6. Kirk Cameron is a big idiot. It is pathetic and all who listen to him or give him a platform just for the effect are idiots. This kind of freedom of speech is detrimental. He is detrimental.

  7. Kirky…

    It is Hardly ‘unnatural,’ since it IS In nature, in many forms! What IS unnatural is Your stupidity, ignorance of reality, and conceit to think that Anyone wants Your opinion on Anything!

    Now, please return to irrelevant obscurity!


  8. If it was so unnatural, then why were we born gay, Kirk? There was no choice involved. You, on the other hand, have chosen to walk and talk the ultra-religious life. People like you scare me. Now shut up already.

  9. @Sheila-What does the Bible have to do with treating GLBT tax paying citizens equally under the law?

    And FYI-if Kirk did the tiniest bit of research he would find that homosexuality does exist in nature and has since the dawn of time. But then, why let FACTS get in the way of bigotry right?

  10. March 4th, 2012 at 5:19 pm
    RichB in PS says:

    I agree with Joe. Altho I have to wrap myself around the term “ultra-religious”

  11. @Sheila: You probably also think gays can be CURED and that snakes could talk and that a dude really lived inside of a whale for days etc…

  12. hate is not holy Kirk Cameron

  13. He’s right, but not for religious reason. Religion is just a sideshow. Asking is known Christian what he believes about marriage and homosexuality is, intellectually, about as low-hanging fruit as you’ll find…which is why isn’t not surprising that someone Rupert Murdoch hired chose pick it.

    Kirk Cameron is right because from a scientific standpoint; homosexuality is not natural. People get too hung up on Kirk believing in a god. What they ignore is that homosexuality doesn’t jibe with evolution either.

    It’s simple – if you cannot reproduce, you were not part of thousands and millions of years of evolution. Darwin. Survival of the fittest. Do you understand it?

    Physiologically, the anus is not meant for sex, but to expel waste from the human body. Misuse of it leads to negative health consequences for those participating in its misuse. Why? Because the body know how its supposed to work and reacts adversely when misused and abused.

    Biologically, a woman’s sex organs are for reproduction. They must have male sperm to reproduce. It doesn’t matter that they may like to have sex with other women or that they may fall in love with them. Those are side issues to science.

    Science is you must be able to reproduce to evolve. Homosexuals cannot. Therefore, physiologically and biologically speaking, homosexuality is not natural.

    Men cannot reproduce by sticking their penises into the each other’s anuses. And, women cannot reproduce by tribbing, fingering, or toying one another. That’s just scientific truth.

    Stop letting emotions get the better of your intellect. Whether a god created man or he evolved from a random explosion, tadpoles, and apes is wholly irrelevant. Homosexuality is nature in neither scenario.

    Sorry. Science wins again.

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