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Kirk Cameron goes anti-gay again!

I’ve just posted a story over at Gay Star News about Kirk Cameron’s reaction to the 33 couples – some gay, some straight – who were married during Sunday’s Grammy Awards.

While some of us wanted to throw rice, apparently the former Growing Pains star wanted to throw rocks.

He was not pleased.

‘How did you like the Grammys all out assault on the traditional family?’ Cameron asked his 1.4 million Facebook followers. ‘The lines were drawn thick and dark. Now more than ever, we must work together to create the world we want for our children.’

He tried to delete it but it still shows up on Twitter and, of course, in screen grabs.

Why take it down now?

I’ll keep you posted but go over and read the story at Gay Star News!

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14 Remarks

  1. Remember when he used to be so cute in the eighties? I guess all that hate has finally caught up with his face.

  2. Kirk, how does two consenting adults you don’t even know getting legally married an ‘assault’ on traditional marriage? In addition, there was a time ‘traditional marriage’ meant women were property. We as a society have evolved from that way of thinking so the next time you want to use that tired ‘marriage has never been redefined’ line, think about that. My marriage to my husband doesn’t affect you in any way shape or form. I am so done with your faux Christianity. Jesus was NOT a narrow minded bigot. Do better already.

  3. Kirk you come across as Joel Osteen lite. Bigotry is big business and as with most faux Christians like yourself and Joel, money is your real god.

  4. I’m guessing “Same Love” isn’t on his iPod! I hope some people were open to the songs message.

  5. I can’t find this on his FB page – did he delete it?

  6. Did you ever notice how bigots like him,osteen,limpnuts,robertson and the repug teacrumbs,etc have one thing in common besides their ugly hatred? They all treat ‘their bibles’ and the U S Constitution like a ‘la’carte menus where they pick and choose the items that suit their purposes for the moment.

  7. According to one of Kirk’s former cast mates, his conservative religious convictions was evident on the Growing Pains set early on. If there was a scene filmed that offended him, Kirk would always retreat to his trailer reading his bible rather than mingle with his costars on set.

  8. Kirk has a right to his opinion but it just saddens me because I still think he is so handsome, extremely smart and true to his spirit with his convictions. You have to respect a guy for that plus I can’t get the cute Kirk Cameron from the 80′s out of my head.
    I find all the hype with him and others like him to represent the Americans and the America that I know and love and proud to be a citizen. When there are guys and gals like Kirk, that are all about salvation, family and GOD in this world, I can sleep easy at night knowing that they are truly, sincerely and deeply looking out for the best of everyone, can I say that is such a beautiful concept and makes so much sense to me. Can I also say that I am also someone who is always worried about his salvation and that of others as well but I just happens to be gay, proud and love and I mean LOVE GOD,like no other. It’s also extremely amazing to know that there are guys like Macklemore, who I just want to marry myself. Yes, it’s a proposal and I pray someone gets at him for me and tell him how I adore him so much. I have to say this, that he might be the finest guy, I have ever seen in my entire life and I so want to do bad things to him and little Ryan Lewis but Macklemore might be my favorite ginger, EVER. Sorry Shaun White, who is right up there.
    Mr. Macklemore, who is also about the traditional family and I don’t know if he is a religious spirit but there is a spiritual side of him that is evident. It seems that the same things that Kirk is always lobbying for and outspoken about are the same things Macklemore is talking about. Somehow he flipped it where it’s OK for everyone to want the same things, including his Uncles, who are gay.
    I used to think it was so unfair that most sermons at most churches that I would go to or listen on TV were talking about ‘gay marriage’. You know I been gay for some time (all of my life) and I have had a few relationships that I wish would have turned into something more than these beautiful men and me just shacking up or going out on a few dates. I hope the new HBO series ‘Looking’ didn’t steal my journal and make a show because I know I’m sounding a bit tragic, like a character on this ultra-fabulous show. I love it! Anyway……..none of my past relationships turned into anything but some heartache for me. What I’m trying to say and it’s hurtful to even write is how some of the heartache started with the fact that if I wanted to marry someone, it wouldn’t be recognized by anyone but my family and a few friends.
    The state that I pay taxes like you wouldn’t believe would look at my husband and myself as just friends living together.
    The city/state that I vote in and I’m a proud citizen of wouldn’t recognize my engagement, my wedding or my marriage, if that was what I wanted to do. I couldn’t even have my wedding announcements in my local newspaper and if I wanted to run up to the courthouse and get married, I couldn’t do that either. I know it’s necessary to have Kirk’s of the world and Macklemore’s as well. I do wish that someone grab Kirk and make him express what his real problem is with gay people. I have this hunch that maybe Kirk had a few gay moments that he doesn’t want to talk about.
    Not saying he engaged in any kind of gay sex but maybe he was propositions or someone had a serious crush on him.
    I have to say that most guys and girls mix up homosexuality and pedophilla on a regular. These two have nothing to do with the other. I haven’t met too many straight guys that don’t like seeing two girls kissing or making out. I know it’s uncomfortable for most straight people in general to see guys kissing but I know if these same people were in a gay setting and seeing guys showing affection, they wouldn’t have any problems with it. Seeing it on TV or in movies seems like your watching something foreign with sub-titles because it’s such a taboo ordeal but it happens and it’s for real, LGTB people do have intimate relationships and show love whenever necessary.

  9. Something very disturbing in Kirk’s remarks, reflects a vitriolic personality with heavy anger issues.Don’t remember Growing Pains much so former “cuteness” doesn’t seem like a defense to ignorance.

  10. He may of been “cute” back then but now he’s nothing more than a hatemonger and all the cuteness he had or ever had goes completely out the window. I hope one of his children turns out gay or lesbian. It will serve him right. Maybe that is the only thing that will help him.

  11. Kirk having gay moments? Crap I hope not! That’s gross. Enough to make me wanna turn str8! Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  12. January 29th, 2014 at 7:15 pm
    babbitty lil' snob says:

    This little growing pains speech, is about “Christian Hate”. Full of anger, malice and basic meanness by a former child star who has been “left behind”. Kirk…open your bible with your heart and not just your hands. “The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.”

  13. joebatch, I keep on lovin’ on you and your posts! Everyone has said a lot about Kirk Cameron already so I’ll just say that how he looked on Growing Pains has nothing to do with the continued messages of discrimination and bigotry disguised by religion that he continues to send out. He now is falling into the “he protests too much” category. Like people told me when I complained on the Yahoo message boards about the duck clown, I could change the channel, so I could offer the same advice to Cameron. Honestly, he looks too stiff to even know what is popular in musical unless it’s the religious stuff. Anyhow, I wish he’d go away.

  14. January 30th, 2014 at 5:55 pm
    Daniel Lewis Frommherz says:

    So he wasn’t pleased, who cares what the pipsqueek thinks? Where was he by the way when the brains were passed out? Squashed behind a door? Anyone who complains so loudly with that much venom surely has something to hide so shut up Kirk Cameron and just go away.

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